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Data Analyst Web Developer

Newark, NJ
November 26, 2020

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Harrison Ave., NJ– 07029





Rutgers University, Rutgers Business School Anticipated Graduation: December 2020 Master of Information Technology and Analytics Cumulative GPA – 3.56 Coursework: Business Analytics and Programming, Data Analytics and Visualization, Data Privacy, and Project Management. University of Mumbai – Shree L.R Tiwari College of Engineering, India Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering Graduated: July 2019 SKILLS

Programming Languages: Python, R, SQL Java, Swift

Software and Framework: Tableau, Excel VBA, Alteryx, Power BI ML Libraries: Scikit-learn, Numpy, Pandas,OpenCV,Seaborn matplotlib, ggplot, Tkinter Soft Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Management, Critical Thinker, Resilience, Persistent Certifications: SECURITY FUNDAMENTALS MICROSOFT, ORACLE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL, JAVA SE 6 PROGRAMMER ORACLE EXPERIENCE

Web Developer Intern: February 2018 - July 2018

• Built a web application using J2EE core technologies & Spring Framework.

• Assisted a team of Java developers in creating a web application for the client.

• Worked with JSP, Servlets, JSTL, JDBC, Java Beans PROJECTS

Predicting Default Risk: (ALTERYX)

• Developed a series of classification models such as Logistic regression, Decision Tree, Forest Model, Boosted Tree to determine which model best determines if a given customer is creditworthy to provide with the loan.

• Predicted whether a given customer would be eligible for the loan with an accuracy of 78% Investigating TMDB Movie Database: (TABLEAU)

• Processed and analyzed TMDB movies dataset (a subset of IMDB dataset on Kaggle)

• The dataset contains information about 10K+ movies which includes various essential attributes related to the film, such as popularity, release year, genre, production company, budget_adj, revenue_adj and Profit (calculated field)

• Identified key trends and factors for a movie to be successful; for instance, the average budget of the film should be around 60 million dollars; genre must be: Action, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Thriller. Capital Budgeting: (EXCEL)

• Performing Sensitivity analysis for different residual values concerning the Internal Rate of Return.

• Processed and analyzed the data; eventually gathered insights and proposed actionable choices regarding the investment in a powerplant.

• Calculated project feasibility in terms of NPV, IRR, and concluded that the project was feasible under the best case and base case scenario resulting in Net Present Value of 13 Million Euros and 5 Million Euros, respectively. FMCG Model: (EXCEL)

• Optimized product offerings by analyzing which clients, brand, and product category were most profitable.

• Analyzed and reported vital trends for potential growth opportunities, measured sales performance across different retailers to improve its product offering.

• Providing data analysis and reporting for the financial evaluation of sales performance by leveraging Pivot Tables and Slicers in excel.

• Used Pivot Tables to create the financial report that included slicer, which further increased the granularity of the financial statement and has the potential to provide the management with some meaningful insights.

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