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Oracle Database Administrator

Frederick, MD
November 24, 2020

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Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Frederick, MD


Authorized to work in the US for any employer

State of Maryland Workforce Exchange [ System Specialist ] OWIP - Baltimore, MD

2018 to Present

• Provide Technical support to staff and Unemployment users, accessing the UI database.

• Assist with data reports, data change requests, and establishment of new user accounts.

• Work with PostgreSQL, create database, tables, use SQL to import/ export data

• Install, configure and maintain large production databases in Linux and UNIX environment; applied CPU/PSU patches; maintained security audit compliance.

• Responsible for multiple large development database support such as monitoring alert logs, listener logs, redo logs, rollback segment size, extent size, trace files, user session status, free space in tablespaces, and object modifications, using MySQL.

• Use OEM to create database baselines, compared database structure across production, and development environments.

• Optimize Oracle and SQL Server databases. Diagnosed various common database issues and provide solutions.

• Conduct logical/physical modeling and table partitioning. Perform contingency/disaster recovery planning.

• Work with the Team for the Oracle 11g upgrade project; Generate an upgrade strategy at enterprise level and develop standard upgrade procedures; migrated and upgraded database from 9i to 12c. Oracle Database Administrator

Livengrin Foundation

2012 to 2018

• Assist the Team and Developer with Database Upgrades to 11g

• Use Oracle Enterprise Business, R12 including Application Patching / Configuration and Cloning

• Plan, schedule, and take Oracle backup/ Recovery using RMAN. Export/Import, Cold /Hot backups

• Work in an Oracle Golden Gate for Cross Platform Migrations environment.

• Implement Data Guard technologies for Oracle physical databases

• Knowledge of SQL Server Database Management, backup, restorations, and implemented SQL Server Mirroring and Replication Techniques.

• Perform drills for critical databases (Fail over and switch over) for both Oracle and SQL Server Databases and DB2 per SLA policy

• Work with the Development team to fix the problems in Applications

• Maintain and Created clone database for test and training purpose.

• Implemented different techniques for monitoring and intimation of critical alerts

• Co-ordinate with Oracle Support (Meta Link) on SR’s WORK EXPERIENCE

• Manage DR Database’s of Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2

• Experience using MongoDB, json, set up client accounts, assign IP address, import/export data, and troubleshooting Oracle Database Administrator

Robert Half International

2007 to 2012

• Managed and maintain Oracle RAC, Oracle OEM, and MSSQL database servers

• Experience working with MSSQL Server with high availability, and replication

• Knowledge with maintenance of virtual machines in a cloud setting

• Resolve oracle, mongo db and mssql database issue. Maintained backup/ recovery processes on the Database

• Establish database security procedures, Data encryption, TDE/ Oracle Wallet

• Knowledge working with OEM, with background in Data replication, knowledge of AWS Cloud.

• Installed Oracle on Windows 2000/2003/Linux platforms. Use Various backup techniques at software & hardware level

(Replica, RAID, Mirroring)

• Monitor Servers events, user setups, virus attacks software updates. Deploy different system upgrade patches, use security Hardening for Windows Servers.

• Implemented Security Policies for servers & clients across the network

• Test installation setups, and troubleshoot Windows, Linux, OS for various vendors

• Troubleshoot Software & hardware and maintenance of Servers, Desktops,Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Barcode devices of most popular vendors like HP. Dell .IBM, Monarch

• Conduct vigorous testing for the migration of the Source data using (Data pump), from the old legacy database to the target database.

Associate in Oracle Database Administrator

Jelani Consulting Institute - Maryland City, MD

January 2018 to September 2020

Bachelor's Degree

Carver College - Atlanta, GA

• Migration / Tablespace (Data pump Big Data/ Trickle)

• User Management

• Database/ Table creation/ Schema

• Networking/ TCP/IP/ Listener connectivity)

• Generating AWR / ADDM Report (snap shot)

• TDE/ Security (Triple A)

• SQL (Startup, shutdown mode)

• Backup and Recovery/ RMAN/ FRA/ (Cold/ Hot)

• Data Guard/ RAC/ Postgres SQL

• MongoDB (import/ export data/cloning)



• AWS Cloud Migration/ Architecture

• Performance Tuning-troubleshooting

• Database Architecture

• Configuration of Linux

• Unix

• (OS)

• Microsoft SQL Server


• User Interface (UI)

• Scripting AWS Cloud Architect

October 2020 to October 2023

• CompTIA Security +



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