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Engineer Design

Los Angeles, CA
December 01, 2020

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Email : Los Angeles CA 90403

Citizenship: Australian, USA Permanent resident Green Card Mobile: 310-***-****


Bachelor of Engineering Degree majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wollongong, 2009.

Experience working for a large construction firms as a MEP Engineer and site engineer coordinating & managing HVAC, electrical, hydraulic, dry & wet fire systems, medical gas, and pneumatic tube systems within the health & defense industries.

Experience working as a commissioning engineer for a building Commissioning focusing on HVAC systems, electrical, fire systems and hydraulic & stormwater.

Experience in the design and installation of HVAC, exhaust ventilation and pneumatic systems within the Food manufacturing industry. Focusing primarily on mechanical, electrical, and BMS/SCADA control.

Applied knowledge and experience with BMCS to analyze building services to assist the client with the overall productivity of the building.

Proficient in the use of AutoCAD 2D/3D for creating detailed and manufacturing drawings for complex machinery. Also, produced plan, arrangement, and sub – arrangement drawings of construction buildings aided by AutoCAD for building construction.

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Project to calculate project time frames and critical paths to determine the most suitable approach to execute an engineering project.

Practical experience as a mechanical maintenance fitter on mechanical machinery in the preventative maintenance team. Responsible for maintaining, modifying and the making improvements to existing equipment HVAC, mechanical exhaust fans, boilers & chiller equipment.

Highly motivated, disciplined, and resourceful. Interacts productively and has experience with people from diverse backgrounds.

Produces a high quality of work completed by the projected deadlines within construction.

Experience as a MEP Design Engineer in the installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, FCUs/AHUs. This includes all aspects of the installation and commissioning and monitoring through BMS systems.


Besix Watpac Constructions - Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Stage 2 building project ($250 Million AU Dollar Project)

The Hornsby Kuring-Gai hospital project was a design and construct project that involved building an Emergency Department, a new Medical Imaging building for CT, X Ray, and Ultrasound rooms. It also included the main build with Intensive Care Units, Inpatient care wards and hospital staff offices. My role on this project was to manage the design of the mechanical air conditioning HVAC, BMCS, electrical and communications design, hydraulic systems, sprinkler and fire detection systems, high voltage substation, vertical transport lifts and the major medical equipment for the CT, MRI, X Ray, medical pendant arms within the patient rooms. The design was completed in Building Information Modelling (BIM) with the architects and structural engineers coordinating with the service designers to coordinate a clash free hospital within the design which is then relayed during the construction phase with onsite installation. My role of services design engineer involved managing the contract with the subcontractors to ensure the quality standards of the hospital project are met and that the project runs smoothly with a design program established linking to the construction program for the best delivery possible.

Besix Watpac Constructions - Poly Centre CBD Sydney ($300 Million AU Dollar Project)

The Poly Centre Project was a commercial high-rise building within Sydney CBD city. My role involved establishing the contracts and scope of works for the mechanical air conditioning HVAC, BMCS, electrical and communication equipment, hydraulics, sprinkler and fire detection systems, civil works package, vertical transport, fire engineering, high voltage substation works and managing the design process and contracts to produce a Building Information Modelling for cash detection and services shop drawings. The BIM model was coordinated with the architect and structural engineer WSP to ensure that all areas of the project are coordinated through design and construction delivery to links to the construction program to provide onsite efficiencies and takes into consideration the buildability and overall end product for the client and tenants use.

Crown Group – Infinity by Crown Green Square ($250 Million AU Dollar Project)

This project was a design and construct project with 401 residential apartments, hotel suites, commercial retail space, public domain work and railway tunnel connection to Green Square Station from the Infinity by Crown Building. My role for this project was to establish the contracts and scope of works and manage the service trades from design through to installation and commissioning of all services involved for the new building. The project utilized Revit and BIM modelling by all service trades with clash detection with design meetings and model meeting conducted until all shop drawings were approved for construction.

