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Medical Mental Health

Torrance, CA, 90503
200 000
November 26, 2020

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Yasmin Pirani


As a General Family Physician, I am looking forward to a career where I can combine my clinical skills in various settings.


Fellowship_ Aesthetics

Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine



Family Medicine- University of Calgary

Dr. Kreptul


Graduated with Numerous Honors rotations and Superior Status in Oral Examinations

References as requested.

Medical Education

University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Clinical Campus: Vancouver General Hospital

09 / 2000 - 05 / 2004

MD, 05 / 2004

Undergraduate - McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Physical Therapy

09 / 1996 - 05 / 2000

BS, 05 / 2000


2015-now Telemedicine Encore Medical center, LTUSA, Redidoc, California

2013-2015 Telemedicine Doctor on Demand, San Francisco, California

2007-2012 Welcome Medical Clinic: Inner City Health including Refugee Health. BC. Canada

2007-2012 Yaletown Medical Center

Operates a General Family Medicine Clinic, centered within the downtown core. Patients include general and celebrity patients.

School Awards & Membership in Honorary/Professional Societies

1) Best Results for Junior Radiology Residents in Monthly Hallway Quizzes

2) AAWR member and member in training representative for establishing a mentorship program

3) U.B.C. Undergraduate Research Award: For Research and Oral Presentation in Pediatric Injuries in the Third World.

4) M.O.R.E. Photo Essay Winner on International Health

5) Florence E. Heighway Research Award 2004

6) Florence E. Heighway Research Award 2003

7) Awarded Summer Student Research Internships in Pediatric Injuries and Neuroradiology 2001, 2002

Radiological Society of North America member and attended conference in 2004.


Board Certification LMCC Part 1

Board Certification LMCC Part 2

MCCQE: Canadian Family Board Exams


Written Boards Radiology- Passed 2010

Physics Exam –Radiology 2009 Passed

Radiology Year 1 In Service 91st percentile

USMLE Step 1 12 / 2004 92nd percentile

USMLE Step 2 08/ 2005 97th percentile

USMLE Step 3 2007 84th percentile

Candian Family Medicine Boards Passed

LMCC 1 and 2 exams passed (for licensure in Canada)

Work Experience

Nov 2007—Present

Multiple Medical Clinics in Vancouve/California- Patient Care and Telemedicine.

(SEMA. Yaletown, COAST)

Staff Family Physician for a variety of Medical offices.

References as requested.

08 / 2005 - 08 / 2005

University of Calgary OSCE Exams

Evaluator for Medical Student Oral Exams, Dr. Mawji

Evaluated students in an end of clerkship OSCE experience.

05 / 2004 - 05 / 2004

University of British Columbia

Educator/Instructor, Anna Luiza Sayao

Organized and instructed a course designed to review neurological theory and clinical skills for medical students.

Volunteer Experience

Radiology Chief Resident: 2011-2012

SAAMA: South Asians within the media (2011-Present)

Professional Women’s Association of Southern California: Member

ACR: Working with the ACR to emphasize the necessity of radiology and ensure its viability during the health care reform initiative. 2011-Present

2008-present: AAWR Associate Member for residents

2008-present: NY Women’s Club


Health Board

Leader for the Mental Health Initiative

Responsible for restructuring the mental health initiative in Alberta and the Prairies, In the process of developing centralized, web-based resources available to the community, as well as organizing educational lectures, and developing a research program to identify the community’s greatest needs in the domain of mental health.

09 / 2003 -

International Health & Medical Education Consortium

Representative for U.B.C.

International Health and Medical Education Consortium (IHMEC)is an international organization whose purpose is to unify health care professionals in pursuing the goal of alleviating disease and promoting health in cities worldwide.

09 / 2003 - 05 / 2004

Student Executive

Representative for International Medicine, Dr. Bruce Fleming

Initiated the creation of a U.B.C. International Medicine Webpage for medical students. Promoted the concept of international medicine and collaborative international medical care to medical students of all years through speeches and medical journals.

09 / 2003 - 03 / 2004

Medical Outreach Students Executive (MORE)

Conflict and Health Conference Organizer, Dr. Seal

This conference was organized with the aim of providing forum for students, faculty and other interested members of the public to discuss current and past conflicts and their impact on population health. Guest speakers included N. Chomsky, Dr. Ashford (head of doctors without borders) and Dr. Bezrushka (University of Washington).

09 / 2001 - 03 / 2002

Medical Ball Committee

Advertising and Decorations, Anna Luiza Sayao

Organized medical ball for all medical students with the theme of "The Oscars". All proceeds were donated to the British Columbia Children's Hospital.

09 / 2001 - 03 / 2002

U.B.C. Medical School

Costumes, Makeup for Play: Raise funds for medical education in rural B.C., Mark Linder

Organized makeup and costumes for the production of the play " The Importance of Being Earnest". The proceeds were raised for supporting medical educational endeavors in rural British Columbia.

09 / 2000 - 06 / 2002

Student Executive

Faculty Representative, Dr. Bruce Fleming

Represented concerns of medical class during faculty meetings and informed medical class about faculty concerns.

09 / 2000 - 06 / 2002

Student Executive Committee

Student Representative for medical class, Dr. Bruce Fleming

Evaluated current medical academic program and instituted curricular change in grading process and examinations.

09 / 1998 - 05 / 2000

Old Brewery Soup Kitchen


Prepared and delivered meals to the homeless of Montreal.

