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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
November 30, 2020

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Victor Eduardo Infante Pacheco

Phone: 52-826-***-****

Movil: 52-826-***-****



Emilio Carranza 516, Col. Independencia

Allende, Nuevo León, México.


PhD. Doctorate in Sciences. 2019.

Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico.

Thesis: Lithological, Petrophysical and Structural Characterization through Seismic Data of Refraction and Electrical Resistivity at an Experimental Site in Northeastern Mexico.

MSc Geological Sciences, Specialization in Geophysics 2005-2008.

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, México.

Thesis: Application of the Joint Inversion of Seismic and resistivity Data for Generation of High resolution Images in the Hydrogeological Characterization.

Geophysicist. 1984-1989.

Autonomous University of Nuevo León, MEXICO.

Thesis. Geophysical methodology for the prospecting of groundwater in Fractures and karstic zones in Nuevo León.


Geophysical Engineer with extensive experience (23 years) in Exploration Geophysics activities, Oil Industry E&P experience (5 years), Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Charactirization.

Planning and development of geophysical exploration projects. Interdisciplinary projects in Environmental, Underground water, Mining and Petroleum. Field Operations and coiled tubing. Offshore drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Technical-economic management companies.

Seismic acquisition.

Seismic interpretation.

Geophysical methods interpretation.

Resistivity and seismic data joint inversion.

Hydrology and Geohydrology.

Geophysical logs.

Standards of environmental management systems ISO 14000. Reservoir Characterization.



Veracruzana University, February, 2015 - present.

Teacher. Full time in Petroleum Engineering.

Integrated Environmental Manager Services, S. A., 2013 to february, 2015. Department Manager of Environmental Geophysics and Project Engineer (Phase I and Phase II).

Applied Geophysics Services, 1994-2010.

Director. Planned, directed and developed geophysical projects in Mining, Geohydrology, Civil Engineering and Environmental. Oil Drilling Exploration- Industrial Perforadora de Campeche S. A. Jan. 1993 – Jan. 1994.

Assistant Superintendent on board the jack-up rig "Marine 300" with the American company Marine Drilling Co. and Pemex, Mexico. Oil dilling Exploration Company representative of Campeche Industrial Drilling for Pemex and Triton American Company, onboard of the jack-up rig "Ocean Titan" in Turnkey drilling projects for Pemex, Mexico. Gulf Industrial Constructions, Inc. 1992.

Supervisor and translator of English language in coil Tubing, for Pemex in the Tabasco state and Campeche marine zone.

Oil Drilling Exploration- Protexa, Inc. 1991-1992. Technical-economic proposals of Drilling "Turnkey" projects for Pemex. Venture with Applied Drilling Technology Inc. at Houston, Tex. and Mexico City.

Peñoles Industrial Services, Inc. 1989-1990. (Mining Company) Brigade chief of Geophysics, worked in prospecting for metallic deposits, making electrical methods. Resistivity, Induced Polarization, Electromagnetic and Magnetometry.


• Microsoft Office.

• Pretel software.

• Surfer.

• Grafer.

• Canvas

• Rockworks.

• Resix.

• IX1Dv3.

• RAS-24 (Seismic acquisition).

• C++, Matlab, Fortran.



• ISO 14000, PREPARATION and CERTIFICATION, by Perry Johnson, Inc. (February). 3


• Infante-Pacheco, V. E., Montalvo-Arrieta, J. C., Navarro de León, I., Velasco-Tapia, F.,

(2020), Improvement of shallow Seismic Characterization Using The Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Method in Seismic Data Inversion: A Case Study of a Site in Northeast Mexico, Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, v. 25, no 4, in press.

• Infante-Pacheco, V. E. (2017), Seismic 4D, New Methodology for the Administration of Oil Fields, Ciencia UANL Journal, v. 20, no. 80, 16-19, ISSN: 2007-1175.

