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Engineer Civil Engineering

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
7000 AED
October 15, 2020

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Nationality: Pakistani

Date of Birth: 4th September 1983

Specialization: Quality Control & Construction Supervision of Civil Infrastructure & Building Structure Works with Having- 16 Years Experience

Current Position: Civil Site Inspector (Construction Supervision and Quality control )

Marital Status: Married

Visa Statue: UAE Employment visa, abu dhabi

Driving License: Valid UAE Driving LICENSE

Client Approvals: Musanada Approved Civil Road Inspector, ADMA Approved, Reem Developers, Ministry of Interior (PTS consulting& Specialist Engineering consulting)


Dedicated Occupational Civil Engineering Professional with up to 16 years of Experience in construction of Villas /high rise Constructions with Building works, Civil infrastructure works, Airport construction, Road & highways, Underground Utilities, Sewer & Storm water drainage. offshore/marine, sea break water break jetty, Project execution works related to quality control (QA/QC works and Documentation process), construction material testing of soil, rock, Bituminous Asphalt and Concrete works according to international quality standards.

I would like to work in a Multicultural busy professional environment with a challenging role to ensure successful delivery of project within Time, Quality, Cost, Health and Safety Environment (QHSE).



From Board of Technical Education, Peshawar (Pakistan) Year 2004

Attested by UAE MOFA



Windows Operating systems, Windows 7and 8

Internet Browsing, Emails and troubleshooting.

Strong Writing Power and Making Technical Reports

Health and Safety Training of Hazard Protection and First Aid (ArchirodonConstruction)

Fluent in English (Speaking and writing), Urdu/Hindi (native) and Arabic Basic working.

Job History:


QA/QCINSPECTOR@ARCHIRODON CONSTRUCTION OVERSEAS CO.SA (from 1st Oct 2013 to 27th Jan 2015) Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

QA/QC INSPECTOR @ CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY PAKISTAN (from 21thMay 2012 to 13th Sep2013) Pakistan




SITE ENGINEER CIVIL @ BAHRIA TOWN PVT LTD (FROM 28th July 2007 to 23rd April 2008)

SITE SUPERVISOR @ WORKS AND SERVICES DEPT (B &R) (FROM 5th April 2004 to 20th July2007

Job Details:

From 20thMarch 2016 till Date

Projects : Various Residential villas, Mosque,3B+G+37 residentail towers and Associated Infrastructure works along with Quality Control and Assurance at Abu Dhabi .

Employer : Unii Design Engineering Consultancy, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Clients : Private Local Clients, Reem Developers, MOI, PTS consulting, Specialist Engineering Consulting.

Responsibilities include,

Monitoring all Civil Engineering and QA/QC aspects of the Project to ensure compliance with approved Drawing, Design and Project Specification.

Performing daily inspection of Structural works and Quality control works of checking Reinforcement Details, Shutter followed by pre and post concrete works of different elements.

Daily Inspection of internal Road works like checking of Formation, Backfilling, Sub grade, Granular Sub-base, Crushed Aggregate and Asphalt works (Base, binder and Wearing course). Witnessing the taking of Samples for Quality control testing.

Witnessing the Concrete pours, checking Concrete delivery notes and further on-site testing like, Slump test, concrete temperature, ambient temperature & Casting of Concrete cubes as per project Specs and ITP.

Witnessing of Asphalt Laying, checking of Asphalt temperature, thickness and laying quality as per project Specification.

Assisting the Assistant Resident Engineer to provide support and guidance as required related to the daily site activities.

Liaising with the Structural Engineer to highlight any issues which may affect the stability or function of any structural/civil components.

Inspection of works relative to the project and Coordination with the Contractor’s QA/QC Personnel and auditing their QC/QC related record and registers.

Maintaining full site records, Daily progress dairy of work, Equipment and Manpower Details and formal monthly progress photographs.

Maintaining QA/QC registers of all Material Testing, both on site and off site.

Issuing of SORs (Site observation Reports) and NCR (gradually) if the work is not conforming in line with Approved Method Statement, Approved Dwgs and Project Specification.

Monitoring HSE Issues on site and raising Near Miss reports if any (to Project HSE Team)

From 1stOctober 2013 to 27 January 2015

Project : SARB Zirku Island Project- Package 1 (Early Site Preparation, Seawater intake (Abu Dhabi)

Employer : Archirodon Construction Overseas, S.A(UAE)

Client : ADMA OPCO (Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company)

Designation : QA /QC Inspector Civil

Responsibilities include,

• Quality Supervision of Sea breakwater and Construction of jetty with seawater Intake and Bulk

Earthwork Filling as early Site Preparation at SARB Zirku Island Where my Responsibilities

includes to Follow and implement of Quality management System ISO 9001:2008 for the

organization at ongoing project to achieve the work quality better with in Quality, Cost and

Project time frame.

• Attending daily WIR/NRI with consultants Engineer for daily construction activities at precast,

Laboratory and at site (Onshore/Offshore) as per ITP (Inspection and Testing Plan) and Approved

IFC Shop Drawings and Materials Inspection Requests (MIR).

• Keeping and updating of Records/Registers for construction progress and Quality documentation

(RFI/NRI, MIR, NCR, Site Memos, MRR (Material Receiving reports) and Material Testing reports

registers in Excel Format at Company live link (EDMS) on daily basis as per ISO Standards.

• Quality Inspecting and verifying the construction activities for Earth works of the current

package 1, checking the Martial Sources for approval, checking the Suitability of different classes

of soil from various barrow pits, Rock from Quarries (Steven Rocks RAK), performing and cross

checking the Material Sampling and Testing in Site Lab with Third party. Lab testing on daily

basis of (Soil, Rock and Different Concrete testing) inspecting the Precast Structures like (Quay

wall Blocks, Accropods Blocks, Capping blocks and drainage structures) at Site area. Checking

Transition layers, Capillary layer Quarry Run Material and Rock with Accropodes Blocks Placing

at offshore Designed area to ensure appropriate construction works as per design drawings and

project Specification.

