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Sales Manager

West Palm Beach, FL
November 30, 2020

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Mingo Simpson

Self Driven Motivator

West Palm Beach, FL - 561-***-****

Based on my brief info in my bio, I am also well rounded in some what different environments besides that

of resort and retail. Had a few years experience working with children, loved the great outdoors working lawn

and landscaping. Just a brief period working aloneside with Brooks AC company. I do however have sown

roots working with children, to the fact of me having my first book published entitle Mack The Little Dirty Cat.

The only issue I have is not doing enough for my community as I want and love to do. So just a few steps

away from starting my new adventure..

Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Supervisor Clerk

PGA National - Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Oversees the actually department with orders, and handling of vendors. Sales and Presentation on Food

and beverage, routine check on my desktop of daily REQ'S (requistion). Inventory on all product, assitant to

Storeroom Manager: Coke vendor, produce vendor, seafood and Bush Brothers Co. Also deliver product to

each outlet in timely fashion and also retrieves.. Work outdoors as well with various outlets.


Help build sales on Merchandise

Became aggressive with pushing and promoting products

Advacated a well postered environment for Championship Services.

Skills Used

Well the main skill set, dealt with numbers and communications

I have at the most in my best ability demostrated the highest level of Accounting and pushing and being aware

of sales and communicating with my peers and vendors on regular basises

Storeroom Stocker

Target - West Palm Beach, FL - 2005 to 2013


Right off being hired, I became a(n) valued worker of selling, pushing and driving sales to the peek. Worked

alonside with a great team eight years out my life, so pretty much grew up in Target. With my device (PDA)

all and everything was possible and became unique with removal of product, backstocking and also doing

daily (CAFS). Cafs were products generated off sales, and I was just always excited when I was able to help

contribute to the process. I also worked with a manuel as well electric pallet jacks when the workload gotten

heavy. Once I have bolten down the physical labor then I worked on the computer printing and just checking

sales and just reflecting off How much me and my team dedication and hardwork proven its worth because

after all we were the backbone of the whole process..


What I accomplish was not only the experience of working there, but actually excelling to the highest level in

my department. I recieved Top Performer several Years, Employee of the month a few times, recognized not

only for my department but for going over and beyond with lending a helping hand when needed...

Skills Used

This type of job skill set was based upon experience and hardwork. Being a Top worker isn't something over

time, but it has to be instilled in you. Some computer work demostrated, helping each other as well providing

our guests with excellent Top of the Line Services..


William T Dwyer


Good Communication

Good Computer skills, listening skills, vocal and non vocal skills, one skill that is important is I work well with



Top Worker Awards

Standing out in everything I do and being that extra hand..

Top Worker Award

Being the best worker that is asked of me, recieved from one of the Company's owner...


Certificate of Excellent I recieved from Target

Basically for always going the eXtra mile working hard helping others, and also being recognized so



Seeking for more opportunities to grow and excell in any company which give me opportunity..

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