Parkview – Canterbury Leagues Club Stage 2 works ($55 Million AU Dollar Project)

This project was a design and construct project which involves constructing and completing structural extension work with a live operating Leagues Club. The Stage 2 works involve extension works for a Café and Cocktail bar, fit out of preparation kitchens, new Gaming area extensions and a 5-level underground Carpark. The Stage 2 works involved a lot of services infrastructure works for the future stages with a new mechanical plantroom, new fire pump room and fire control room, new main switch board & generator to prepare for the new construction zones. My role on this project was a design coordinator/project engineer. The weekly activities involved chairing design meetings, attending client meetings, and completing QA, shop drawing reviews and statusing & creating programs for the subcontractors for completion and handover. As well as maintaining technical specifications to make sure that the consultants and Australian Standards are adhered to throughout the ongoing construction of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and fire services.

Hansen Yuncken - Wollongong Hospital Illawarra Elective Surgical Project (IESS) ($55 Million AU Dollar Project)

The Hansen Yuncken site team delivered a design & construct project which included five engineers focusing on different aspects on the build from structure, façade, services & wall, and partition and internal fit out.

The Illawarra Elective Surgical Project (IESS) comprises of the construction of 7 new theatres, a new high volume short stay unit, a new ambulatory care unit, 24 patient bay Intensive Care Unit ICU, a new Central Sterile Supply Department CSSD, 2 levels of In-Patient Units, In-Patient Unit support for nurses/doctors and Close Observation Bays. This building connects with Block A with link bridges to combine existing facilities and services.

Within the project team my role involved completing weekly design meetings, answering ‘requests for information’ (RFI), coordinating the design process through BIM 3D modelling and clash detection, reviewing construction drawings and coordinating and managing the services on site through scope of works, quality assurance QA, defects, sample approval through the hospital and utilizing BIM Field to complete safety, quality assurance, defects. To complete the project for handover and completion

Hansen Yuncken - Wollongong Hospital Emergency Department Extension ($17 Million AUD Dollar Project)

My role for this project involved completing weekly design meetings, answering Requests for Information, coordinating the design process through BIM 3D modelling and clash detection, reviewing construction drawings and coordinating and managing the services on site through scope of works, quality assurance, defects, and sample approval through the hospital. The most challenging aspect of this build was that the hospital was live with patient care therefore all works needed to scheduled with the hospitals engineering department at least 3 weeks in advance of the construction on site to coordinate with the hospital staff.

Hansen Yuncken - Wollongong Hospital Refurbishment of the Existing Block A & Block B Building ($15 Million AUD Dollar Project)

This project involved dealing with a live hospital and completing stages handovers for the level 0 loading dock area, Level 1 existing Emergency Department, the front of house Admissions area connecting the IESS with Block A as well as level 2 & 3 which aids the existing operating theatres with new operating changerooms and staff facilities to complement the new building and upgrade the facilities. There was significant planning required with the hospital which involved taking into account infection control and understanding the effect to the existing services as well as reaching the target program and integrating the existing electrical systems i.e. nurse call, intercom, and security and fire systems to allow for an efficient transition with minimal affects to the operation of the hospital.

Hansen Yuncken - Wollongong Hospital - Engineering Workshop ($2.5 Million Dollar Project)

The Engineering Workshop was built to facilitate the hospital’s engineering maintenance team. The structure is built on top of the existing theatres on Block A and connects into level 4 and level 3 of the existing building. My role on this project was coordinating and managing the services trades and integrating the services with the existing services as well as providing a new HVAC and exhaust system for the engineering equipment. Health Infrastructure was heavily involved on this project due to the risk of building on the existing theatres and this project was part of the $30 Million dollar Carpark extension

Hansen Yuncken – Sikorsky Maintenance Repair Operations & Logistics facilities Nowra ($35 Million Dollar Project)

The Sikorsky TLS (Through Life Support) Facility project has been undertaken to provide the maintenance support for the deployment of the Seahawk MH60 “Romeo” class of helicopter adjacent to HMAS Albatross. The project comprises two major developments: The MRO (Maintenance and Repair Operations) facility, a combined helicopter hanger, workshop, and administrative support operational base. A Logistics facility, comprising racking stores, dispatch and receiving, and supporting offices. The role I completed on this project is working on the project start up and coordinating the service contractors through design meetings, RFI’s and coordinating variations in the design which included explosion proof services connections for compressed air to facilitate eight Seahawk MH60 Romeo Helicopters. My main roles were to manage the HVAC, electrical, hydraulic and fire systems from design through to installation and commissioning.