• Issuing NCR if there is any nonconformance of works as per Specification/Design/Construction


From 21thMay 2012 to 13th Sep2013

Project : New Benazir Bhutto International Airport project Islamabad.

Employer : Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan.CAA (CLIENT)

Designation : QA/QC Inspector Civil(Airside/Landside)

Responsibilities include,

•Checking the construction activities for 2 numbers of runways ( Main and Secondary), Rapid Taxiways, Aprons, Main access roads (Earth works,, Concrete works (PMB Asphalt works e.g. PMB Base Course, PMB binder course and wearing course), and RCC Structure works, Box culverts, Pipe drains, Main holes, Storm Water drainage Systems. Super checking the project consultants and Contractors to achieve the best quality & progress. verifying all Materials (Soil, Aggregate, Concrete,PQC and PMB Asphalt ) according to International Quality Standards (AASHTO,ASTM,BS)and as per project specification in Lab with the Coordination of Martial Engineer and Preparing daily Quality progress report of different packages and submitting it to Manager QC.

From 14th May 2011 to 20 April2012

Project: New Benazir Bhutto International Airport project. Islamabad

Employer: The Louis Berger Group INC(PMC)

Client: Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA)

Designation: Site Inspector (PTB) Passenger Terminal building

Package3: Passenger Terminal Building and Utilities works

Responsibilities include,

•Inspection of all the construction activities for Passenger Terminal Building and Utilities Civil and Quality Control purposes like Piling/Load Testing, Pile caps and then back filling, Wet utilities, Hydrant fueling system, Fire water lines, Chilled and Portable water pipe lines, Fuel Chambers and Storm water Drains and Culverts Construction work as per drawing, Design, Approved Shop Drawings and Project Specification’s. Coordination with QA/QC Engineer and Site Engineer of Contractor to inspect the RFI/IR of different Site construction activities on daily basis as per ITP and Approved Shop Drawings to ensure the quality of works.

Checking the Drawings and Monitoring of Construction material s like Portland cements, Admixtures and different classes of Concretes, Fresh and Hardened Concrete testing like Slump test, Cube crushing according to project specification at site in extreme weather.

Checking the Steel/ Rebars and Shuttering/Scaffolding for cast in situ walls/piers gates and RCC Foundations (Sub structures and superstructures) as per approved IFC Shop drawings and project specifications. Monitoring daily Site HSE Activities to maintain Hazard/Accident free works environment at project report and submitting to it Resident Engineer.

From 22ndJune 2008 3rd May 2011

Designation : Site Engineer (Roads)

Employer : Husnain Cotex Pvt Ltd Co.

Client : National Highway Authority (NHA) Pakistan

Project : Indus Highway (N55) Construction Project. (76 km inLength)

Responsibilities include,

•Construction supervision for Earth work Formations, Embankments, Subgrade, Granular Sub-Base, Crushed Aggregate Bas Course wet mix laying and compaction at site. Monitoring field Material Testing for Field Density Test (FDT) and Asphalt Material Sampling, Concrete Slump Testing with the coordination of Material Laboratory Technician. Supervision for RCC Concrete structural works like Slab culverts, Box culverts Construction supervision of double & single pipe culverts according to Design and drawings and Project Specification. Preparation of, at Site according to Design Levels and IFC Drawings Preparation and Supervision of Flexible Pavements works of Asphalt Base Course, Asphalt Binder Course (PMB- Polymer Modified Bitumen) and (PMB)Asphalt Wearing Course as per Design and Project Specification.

From 24th April 2008 to 20th Aug2008

Project : Construction of Conventional and Cultural Complex at Shakarparian Islamabad. Pakistan

Employer : Builders Associates (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan

Designation : Site Engineer CIVIL

Responsibilities includes

Checking and verifying all the Project work of building works according to drawing, Design and Project Specifications. Inspecting the construction activities, e. g (Raft Foundations, Brick Masonry, Hollow Block Masonry, Cement Sand Mortar and all Classes of Concretes and their Compressive Strengths. Strictly checking of Mild steel reinforcement and Reinforced cement concrete. Checking and Preparing all the measurements and quantities of work done at site and preparing the monthly bills.

•From 28th July 2007 to 23rd April 2008

Project : Bahria Town Safari Villas, Phase iii

Employer : Bahria Town PVT LTD. Islamabad, Pakistan Designation : Site Engineer

Responsibilities include,

•Checking and verifying all the building works of Housing schemes according to drawings, and Project specification. Quality checking of mild steel reinforcement and Reinforced cement concrete as per approved shop drawings and Project Specifications.

•Monitoring high quality finishing work of PC Plaster, Painting, Marble & Mosaic flooring, Dado Skirting, Glazed tiles, Tuff Tiles, Edging stones Skirting’) to achieve high quality of works as per customer satisfaction. Assisting the Project Manager to Check and Assure the Project Quality control and preparing the Monthly Billing Reports (BOQ).

From 5th April 2004 to 20th July 2007

Project : Health and Education Sector, D. I .khan Region. Pakistan

Employer : Works and Services Department (Building and Roads) D.i.khan. Designation : Site Supervisor


•Supervising all the building works according to approved Shop drawings and Specifications.

•Inspecting the construction activities e. g (Raft Foundations, Brick Masonry, Cement Sand Mortar, mild steel reinforcement and Reinforced cement concrete).Checking quality of works and implementation at site on daily basis, Making equipment and labor reports and submitting it to Section Engineer.

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