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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Nashik, Maharashtra, India
November 29, 2020

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Deven Dilip Ahire

Nashik, Maharashtra +91-840***-**** OBJECTIVE

A motivated young professional seeking opportunity in the CAE field, having passion to adapt the knowledge and practical experience in CAE with strong communicative skills, with a passion for engineering design evaluation and the provision of quality project deliverables.


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Master’s Program, Skill Lync, Chennai. May 2020 – Jan 2021 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Technology Sep 2015 – Jun 2016 University of Greenwich, Kent, United Kingdom (Grade: 2:2). Higher National Diploma – Marine Engineering Sep 2012 – Apr 2015 South Tyneside College, South Shields, United Kingdom (Project Grade: C) Senior School Certificate Examination (CBSE) – Class 10+2 Jun 2011 – May 2012 Hon. Sharad Pawar Public School, Nashik, India (Percentage: 65.71%) EXPERIENCE

Production and Marketing Manager, Cosmic Engineering, Nashik, Maharashtra India Apr 2017 – Nov 2018

• Planned and coordinate the production process on daily basis to manufacture high-quality cable terminal lugs.

• Performed engineering analysis to reduce breakdown and outages and evaluate current production activities and make recommendations for improvements.

• Developed operation strategies to achieve production and financial objectives and maintain best practice to improve production capacity, quality, and reliability.

• Implemented cost reduction initiatives while maintaining high quality standards and developed operating instruction and equipment specification for production activities.

• Plan necessary meeting with new potential customers for marketing strategy and product sales.

• Product market research to find new customers in the domestic market and attend the necessary exhibition with proper planning and execution.


Mesh of the side door panel of the car using Hypermesh, Skill-Lync

• Performed geometry cleanup, repairing the surface, and recreating damaged surface.

• Extracted the mid surface manually through Offset option for base and ribs individually and assigned thickness, respectively.

• Deployed mesh on the component with given quality parameters and checked them with failing element criteria and fixed with quality index cleanup tools.

• Executed the mesh flow smoothly and ensured the component meet all quality parameters. Mesh of the Floor panel of the car using Hypermesh, Skill-Lync

• Performed Topology, most surfaces were damaged that are created manually.

• Extracted the mid surface manually through Offset option for bottom panel except the side part with Auto mid surface option and assigned the thickness, respectively.

• Deployed the mesh on the component with given quality criteria and checked them with failing element and fixed with quality index cleanup tools.

• Executed the smooth mesh flow on the component and ensured the component meet all quality criteria. Modelling of an Automotive IP Trim component using ANSA, Skill-Lync

• Performed the Geometry check and fixed the surface quality, errors with Auto fix option.

• Performed manual mid surface through offset option for all ribs and base surface, for doghouse with varying thickness taking the average value and creating surface through curve option.

• Modelling the component with given quality criteria and checked the failed elements and fixed them with reconstruct, smooth options.

• Assigned the thickness individually with respect to their varying thickness length taken as averaged value for the thickness.

Modelling of an Automotive Suspension Assembly using ASNA, Skill-Lync

• Split each part in different lock folder and checked for geometry errors which fixed them with AUTO fix option and manually.

• Modelled the solid component with BATCH mesh option and manual tria elements.

• Performed volume tetra rapid mesh to the solid component with assigned solid PID (as thickness) to them and checked for Tet collapsed.

• Performed manual mid surface (offset) to the shell component as assigned them PID and deployed the mesh on the component with mixed type element and fixed with failing quality elements.

• Performed 1D element connection with RBE2 and RBE3 and mirror the assembly with symmetry option. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

• Production • Computer Aided Engineering

• Manufacturing process • Modeling and simulation

• Operation Strategies • Engineering Analysis

• Marketing and sales • Evaluation of 3D automotive models

• Business meetings • CAD designing


• Preprocessor: Hypermesh, ANSA

• FEA simulation: ANSYS Workbench

• Scripting: PYTHON

• CAD Tools: Auto CAD and Solidworks

• Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10,

• Documentation and Statistical analytics: Microsoft office word, MS Excel, and MS power point.

• Participate as a group leader in group design and project management module in mechanical engineering technology degree.

• Language: English B2, Hindi B2, French A1.

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