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Software Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
November 27, 2020

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Tammam Khan 408-***-****


University of California Santa Cruz June 2021

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Algorithms & Abstract Data Types, Database Systems, Web Applications, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence Projects:

Covid-19 Grocery App (Java, Android)

Developed an Android app as a personal project with a MySQL backend to help users quickly navigate through grocery stores based on a given grocery list.

Calculated the quickest route by solving the Travelling Salesman Problem on the set of grocery list items.

Class Schedule Application (C#, .NET Core)

Built a desktop calendar application that syncs with Google Calendar and allows users to add school courses by term.

Implemented an intuitive method of adding courses to provide a smooth user experience

Volumetric Nebulae (JavaScript, HTML/CSS)

Created graphics of an expanding volumetric nebulae cloud in WebGL for a school group project.

Utilizes techniques such as raymarching and procedural generation within the Three.js 3D graphics library. Technical Skills:

Programming Languages:

Python, Java, C++, C#, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Development Tools

Unix, Git, Android Studio, NodeJS, BulmaCSS, pyDAL, PostgreSQL

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