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Engineer Technician

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
November 29, 2020

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Jolly Candia del Rosario

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Mobile Number: +971********* (UAE)


Bachelor of Science Electronics Communication Engineering -qualified Telecommunications Engineer, ensuring high-performing services through expert system installation, maintenance and repairs. Working meticulously and methodically to achieve exceptional quality standards to tight deadlines, for first-class engineering operations. Work Experience

Emirates Telecommunication Dubai December 2008 to November 2019 Jobs Summary: Supervise and monitor various Etisalat Project in order to maintain quality GPON / FTTH network to achieved customer satisfaction. Provide good customer service in line with company’s mission.

Associate Engineer-1 July 2015 to November 2019

• Member of the CIM (Critical Incident Management) for VIP customers.

• Supervise/Monitor new technician regarding standard of work.

• Assists Technician regarding issue with the customer complain and requirements.

• Installation & Maintenance of E-life services INTERNET, DEL, IPTV, PABX lines.

• Configuration of Mediatrix /IAD Linksys for PABX multiple lines.

• Configuration of ONE ACCESS for ISDN BRI account.

• Optical Fiber splicing & Troubleshooting

• Provide & Maintain services BITSTREAM using RGW for DU networks

• Monitored installation and operation to consistently meet customer requirements Senior Telecom Technician March 2012 - July 2015

• Supervise the Project 206 (FDH uplifting/ rehabilitation)

• Provide & Maintain E-life services (2P & 3P)

• Migration of Legacy services to GPON /FTTH ADSL, DEL

• Migration of legacy services of PABX lines to GPON/FTTH with the use of Mediatrix, Linksys IAD for multiple lines

• Termination & Block wiring of FTTH (Fiber to the Home)

• Assists newly hired technicians by giving correct information of Legacy & FTTH connection.

• Carried out services to ensure compliance with relevant regulation Telecom Technician December 2008 – March 2012

• Provide & Maintain Legacy services of Etisalat which includes ADSL, DEL, PABX LINES.

• Rehabilitation of DP, IFP, UG DP Termination

• Termination & Block wiring of FTTH (Fiber to the Home)

• Drove Company vehicles safely & responsibly to best maintain company image and uphold continued safety compliance.

• Offered customer clear options of E-life services type quality to best meet their needs.

• Inspected tested & repair cable signals replacing faulty cables power supply and associated equipment.

• Effectively explain complex technical concepts to non-technical consumers using outstanding interpersonal skills.

Field Operation & Maintenance Engineer March 2008 up to November 2008 BAYAN Telecommunication / Philippines

• Coordinated schedules and day to day activities vendor crew to satisfy project needs with minimal days.

• Conferred with other managers technical personnel & team leaders to coordinate efficient site working maintain tight schedules.

• Performed thorough analysis of each job site every day in effort to mitigate risk for workers and visitors alike.

• Identified and implemented strategic plans based on accreted readings of specifications and solid collaboration with project leadership.

• Maintaining Nortel’s LMDS Network deployed in two key business centers in Metro Manila, Operating @ 29GHz Bandwidth.

• Administer Nortel’s ACCELAR layer 3 switches w/c was deployed in our LMDS Bldg. Strategic floor location.

• Operate & Maintain Air span’s point to multipoint radio network (wireless IP local loop).

• Operate & Maintain, Installation & Optimization of Telecom infrastructure (Cellular Base Station, Microwave Radio (SDH/PDH) including support facilities such as rectifiers, ACU’S etc.)

TELECOM ENGINEER May 2007 up to February 2008

FIBERCOM Telecom Philippines Inc.

• Provide thorough inspection fault finding and troubleshooting services, seeking effective innovative solutions for timely repair.

• Completed comprehensive testing analysis & commissioning of Fiber network infrastructure to achieve outcome.

• Analyzed departmental documents for appropriate distribution and filing.

• Provide & Maintain Optical Transmission (ECI SDH EQPT.) & Microwave.

• Structured cabling for E1 cables, testing & termination of E1 Cable.

• Power cable laying and termination, tapping to main power source.

• Sub-Contractor for Globe Telecom, Smart Telecom, BAYANTEL, PLDT. Structured Cabling Technician June 2006 to February 2007 Qatari Computer System Co. (Q-soft) Doha, Qatar

• Supervise the project SMATV/CATV

• Provide cable laying & termination (Fiber, Coaxial, CAT-6 cables)

• Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing and Acceptance

• Handles cable preparation, termination inside unirack cabinet.

• Work directly with client to achieve result.

• Delivered exceptional level of service to each client by listening to concerns and answering questions.

• Report directly to Project Manager.

DESTINY CABLE INC. July 1999 to June 2006

Data Communication Engineer (ISP – OP)

• Cable Networking (CATV) & LAN Networking

• PC configuration and set up Internet Connection.

• Provide standard customer service satisfaction.

• Provide day to day maintenance.

• Computer Software and Hardware Installation

Optical System Engineer (OSE)

• Activation and troubleshooting of fiber optic nodes.

• Preparation and splicing of fiber optic cable from head end to outside plant fiber node

• Assisting Instrumentation Engineer in activation of return optical light for data communication using fiber modems.

• Coordinating with the line maintenance Engineers for maintaining good quality RF signals.

• Responsible for the design of power distribution from transmitter output going to all hubs and nodes.

• Monitoring of transmitters input and output.

• Implementing preventive maintenance and inspection of nodes to monitor the optical power level and to anticipate up-coming problem.

• Troubleshooting of node amplifiers, balancing of input and output RF levels.

• Carried out weekly checks and maintenance across telecom equipment ensuring necessary fixes& updates are swiftly resolved.

• Resolved network incidents and fault & effectively for optimized staff productivity. EDUCATION:


Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineer (ECE) Date Graduated: 1999


• Maintenance & Repair of Fiber Optics Network

• Fiber Engineering as well as used of Telecom Test Equipment

• Fusion Splicing Heat & Mechanical

• Fault finding and diagnosis of internet service networks

• Equipment installation & service for transmission & microwave

• Line testing & commissioning Fiber, Coaxial, Twisted cables

• Fluent in English

• UAE Driving license


Etisalat Academy (ISDN – BRI/PRI)

26 Jan. 2017

Etisalat Academy (Essential Communication Skills)

22 Feb. 2017



JUNE 20 2008 - JUNE 24,2008


CDMA PDSN Fundamentals Training


JUNE 13,2008 - JUNE 19,2008


Internet Essentials (July 2001)


Web Page Design & Development (August 2001)


WINLINK 1000 / FIBERCOM TELECOM PHIL. INC (April 2007) Lucent Technologies (Structured Cabling System)

AMA Computer College, Project 8 QUEZON City

August 5, 1998

Basic Telephony

MERALCO Foundation Incorporation

August 14, 1998

SMC Pneumatics (Introduction to Electro-pneumatics Tech.) SMC Pneumatics Philippines Inc.

August 20, 1998

Spectrum Analyzer

Adamson University

August 29, 1998

TECHNIKIT and Antenna Demonstrator

Adamson University

September 14, 1998

Microwave System Design

Adamson University

October 6, 1998

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