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Python,Machine learning,Sql,Tableau.

Bidar, Karnataka, India
December 01, 2020

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Address: H.N: */*/***, Bidar,Karantaka.


Phone: +918*********


Seeking a challenging position in an esteemed organization where my analytical and technical skills can be effectively utilized to improve operations and contribute to the company’s and my career growth. Summary:

Good hands on techniques of Data Science using Python, Data analytics & Visualization using Excel, SQL and Tableau.

Good hands on exposure to Analytics techniques like Regression (linear), Classification(logistic, DT, RF), Forecasting (Time Series Analysis).

Good hands-on experience with Analytics tools including Python.

Good at communication and presentations skills.


Degree Name of the Institution University Percentage/CGPA Bachelor of Electronics & comm.


GNDEC, Bidar VTU 7.5



Guru Nanak PU College,Bidar Karnataka




Academic Projects:

Project: GALS modeling and verification of Communication circuits. Description: The objective of this project is to avoid complex structural problems such as deadlocks in a circuit.

Tools used: Verilog HDL and Xilinx ISE.

Technical skills:

Analytics tools: Python, SQL, Tableau & Excel.

Statistical techniques:

Time Series Analysis (ARIMA, SARIMAX)

Multivariate Regression Analysis (Linear &Logistic). Machine learning algorithms: Decision Trees, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, K-Means, SVM, Nearest Neighbors, Random Forest, Bagging & Boosting. Deep Learning: Usage of ANN and CNN for analysis of structured and unstructured data. Data Science projects:

Project: Titanic: Predicting Heart Disease using Machine Learning. Problem Statement: Create a model that predicts the person having a heart disease. Solution: Based on Data Analysis some factors are identified from the data to build a model that predicts who were suffering a heart disease.

Tools & Techniques: Python & Logistic Regression.

Project: Blue Book for Bulldozers.

Business Problem: Develop a model to predict the prices of Bulldozers based on its configuration. Solution: Based on given data a regression model is built to predict the price. Tools & Techniques: Python & RandomForestRegressor. Project: Analysis of the sales of tractors.

Business Problem: To know the Tractor company sales for next 3 years Solution: Built a forecasting model which predicts the sales for next 36 months Tools & Techniques: Python & ARIMA.

Project: Resturant Food Reviews.

Business Problem: Build a model that predicts a given review is positive or negative. Solution: Bag of Words technique is used to do text mining of the given review. Tools & Techniques: Python & Naïve Bayes.

Tableau projects:

Project: HR Analytics.

Business Problem: Identify the reasons why employees why are likely to leave the company. Solution: Built a dashboard that identifies the employees who left the company and when. Tools & Techniques: Tableau.

Project: SnapChat Advertisement Review.

Business Problem: Analayse the advertisements given in Snapchat in various countries. Solution: Built a dashboard that analyses the various insights of these given advertisements.. Tools & Techniques: Tableau

Personal Details:

Date ofBirth:17-Aug-1996 Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada. Gender :Male Marital Status: Single

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