10/18 – 10/20 Watpac Constructions – MEP Design Engineer (project-based employment)

This role involved managing the HVAC and mechanical services, electrical, hydraulic, fire, substation design utilizing Revit modelling and BIM clash detection to deliver Hornsby Hospital and the Poly Centre commercial office building. The tasks involved with this role include, managing subcontractor & Client RFI’s, managing the quality assurance process, managing the tech data and physical samples, developing commissioning plans and commissioning programs that are in line with the staged handovers of the project, managing the tenancy requirements with the retail areas.

2/17 – 10/18 MEP Engineer Crown Group Constructions (project-based employment)

This role involved managing HVAC, electrical hydraulic, fire, waste management, substation. This involves managing the service trades through the design phase with the use of Revit modelling to develop shop drawings approved for construction. The tasks involved with this role include, managing subcontractor & Client RFI’s, managing the quality assurance process and ITP’s, managing the tech data and physical samples, developing commissioning plans and commissioning programs that in line with the staged handovers of the project, managing the tenancy requirements with the retail areas.

10/15 – 2/17 Design Coordinator/Site Engineer Parkview Constructions (project-based employment)

This role involved managing structural trades as well as the HVAC, electrical, hydraulic, fire & food and beverage contractor. This involved coordinating with the Club Engineering team to keep the club live throughout demolition and construction. The main aspects of my role were to complete the design finalization as well as complete the Quality Assurance on site with Inspection Test Plans and ensure that the construction was being completed as documented and commissioned according to the specifications.

09/13 – 10/15 MEP Engineer Hansen Yuncken Sydney NSW Department (project-based employment)

Hansen Yuncken is one of Australia's leading, privately owned construction companies, at the forefront of change and innovation in the building industry. The company has been in continual operation for over 90 years. Hansen Yuncken has an annual turnover exceeding $1billion. HY employs more than 650 people, and operate nationally with offices in VIC, NSW, SA, TAS and QLD.

My role as a Services Engineer working for Hansen Yuncken includes:

Subcontractor management to ensure smooth progress and completion of high-quality work in line with the construction program, cost and health, safety, and environment for the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and fire contractors.

Work with MS Project to supervise services trade contractors with construction works to achieve program and project objectives

Complete quality checks by supervising service trade contractors with construction works to achieve the required high-quality construction and completion standard. The use of I Pads to capture photos and complete ITP checks for the individual service trades.

A focus on health and safety to achieve a high level of health safety on site and provide leadership toward safety on site.

To carry out Testing and Commissioning of the services equipment from stack tests to TMV testing of pipework at pressure and commissioning of HVAC systems by completing temperature, pressure tests, balancing of air & working with the BMS system to monitor & control the plantroom and hospital equipment.

Manage all obligations on the project using the company’s management system involved for safety, quality control, defects using

BIM360 Field, computer management software i.e. Aconex, Web FM, to manage subcontractors and communicate with the client.

8/12 - 9/13 Commissioning/Projects Engineer, Phoenix Engineering, Sydney Australia

Phoenix operates as an Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) for mechanical building services equipment within the construction industry. The main role is to provide commissioning advice to the client, contractors and the design team and assign management credits with respect to Green Star. My role as a Projects Engineer include:

-Over-seeing and witness testing the commissioning of all building services including mechanical HVAC, Fire Systems, Hydraulics, Electrical and Building Management Control Systems.

