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Mechanical Design Engineer

Nashville, TN
October 14, 2020

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Main-frame CADAM: **,*** hrs CADVANCE: *** hrs Main-frame CATIA-3D: 100 hrs CADPLAN: 500 hrs

Micro-CADAM: 1,000 hrs INTEGRAPH by Micro-Station: 3,000 hrs

Pro-CADAM: 1,000 hrs Mechanical Desktop 4.0 (solid modeling) by Autodesk: 400 hrs

CADRA: 3,000 hrs AUTOCAD versions 9-12 dos and 12-2002 Windows: 14,300 hrs

Date, Length

& Software Used WORK HISTORY


Feb 2000

17 mo Contract

Mech dsktp 4.0 Solid Modeling, Autocad 2000,

Gravograph engraving

Schneider Electric a division of Square D corporation, Knightdale and New Hope / Raleigh NC locations. (Designer/Drafter) Design and sheet metal development drawings intended to be manufactured using a CNC tabletop punch press for mass production of PDPs (Power Distribution Panels) and other electrical enclosures in the “Square D” product line up.

As one of only two mechanical designers in our division, I worked directly with the electrical engineers in deciding on interior component placement of 480v power supply cabinets containing large banks of DC capacitors for automated spot welders used by GM and Chrysler.

I used publishing software as well as CAD solid modeling to create assembly and instructional manuals for the first series of Modicon dedicated programmable controllers developed by Schneider Electric.

I developed CAD drawings to include groups of labels used in Power Distribution Panels that could be released for production under one part number. These CAD generated drawings also interacted directly with the in house engraving machine. This allowed the operators to bypass the cumbersome Gravograph software. Labels were inventoried as one part in an entire sheet only to be broke apart at the time of assembly. This greatly reduced the time it took to revise labeling.

Jan 1999

Called back for

12 mo Contract

Autocad 14,

CICS parts inv.

The Nordson Corporation, Duluth GA. (Designer) Was brought back to assist in releasing a new product line and to help catch up on Engineering Change Notices and Engineering Revisions needed to be done on existing hot melt units. Began working with heated glue transfer hoses and application guns in the hand held hot melt applicators. Assisted in resolving a thermodynamics of dissimilar metals issue on the cast aluminum heated reservoirs of a new product line.

Apr 1998

10 mo Contract

Autocad 13unx,

CICS parts inv.,


The Nordson Corporation, Duluth GA. (Designer) Design and engineering/manufacturing improvements to Nordson’s 3000 series multi-gun hot-melt adhesive applicators used within the packaging industry. Designs included sheet metal enclosures, bracketry and castings used to mount electrical components or PC boards, and routing of wire harnesses. Other responsibilities included checking fits against tolerance stacks, maintaining bills of material, creating detail and assembly drawings, and correcting errors within existing models. Also worked with the Electrical Department to develop system schematics and wiring diagrams for a new 480 volt series of hot-melt applicators.

Oct 1997

6 mo Contract Autocad 14,


Stinger Industries, Murfreesboro TN (Engineer) Designed sheet metal cabinetry and electronics enclosures. Created sheet metal developments, manufacturing sequences, CNC programs for LASER cutting, assembly drawings, and assembly procedures. Built prototypes, and presented them to customers.

Aug 1997

Called back for

2 mo Contract


Wright Industries, Nashville TN (Designer) Designed a screen adjustment mechanism for a non-woven web former used in the paper industry. Also modified the web former frame and plenum supports. Created assemblies, detail drawings, and updated layouts.

Oct 1995

20 mo Contract


Autocad 12win,

Autocad 13win

Sverdrup Technologies, Tullahoma TN (Designer/Drafter) Facility layouts including structural, concrete, pipe routing, P&IDs, component placement, maintenance accessibility, jib cranes, cooling towers, walkways and guardrails in government and commercial test facilities housing wind tunnels, arc heaters, or helicopter gearbox testing platforms. Created assembly and detail drawings of heat containing pressure/vacuum vessels and associated cooling jackets, wind tunnel test leg sections and test modules, test module holding bays, test module transport systems, pneumatic model and sensor supports, and structural steel multi-level testing platforms.

