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Data Sales

Sunnyvale, CA
October 14, 2020

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San Francisco Bay Area, California Ph: 669-***-**** LinkedIn Github EDUCATION:

(Master of Science in Business Analytics) Golden Gate University, San Francisco (GPA: 3.9) August 2020

(Master of Business Administration) Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, India (GPA: 3.2) April 2013

(Bachelor of Business Management) Andhra University, India(GPA: 3.72) March 2010 PUBLICATIONS:

Vinit Singh, Pooja Agrawal, Varsha Gupta, Amulya Prakash, Doantrang T.Du, Epidemiological and Survival Analysis of Primary Intestinal Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients from SEER Database, 62nd American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition, December 2020 (Accepted)

• Extracted data from SEER 21 Database for EN-NHL and Intestinal NHL.

• Performed Survival Analysis using cox-proportional hazard regression model. SKILLS:

Languages: SQL, Python, R, HiveQL, Big Query

Tools: Seer Database, Google Analytics, Tableau, SPSS, MicroStrategy, Jupyter, PyCharm, RStudio, Gephi, SAS VA Statistical Analytics: Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA Analysis, Data Visualization, Correlation, Multivariate Testing, Logistic Regression Analysis, NLP and A/B testing.


Golden Gate University, San Francisco May 2020- Aug 2020 Data Analytics Intern

• Used Google Analytics API to extract site navigation data of 200k visitors and create custom behavioral report using python

• Analyzed enrollment flow and conversion from site traffic

• Created networking visualizations for user behavior using Gephi. Is It Yellow, Bengaluru, India

Business Analytics Executive 2015-2018

• Conceived, researched, and successfully implemented this internet company that specialized in bespoke accessories.

• Integrated tools like SAS VA and SPSS Modeler etc. for data driven decision making. Developed an understanding of customer behavior, demographics, and lifecycle through gathered data.

• Designed and built statistical analysis models on large data sets that helped increase online sales (up to 15% per product) and lowered cart-abandonment rate by 23%.

APMAS, Hyderabad, India

Data Research Analyst 2013-2015

• Worked on various projects pertaining to credit risk prediction using Python and MS Excel.

• Used Logistic Regression and Random Forests to improve default detection by 5% using credit payment record and other socio-demographic data.

• Created visually impactful dashboards in Tableau for data reporting. ACC Limited, India

Business Analytics Intern 2009-2010

• Conducted a company-wide study of 2k employees to understand and improve the performance appraisal method.

• Analyzed KPI trends to assist management in its understanding of results and recommended performance improvement. PROJECTS:

Bankruptcy Prediction of Poland Companies

• Used python libraries like numpy, matplotlib, sklearn and panda for analyzing and exploring the data.

• Used tree classifier method for feature selection and t-test.

• Identified the key factors which can be used to predict bankruptcy and built a prediction model using OLS and Logistic Regression.

Analysis on Toy Sales Dataset

• Created a forecast for sales using winters method and simulated different marketing spends using scenario analysis.

• Used predictive model (decision tree) to understand factors impacting customer satisfaction and verify their characteristics.

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