09 / 1998 - 05 / 2000

Focus International Aid

Entertainment for Charity

Performed Kathak and other indian classical dance choreographies in annual entertainment show whose purpose was to raise funds for the Focus International Aid Organization.

09 / 1997 - 05 / 2000

Peer Health Education


Initiated and led projects to increase awareness and reduce poor body image and poor mental health in the student body.

Research Experience


Breast Cancer Screening and Tumor Characteristics within the African American Women of East Harlem: A 1 Year Retrospective Review

Submitted to RSNA


1) Facial Fractures- A Review : accepted to 2011 RSNA, (Dr. Stein)

2) Edema in the superficial MCL- accepted to 2011 RSNA, (Dr. Friedman)

09/2009- 2010

Review of the Use of CTPA in Pregnant Females, Submitted to RSNA 2010

Dr. Fisher

03 / 2005 - 05 / 2005

University of Washington Dept of Radiology

Research Assistant, Dr. Fred A. Mann

I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for the dept of radiology at the Harborview hospital in Seattle, WA.

I drafted two case studies for the American Journal of Radiology's "Harborview Trauma Series" and increased my knowledge and exposure to the various streams of imaging including trauma, GI, Neurological and Genitourinary radiology.

07 / 2002 - 08 / 2002

Weill Cornell Medical Centre

Summer student research intern. Dr. Animesh Sinha

1) HLA associations with Pemphigus Vulgaris

2) Epitopes involved in Pemphigus Vulgaris

Obtained patient blood samples, performed immunological testing with Desmoglein 3 molecule epitopes in laboratory, conducted statistical analysis, wrote draft paper, now published, and presented at international conference.

07 / 2001 - 08 / 2001

PECHS AND Aga Khan University and Hospital

International Research Assistant in Community Health, Dr. Ghazala Rafique

Compiled data for a retrospective review recording the incidence and outcome of gestational diabetes in the Indo-Pakistani population of Karachi, Pakistan.

07 / 2001 - 08 / 2001

Vancouver General Hospital Dept of Neuroradiology

Summer Student Research Intern, Dr. Nugent

Compiled data for restrospective review or CT findings in patients with severe headache.

06 / 2001 - 03 / 2004

Vancouver General Hospital CA/ PECHS Hospital, PK

Research initiator and assistant, Dr. Verchere

Initiated a comparative review of etiology and epidemiology of pediatric burn injuries in Karachi, PK in comparison to Vancouver, CA.

Publications/Presentations/Poster Sessions

1.Lee, E., Lendas, K.A., Chow, S., Pirani, Y., Gordon, D., Dionisio, R., Nyguyen., D., Spizuoco, A., Fotino, M., Zhang, and Sinha, A.A. 2006. Disease relevant MHC class II alleles isolated by genotypic, haplotypic, and sequence analysis in North American Caucasians with pemphigus vulgaris. Hum. Immunol. 67(1-2):125.

1.U.B.C. Medical Students' Website, International Medicine at U.B.C. Website, Y.Pirani, Publication Date: 08 / 2004, Volume: N/A, Pages: N/A

1.The Appendix- U.B.C. Medical Newsletter, International Medicine, Yasmin Pirani, Publication Date: 04 / 2004

1.British Columbia Children's Hospital Radiology Teaching Files, Incidence of Intestinal Atresia in Neonates with Gastroschisis, Y. Pirani BSc., Publication Date: 03 / 2004, Volume: N/A, Pages: 2

1.U.B.C. Undergraduate Research Competition, Comparative Study on Pediatric Injury in Karachi, PK and Vancouver, CA, Y.Pirani: Distinction Award for Oral Research Presentation, Publication Date: 03 / 2004

1.International Conference on Urban Health, Poster Presentation, Impoverished Children and Healthcare in the Third World, Y.Pirani, Publication Date: 10 / 2003

1.International Health and Medical Education Consortium, Impoverished Children and Healthcare: A Medical Student's Observations, Y.Pirani BSc, W.Cannon BSc., C,Verchere M.D. BSc., J. Boyle M.D. BSc., Publication Date: 03 / 2003 Pages: Abstract

1.Journal of Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Injuries in Karachi, Pakistan; Pediatric Injuries Treated from 1978-2000: A 23 Year Review, Y.Pirani BSc., W.Cannon BSc., C.Verchere M.D., BSc., Publication Date: 2003

1.Journal of Investigative Surgery, Real Medicine, Y.Pirani BSc., W.Cannon BSc., Publication Date: 07 / 2002, Volume: 15 N.4, Pages: 181-182

Hobbies & Interests

1) Art: Personal Interest in Producing and Appreciating Arts of various forms.

2) Dance: Have trained and competed in tap, ballet, and jazz and indian kathak and spanish dance forms.

3) Music- Piano, Grade 7 Royal Conservatory, Indian harmonium, voice training.

4) Drama- Starred as Alice in Alice in Wonderland at Oxford University.

5) Generally, I enjoy visual and performing arts, internationalism, & exploring world history through travel. I am committed to learning, teaching, clinical research and international collaborative health care.

Language Fluency (Other than English)


Other Awards/Accomplishments

Undergraduate Awards:

1) Golden Key Executive Scholar 2000

2) Advanced Placement Scholar (computer science, Chemistry, English Literature)1996

3) Outstanding Student Initiative Scholar 1996

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