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Civil Engineering Public School

Vasodara, Gujarat, India
November 27, 2020

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M: (IN) +919********* Instagram - @writer_dilpuneetsingh


Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. I assure you I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts.


10th Grade:


Mukat Public School –

Rajpura • Percentage:

87.4% ( CGPA 9.2 )

12th Grade:


Patel Public School – Rajpura

• Percentage: 71.6% : Civil Engineering, 2016

Jaypee University of Information Technology – Waknaghat

• Percentage: 63%

Masters Diploma: Construction Project Management, 2017 Canadore College, Ontario, Canada

• GPA: 3.08/4.00


• Microsoft Office Suite

• Poetry

• Staad-Pro

• Strong communication skills

• AutoCAD


• Pencil Sketching

• Music Production

• Writing

• Cooking

• Photography



I mixed colours to have your illusion but you were stuck in confusion that you were all about black and white and I knew it was not right but still I remained quiet as I was skilled to appreciate it, Things changed and I found love in colours as you were more beautiful than flowers.

The darkness turned white,

The colours emerged, Blue, yellow, orange, back to black then mixed with white, Like the colours of the sky,

My heart filled with them oh so bright,

In all the chaos, my heart now felt light, I was calm & the canvas won the prize. Canvas won the prize as it lost it’s size

and it became infinite with white light, Wish I could dive in it to see it's strength and felt it till the zenith.

You wrote what you felt,

I read what I felt,

We both are feeling but not a similar feeling,

Art is about perception,

& words can be deceptive,

I may be saying but not what you’re hearing,

You may be talking but I may not be listening.

Everyone has their perception and they use it as their caption, Words are deceptive no doubt but they connect us to root, root of communication as it's all about illustration,

I hope words could heal the world as they are beautiful as emeralds. This world is extraordinary,

Definitely more extra than ordinary,

For it heals itself, lightens itself, shows us love & also puts us to dust. It knows no limits, it’s depth can not be contained, Burdened with our sorrows,

It still shows us love but with a beautiful hit of pain. That pain makes us feel who we really are even though it leaves a scar, It shows us our weakness at first but also shows strength when we reach the point of burst,

It heals by itself in spite of million efforts as humans are still slower than leopards.

Mind in a haze, you caught me in a daze,

I’m thinking of the words,

I’m thinking what to say,

Say back to you or hold back my words,

What’s important to the mind,

We won’t know till we look inside,

I’m Hoping we can see but this worlds so blind, Numb to the beauty but it’s naked before our eyes, Don’t you see? Can’t you see?

That’s the beauty of the mind. The world is kind when it comes to end The world is blind when we try to bend,

We need to know what we want

We need to know what's our grant, I am human with million mistakes but I try to be human whatever it takes, We are not perfect we know We are not even defect we know, We are just people with human's soul but whenever the situation says we crawl.


• 6 week training at Irrigation Department,Punjab under guidance of Mr. Rajinder Ghai (SDO, Kandi Watershed, Irrigation Department, Punjab).

• One year project on ‘Seismic Analysis and Design of Four Storey RC building’.

• 1 year working as Retail sale supervisor in Purba Furniture, Ontario, Canada.

• 2.5 year working as part time supervisor in Ravine Mushroom farms, Ontario, Canada.


• English

• Punjabi

• Hindi


• Ability to adjust to the situation

• Effective at team work and time management

• Willingness to learn and smart worker

• Analysing alternatives before taking any decision

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