Sep 1995

1 mo Contract

Cadam MainFr

Clark Lift-Truck, Lexington KY (Designer) Assemblies and detailing of sheet metal body panels, fluid controls, lift carriages, hydraulic cylinder mounts, mast assemblies, hose trolley systems, and drive axle mountings for seven models of the Clark GENESIS series lift trucks.

Jul 1995

2 mo Contract


Autocad 12win

TRW inc., Rogersville TN (Design Drafter) Design of casting dies, assembly fixtures, and go/no-go gauges. Assembly and machine drawings for automotive rack-and-pinion steering units for Volkswagen, Volvo, and Chrysler Corporation.

Feb 1995

6 mo Contract Autocad 12dos

Smalley Manufacturing, Knoxville TN (Designer) Structural platforms, walkways, multi-bin hoppers, belt conveyers, and vibratory conveyors constructed of aluminum, stainless, and carbon steels used in food processing, scaling, and packaging machines.

Jan 1995

1 mo Contract

Integraph 5.0

Marathon Eng., Little Chute WI (Design Drafter) Assembly and detail drawings for a 2-piece mandrel used to imbed a woven material with a flame hardening resin and insert a pull strap. This product was then used as a lining for deteriorating city sewer pipes without excavation.

Aug 1994

Called back for

5 mo Contract.


Autocad 12win

Kimberly-Clark Corp., Roswell GA (Designer) Modifications to web former and facility upgrades to dust removal system, ducting, web path, addition of lamination units, design of pneumatic lift for nip-roll, along with rebuild and modification of cantilever lift hydraulics. Designed a roll/swing-bolt hold-down assembly to replace “De-Sta-Co” clamps, and a vacuum plenum with a tubular external support frame. Also created P&IDs for complete web forming line and various nip guards and sheet metal shrouding for drives.

Dec 1993

9 mo Contract

Integraph 5.0


Surface grinder,


Portamag devices

Wright Industries, Nashville TN (Designer) Tabletop automated assembly equipment for the Molex Corporation and TRW Incorporated. Designs used belt type drive lines, pneumatic actuators, vacuum discharges, cam boxes, walking beams, “FlexLink” and rubber band conveyors, pick-n-place units, vibratory bins, and aluminum extrusion type guarding framework. Final 3-months of the contract was hands-on assembly, retro fits, and test runs of machines. Performed on sight design, build, and installations of guarding, doors, lockouts, bracketry for proximity switches and photo-eyes, and camera mounts including light filtering enclosures. Worked directly with controls and programming personnel.

Jul 1991

2 yr Contract

Cadam MainFrame

Kimberly-Clark Corp., Corporate Offices in Neenah WI (Designer) Process development in New Products Division. Floor plans, and building structural drawings. Designed mezzanine, sound enclosures, guarding, and various modular procedures. Was responsible for product line web control, positioning of “Mount Hope” rolls, and “Fife” guide mounting. Developed new designs and modifications to, vacuum conveyors, rolls, unwinds, automatic splicers, laminators, chill assemblies, glue applicators, process modules and receptacle frames, line-shaft and off-line drive systems, ventilation, and ducting.

Upon completion of full scale assembly and detail drawings for a new concept design of diaper machine modules and receptacles, I designed a 1/8 scale replica of the modules which were used to train Mill-Right personnel and acquaint other design groups with the intended use and functional capabilities of the new cantilever style modules. This included creating illustrations to be used in presentations and design meetings.

