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Engineer Machine

Menzel Bourguiba, Bizerte, Tunisia
November 30, 2020

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Academic Projects

Mezzi Houssem

Electronics engineer

** **** ****

B N 115 City Fateh Menzel





About me

I am a freshly graduated engineer in

electronics: Microelectronics, I am

ambitious, I have the will to learn

and I am ready to discover new

things, I am interested in embedded

systems, hardware design,

industrial computing, and IOT.





2017-2020 Engineering degree in electronics and microelectronics (ISIMM) 2014-2017 Applied License in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and (ESSTHS) Automation

2013 - 2014 Mathematics Baccalaureate (Bizerte)

February-June 2020 Final year internship Poulina Group Holding EZZAHRA

- Connectivity and evolution of the JADIDA oil refining plant towards industry 4.0

Keywords: API, IoT, Plant 4.0, Big Data, SQL, IBH OPC, TCP/IP, ODBC, artificial intelligence.

June-August 2019 Summer internship LEONI MATEUR SUD

- Solving problems of ko-Max 450 machines, RAY- CHM machine and Boole machine

- Case study of the polymerization machine with manufacturing: control board for an Arduino based pumping system) January-May 2017 final year internship Bilek- Renewable Energy SOUSSE

- Studies and realizations of PV installations (isolated site, connected site, and pumping).

- Design and realization of an educational prototype for the study of a PV installation isolated site with the manufacture of Raspberry based single-phase inverter.

March 2017 Workshop “Renewable energy” Certified

July 2016 internship STEG Menzel Bourguiba

• Implementation of substation in Bazina Mateur (research and wiring)

• Power transmission and distribution from Mateur to Sidi Bachir

2019 VHDL description of a "Data_Path" programmable robot 2018 Raspberry Pi-based heart rate measurement card (C++) 2018 Realization of a smart house based on Arduino 2016 Pic command based line tracker with Bluetooth Coding languages: C, C++, JAVA, Python, MySQL.

Plateforms and embedded systems: Arduino, Pic, Raspberry, card FPGA. Hardware description: VHDL, Verilog.

Hardware design: Cadence (NCLaunch, Virtuoso), ISE Design, ADS . Machine language: Assembler.

Simulation with: Matlab, Proteus, ARES.

Other: Eclipse, PyCharm Community, PIC c, IBH OPC UA Editor, TIA PORTAL, Step 7. Operating systems: Windows, Linux

Office: Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Dessin Visio, PowerPoint Sport, Music, Electronics, High-Technologies


Technical skills and knowledge


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