• Guzmán Ventura, J. A., António Zárate, Y., Infante Pacheco, V. E., Williams Linares, F., Riquer Trijillo, G., Vargas Colorado, A., Leyva Soberanis, R. (2017), Determination of the Liquefaction Potential Using the Microtremores Method of the Coastal Zone of the City of Coatzacoalcos, Ver. Mexican Society of Seismic engineering, XXI National Congress of Seismic Engineering

• Infante, V., Gallardo, L. A., Montalvo-Arrieta, J. C., Navarro De León, I. (2010), Lithological classification assisted by joint inversion of electrical and seismic data at a control site in northeast Mexico. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 70, 93-102, doi:10.1016/j.jappgeo.2009. 11. 003.

• Krockauer, R., Pacheco, V., and Wolfert, R. (1991), Kartierung von Kluftwasserleitern im Vorland der ostlichen Sierra Madre (México) mit Geoelektrischen und Elektromagnetischen Verrfahren, Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Association. MEMBERSHIPS IN ASSOCIATIONS

Mexican Geophysical Union.

Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists, Villahermosa Delegation, Tab. Mexican Association of Petroleum Geologists, Coatzacoalcos Delegation, Ver. CUSTOMERS (EXPLORATION PROJECTS)

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey, N. L., México). Ground water exploration.

Compañía Minera Autlán, S.A. (Estado de Chihuahua y Coahuila, México). Ground water exploration.

Cigarrera La Moderna, S.A. (Nuevo León, México).

Ground water exploration.

Desarrollos Agra, S. A. (Nuevo León, México).

Ground water exploration.

Baramin, S.A. (Nuevo León y Zacatecas, México).

Gold, silver and non-metallic exploraton projects. Fluorita de México, S.A. (Coahuila, México).

Minerals and Ground water exploration.

Copamex Industrias, S.A. (Nuevo León, México).

3D Environmental project.

Rot Química, S.A. (Nuevo León, México).

Ground water exploration.

Compañía Minera La Fe del Norte, S.A. (Zacatecas, México). Gold exploraton project.

Lica, Estudios y Proyectos, S.A. (Subcontratos de estudios ambientales Pemex). PEMEX Environmental project.

Agromod, S.A. (Chiapas, México).

Ground water exploration.

Barnes de México, S.A. (Nuevo León, México).

Ground water exploration.

Comercial de Calidad y Servicios, S.A. (Nuevo León, México). Ground water exploration.

Galvacero, S.A. (Subcontrato de Geohidrología Pemex, Nuevo León, México). Ground water exploration.

Charming Campestre El Palmar, A.C. (Nuevo León, México). Ground water exploration.


Equipos y Servicios Especializados de Altamira, S.A. (Veracruz, México). Ground water exploration.

Kimberly Clark, S.A. (Coahuila, México).

Ground water exploration.

Z Edificaciones, S.A. (Coahuila, México).

Ground water exploration.

La Encantada, Desarrollo Industrial, S.A. (Coahuila, México). Ground water exploration.

Dufromex, S.A. (Tamaulipas,México).

Ground water exploration.

Prom. e Inmobiliaria Rojas, S.A. (Nuevo León, México). Ground water exploration.

Grupo Agrolosa, S.A. (San Luis Potosí, México).

Ground water exploration.

IEMS, S.A. (Coahuila y Quintana Roo, México, Orellana, República de Ecuador, El Tigre, Venezuela).

Environmental Projets.

Praxair México, S.A. (Veracruz, México).

Ground water exploration.

Siemens, S.A. (Tamaulipas, México).

Enginniering projet.

Grupo Genera, S.A. (Nuevo León, México).

Ground water exploration.

Embotelladora Mante, S.A. (Coca-Cola, Región Golfo de México). Ground water exploration.

Embotelladoras Arca, S.A. (Coca-Cola, Región Norte México). Ground water exploration.

El Fuerte de Los Ángeles, Compañía Minera. (Zacatecas, México). Gold and ground water exploration projects.

Corporación Ambiental de México, S. A. (Veracruz, México). 3D Environmental project.

Instituto de Ingeniería Civil (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Nuevo León). Ground water exploration.

Industrias Avícolas La Peñita, S. A. (Nuevo León, México). Ground water exploration.


General geology.

Geology of sedimentary basins.

Static and dynamic characterization of oil reservoirs. Fundamentals and wells operation.

Geophysical loggings.

Integral administration of oil reservoirs.

Administration of exploration projects

Geology of energy resources


Spanish (Native Language)


German (basic)

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