Nov 1990

5 mo Direct


Cadam Main Frame,

3D Catia Main Frame,

Autocad 10dos

Northern Technical Services (In-House Engineering Staff), Green Bay WI

Project Coordinator - Client contact, project assessment, time/cost estimate, conveyed technical data to engineering staff, presented completed job packet to customer, and assisted with transferring material to their main frame computer systems.

Drawing/Design Checker - Checking of above mentioned project consisting of mechanical assemblies and detail drawings, electrical schematics, and material bills.

Detail Drafter - Redraws, modifications, and updates to detail and assembly drawings for Renard Machine Company, Giddings & Lewis Corporation, Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC inc.), and the Procter & Gamble Corporation.

Nov 1988

3 mo contract

21 mo Direct

Cadam Main Frame,

3D Catia Main Frame

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC inc.), Green Bay WI

Component Assembly Drafter and Checker - Created and compiled drawing packets and parts lists used by assembly personnel and customers to aid in machine shipping, set-up, and ordering of replacement parts. The machines I was assigned to included: multi-color flexographic printing presses, facial tissue lines (unwinds, folders, saws), paper interfolders, core winders and cutoffs, festoon log accumulators, log saws and associated conveyers, as well as log saw trim eliminators and/or lane diverters.

Detail Drafter - Detailed from and updated layouts, did light design, generated floor plans, and proposal drawings. Participated in revisions to company gear standards along with the development of a computer generated bill of material. Trained other detailers in company standards and procedures for drawing and checking designs of roller and barrel cams. Was responsible for daily assignment of computer terminals within the engineering departments. Filled in for the CAD clerk during hunting season and cleaned printers at the end of each day.

Sep 1988

1 mo contract drafting Board

TEC Systems inc., Green Bay WI (Layout Drafter) Floor plan and structural frames for industrial dryer systems used in the printing industry.


Furnished upon request


2-year Associate Degree in Mechanical Design from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. 4.0 GPA, peer counselor, program ambassador to area High Schools, tutor. Was later offered instructor’s position in the C.A.D. lab.

Elective courses; pipe drafting, electrical drafting, machining, programming.

Jul 1984

1 yr

J & L Transport, Almond WI - Lead driver for team operation of 48’ refrigerated tractor trailer in charge of loading and routing. Traveled U.S. and Canada, Toronto to Texas and all points west.

Mar 1984

4 mo

United Van Lines (Ande Systems), Ashwaubenon WI - Transport of household furnishings and hospital equipment between Chicago and New York City.

Feb 1981

3 yr

Zablocki Stables, Mill Center WI - Foreman for a 2,500 acre cash crop farm and 150 stall boarding stables. Maintained and managed farm machinery and stable’s equipment. In charge of hiring seasonal employees.

Aug 1980

3 yr

I. Bahcall Steel & Supply, Green Bay WI - Rotation specialists. Able to perform all warehousing and fabrication tasks. Double trolley 10 ton overhead cranes, CNC saws, boom cranes, shear, pipe threading, truck loading, pulling and bundling of 20’ and 40’ stock. Well versed in machining characteristics of structural steel, sheet metal, plate steel, round stock, and formed metals of all types and grades.

May 1980

3 mo

Bay Rail And Spike, Ashwaubenon WI - Forge and furnace operator in the production of railroad spikes.

Sep 1977

2 yr

Tectron Tube Corporation, Green Bay WI - Forklift operator, coil loader, bundler, and changeover crew in the production of welded seam steel, aluminized, and commercial bright tubing.

Sep 1976

1 yr

Brown County Sports Arena, Green Bay WI - Set-up crew, forklift operator.

Jun 1976

3 mo

National Railroad Museum, Ashwaubenon WI - Restoration of trains and general maintenance.

Mar 1976

3 mo

University Meats And Cold Storage, Green Bay WI - Worked on the meat cutting line as a deboner of ribs.

Dec 1975

3 mo

Jerald Tauscher Dairy Farm, Oneida WI - Feeding, barn cleaning, constructing wooden hay racks for sale on the wholesale market.

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