-Review HVAC mechanical drawings and specifications before tender issue to check for any issues for design, installation, and operation

-Preparing a project HVAC and service commissioning plan detailing that systems within a building are designed, installed, and tested to be capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design.

-Review equipment and components for commissioning and maintenance purposes

-Audit QA paperwork relating to site tests & Audit QA paperwork relating to pre-commissioning check lists

-Review the sub-contractor commissioning manuals & Review of the operating and maintenance manuals

-Carry out witness tests of mechanical all services including HVAC, Hydraulics, Electrical and fire System whilst monitoring the BMS either remotely or on site, List defects and outstanding work

-Commissioning report summarizing the operations of Mechanical Building Services Equipment

-Manage, conduct, and report on quarterly tuning sessions during the defect’s liability period

12/11 – 7/12 European Travels based and working out of London, England

12/11 – 3/12

O’Neill’s Irish Bar and Restaurant in Clapham Common – Bar Tender/ Waiter

3/12 – 6/12

Sales Marketing – Selling Products and Services Residence/ Business/ Streets

3/12 – 06/12

Lock & Loaded Properties - Private Property Management and Maintenance

11/05 – 11/11 Project/Services Engineer & Cadet Engineer at George Weston Foods Australia/ New Zealand

-Managed and coordinated projects on the Enfield site involving the installation of Pneumatic conveying line, Exhaust systems, mechanical equipment & HVAC systems used within the food and beverage industry.

-Worked using AutoCAD to produce product flow diagrams, arrangement drawings and manufacturing drawings for materials handling equipment

-Worked with scientists and fellow engineers to receive optimal results with specific food manufacturing equipment by monitoring and testing the product.

-Design calculate pneumatic conveying systems, ventilation systems within a warehouse & design HVAC system for office spaces, science laboratory & food processing areas.

-Worked within a laboratory environment with food scientists and fellow engineers on testing machine designs, collecting samples, testing samples using laboratory equipment, problem solving and then drawing conclusions through changing mechanical designs.

-Worked with AutoCAD to create arrangement and manufacturing drawings for the operations departments throughout Weston Cereal Industries within the Australia and New Zealand food processing plants.

-Practical experience working with the Maintenance team on maintaining and improving food processing systems both mechanically and electrically.

-Installation & commissioning of exhaust fans, humidifiers, Fan Coil Units & condenser units & ductwork within the laboratories/office areas and food processing areas.

-Learnt specialized knowledge and experience in automated mechanical systems through BMS/SCADA control. Produced sequence of operation lists for BMS/SCADA control to determine the most suitable method of control during the manufacture of raw material products.

-Worked within a laboratory environment with fellow food scientists on testing machine designs collecting samples, problem solving and then drawing conclusions by changing mechanical designs.

-Worked with AutoCAD to calculate and design of mechanical exhaust systems, pneumatic conveying systems & HVAC systems for the Australian and New Zealand food manufacturing offices and laboratories.

-Collected data from both the flour mills and Animal Nutrition to create new flow diagrams, new numbering systems for motor and device listings and transferred this information into process diagrams with own labelling system.

-Designed and calculated mechanical pneumatic systems, exhaust fan sizing, compressed air systems, mechanical equipment for food processing using pressure drop calculations and sizing of fans to suit the designed ductwork system.

-Learnt the fundamentals and principles behind HVAC, exhaust fan ventilation, pneumatic systems, compressed air systems and connect the mechanical equipment back to BMS/SCADA to control the parameters required temperature, humidity, pressure etc.


Graduated 2009 University of Wollongong

Bachelor of Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering

- Fluid Mechanics - Material Engineering

- Aerodynamics - HVAC & mechanical systems

- Thermodynamics - Manufacturing processes

- Heat transfer/Air conditioning/HVAC systems - Engineering Management

- Mechanical design/ Strengths of Materials - Pneumatic Conveying systems

- Computational Fluid Dynamics - Chemistry

- Electrical Engineering - Engineering Economics


Are available on request.

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