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Pharmacy, Sales

Olean, NY
November 24, 2020

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Young, Taylor N


*** **** ***** **

Olean NY, 14760


A college graduate as of December 2019 from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. I have a strong background in health and related science fields. I have a substantial background in medical record, data entry, and proficiency in Microsoft, PowerPoint, Microsoft office and Excel. I have many years of experience in sales and customer service. My current job involves problem solving and troubleshooting issues as they arise. I just finished managing a project and project team that conducted a 3 facility system wide upgrade.


December 2019 Bachelors in Biology

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 2014-2019

Alfred State University, Veterinary Science 2012-2013

Medaille College, Veterinary Science 2011-2012


Jan 2020 Present Pharmacy Analyst/Pharmacy Buyer

CompleteRx Olean General Hospital/Cuba Memorial Hospital

Pharmacy Analyst - In my role as a pharmacy analyst I solve software errors during medication pass and administration as they arise. I work with computer programs such as Meditech in order to triage issues appropriately. This role involves several reports and excel spreadsheets to organize data monthly and maintain for evaluation that is time sensitive. In this role, I have also project managed a pyxis upgrade for our medication devices in 3 hospitals. I have 340B experience and continue to learn that daily. I finished the 340B university course. Daily tasks include triaging errors such as medication overrides, working through daily reports, updating order string in the EMR to match what has been added or removed from our pyxis device to make order entry more flexible for physicians. My projects include, making the software we have easier to use and learning all the shortcuts in the programs to make workflow easier and more time efficient. I educate the pharmacy staff and other hospital personnel on the reporting and how to use medication devices appropriately. I also work closely with bigger companies to address concerns and issues that our facility may run into.

Pharmacy Buyer - In this role, I work at Cuba Memorial hospital 3 days a week and am in charge of supplying all the medications for the hospital. In Cuba I order medications for the inpatient and long term care facility. This role requires me to be up to date on shortages and be aware of price comparisons. This role also involves problem solving to offer substitutions and provide relief when shortages or back orders occur.

May 2015 Present Pharmacy Technician and Medication Reconciliation Technician

Olean General Hospital 500 Main St Olean, NY 14760

Pharmacy Technician - Make and deliver IV fluids and chemotherapy to inpatient and outpatient facilities. Triage phone calls with nurses, physicians, and outpatient health care facilities. Pick and refill oral medications to hospital floors for patient administration. Package oral medications individually for single patient use. Pick and deliver ointments for ears, eyes, throat and a variety of other liquids for patient specific needs. Be efficient at problem solving and determining an appropriate course of action for proper and excellent patient care. Understand medications and their use and storage requirements.

Medication Reconciliation Technician - Recognize the admission status of a patient while they are in the Emergency Room or in triage and interview all the patients that will be admitted into the hospital. Review their medications by calling their pharmacy and doctor's office to get a full history and medication list. Interview the patient and/or patient's family members to clarify and confirm medications. Go over medication use, dosing, instructions, and frequencies so both you and the patient are accurate in what the patient is actively taking. Talk to the patients about blood thinners in particular, recent INR's, next draw date, and last dose taken. Make clinical decisions based on comparison of medication lists if the patient is a poor historian. Communicate changes and new medications to caregivers and providers once the patient interview process is complete. Record data in the form of an intervention and document the entire interaction with the patient and their family. Adjust the medications as needed so nursing and physicians can review and decide what to continue upon the patient's admission.

May 2014-2019 Sales Associate

Allen’s Wine and Liquor 1411 West State St Olean, NY 14760

Sales Associate - Greet and assist customers as soon as they walk into the store. Educate customers on an individual basis on the wine and spirits they are looking for. Attend meetings and tastings to expand your knowledge on new wines, new bourbons, and new aging processes. Attend weekly meetings near the holidays to recommend pairings and sell our most popular products. Stock and replenish the store multiple times during your shift. Keep a neat and tidy appearance for a pleasurable shopping experience for every customer that stops in to shop. During this role I was able to use presentation skills as my boss took me along for bigger even tastings and was able to present approximately 15 wines once monthly with background and pricing for each. I also have experience in selling specific products. I would go to large events around town or remain at the store and do tastings. When I would do tastings I would present the wine that I am sampling and give a description of the background and origin of the wine, what it pairs best with, pricing, and recommendations for gift giving. This allowed me to interact with large groups of customers and get customers into the store. I loved managing tastings because it allowed me to have an obtainable goal of selling and also enjoying meeting new customers.

June 2011-July 2014 Supervisor

Rieds Food Barn 111 East Greene St Olean, NY 14760

Supervisor – Manage and be accountable for all the money in the store. Loan and distribute money to each individual cashier and service center employee. Count the store sales every night. Authorize utility bill transactions. Cash employer checks for customers that are eligible. Create advertisements and new marketing for the stores weekly sales and new products coming in. Count down each cashier’s register tray after their shift and make sure they are even with the computer programs. Be able to navigate the computer software and programs to confirm your math and totals in the safe matched with what was electronically calculated. Price verify products in the store during every shift. Triage issues that would arise with customers and/or cashiers. Be able to maintain a steady work flow with multiple staff under my supervision.

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