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Design Engineer Civil Engineering

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
October 15, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Engineer: Hazem Hassan Abbas Abd Allah.

Mosset Al-Zakah, Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt.

Phone: +02-010********.


1. Qualifications:

1.1. Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Structural Department.

(Feb. 2017 to Present).

Master of Applied Science in Structural Engineering.

GPA: 3.80 (A-).

Research Point: Pile Group Interaction at Non-Homogenous Elastic Half Space.

Research Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Youssef F. Rashed. 1.2. B.Sc. “Civil Engineering” Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University.

Graduation Year: 2014.

Graduation Project: Advanced Structural Analysis.

- Cable Stayed Bridge.

- Elevated Water Tank.

Graduation Project Grade: Excellent (140/150).

Accumulative Grade: Very Good with Honor (80.97%).

The rank: The fifteen.

2. Job and Experience:

2.1. February 2018 till Now:

Structural Design Engineer at James Cubitt & Partners Consultations-Cairo,


2.1.1. Design Services of Seven City Towers (JLT), Dubai, El-Emirates. Concrete Structure 150 Meters Height, Piled Raft Foundations, Pergolas and Concrete Deck Steel Structures.

2.1.2. Design Services K-90 Security Buildings, Al Ain City, Abu Dhabi, El-Emirates. Five Buildings Steel Structures& Concrete Structures. 2.1.3. Design Services of Jumaa Al Hamly Villa, Abu Dhabi Island, El-Emirates. 2.1.4. Re-Design Services of Maadi Twin Towers, Cairo, Egypt. 2.1.5. Two Towers on 4-Podiums-28 Stories-Piled Raft Foundations. 2.2. January 2018 till February 2018:

Structural Design Engineer at Prime Engineering Consultants,


2.2.1. Design Services of AUD Extension, Dubai, El-Emirates. 2.2.2. Design Services of La Plague2-Residential Building, Dubai, El-Emirates. 2.3. April 2017 till December 2017:

Structural Design Engineer at BCE El Behairy Consulting Engineering,

(Prof. Dr. Shaker El-Behairy).


2.3.1. Design Services of Steel Structures at City Center Almaza, Cairo, Egypt. Large Pipes Supports& MEP Supports.

2.3.2. Design Services of Steel Structures at Tycoons, Cairo, Egypt. Shed& Steel Walk Way Bridge Connecting Two Buildings. 2.3.3. Design Services of covering Area at Engineering College, Djibouti. 2.3.4. Design Services of Steel Structures, Alstom, Egypt. Steel Bridge, span = 26.0 meters. Cantilever Brackets across Cairo-Aswan Railway Line. 2.3.5. Design Services of Steel Structures (Mezzanine Floor) at GM Factory, 6 Oct-City, Giza, Egypt.

2.3.6. Design Services of Steel Walk Way Bridge, New Fourtex, Egypt. 2.3.7. Design Services of Office Building, Plot 331, New Cairo, Egypt. Concrete Structure& Steel Walk Way Bridge Connecting Two Buildings. 2.3.8. Design Services of MTI University School, El-Mokattom, Cairo, Egypt. 2.3.9. Re- Design Services of Toncy Mall Building, El-Basateen, Egypt. 2.3.10. Design Services of House building at lilayi, Zambia. 2.4. March 2016 till March 2017:

Design Engineer at ACROW Misr Company.

Designing Gentry Trusses, Different Steel Form Work Systems of Double and Single Sided Walls and Steel Scaffolding Systems.


2.4.1. Design Form work& Scaffolding Services of City Center Almaza. Cairo, Egypt. 2.4.2. Design Scaffolding Services of Ninja Scaffolding, Garda, Egypt. 2.4.3. Design Scaffolding Services of kima Aswan, Egypt. 2.4.4. Design Form work Services of Ismailia Tunnels, Ismailia, Egypt. 2.4.5. Design Form work& Scaffolding Services Studies of big Projects, Scaffolding with maximum span 30.0 meters at City Center Almaza. Tunnels of Jewel of Creek Entrance’s, Dubai, El-Emirates. Banque Centrale, Mauritanie. Aswan General Hospital, Aswan, Egypt. Circular Tank, East Port Said Industrial Area, Egypt. Smart Building& Out Patients Building (57357 Hospital), Egypt. Beni-Suef Cement Factory, Egypt.

2.5. February 2015 till February 2016:

Surveying and Site Engineer at The Egyptian Armed Forces (Military period) using Total Station device and Constructing Concrete Structures. 2.6. October 2014 till January 2015:

Structural Engineer at ECG Company Assuit branch.


2.6.1. Shop Drawing of Two Medical College Project, KSA. 3. Design Codes:

Having a very good knowledge of ACI-318, ASCE7-10, ASCE7-16, UBC97, ECP- 201, ECP-202, ECP-203 and ECP-205 Codes.

4. General Skills:

4.1. Language:

4.1.1. Arabic: Mother Tongue.

4.1.2. English: Very Good.

4.2. Professional Courses:

4.2.1. Autocad.

4.2.2. Revit Structure.

4.2.3. SAP.

4.2.4. ETABS.

4.2.5. SAFE.

4.2.6. CSI Column.

4.2.7. Prokon.

4.2.8. Hilti Software

4.2.9. Mungo Software.

4.2.10. Asd.

5. Summer Training:

5.1. Training on site investigations and construction inspections at El Madan Company, Minia City.

5.2. Marketing properties of cement types for Cemex Company at Minia City. 5.3. Site Engineer at Ashraf Abd El-Azim Company working at finishing works at The Future City.

6. Personal Information:

6.1. Nationality: Egyptian.

6.2. Birth Day: 17 August 1992.

6.3. Marital Status: Single.

6.4. Religion: Moslem.

6.5. Military Service: Finished at 01 March 2016 with good Example Evaluation. 6.6. Profession: Civil Engineering.

6.7. Phone: +02-010********.

6.8. Email:

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