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Electrical Engineer Power

Dammam, Eastern, Saudi Arabia
October 12, 2020

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Shakeel Asghar +966-**-***-**** +966-**-***-****

Shakeel Asghar

Electrical Engineer

Member of Pakistan Engineering Council

Member of Saudi Council of Engineers

Member of PMI

Mobile : +966-**-***-**** / +966-**-***-****

Email :

Address : Khobar, Saudi Arabia

LinkedIn : Technical & Personal Skills

Power system analysis

Protection relay coordination

Technical report writing

Electrical concept and preparation of


Numerical skills

Leadership skills


Goal driven

Problem solver


Creative thinking

Communication skills

Project management

Enthusiasm for learning

Career Highlights

• Working in electricity and construction industry for the past fifteen years and carried out several EPC and power systems analysis projects. I have been extensively involved in assisting and leading the design and delivery of power systems related engineering projects delivering solutions across a variety of different client requirements in power and industrial sectors.

• Lead the planning, execution, monitoring & controlling and closing of electrical distribution systems related work for heavy industrial park’s infra-structure project of 2nd Industrial City in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. I have earned appreciation from client

“Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu” for providing excellent leadership and services at the project.

• During FEED, lead the design of electrical power system for the GCC’s first and MENA’s largest Soda Ash & Calcium Chloride manufacturing complex in Ras Al-Khair Industrial City of Saudi Arabia.

• Worked on PSS SINCAL, ETAP, DIgSILENT PowerFactory and SIGRADE for distribution system load flow, short circuit, motor stability, ArcFlash studies and protection relay coordination studies of three phase and single-phase systems on several projects. Employer:

Khair Inorganic Chemical Industries Co.

(InoChem) – Saudi Arabia


Soda Ash Calcium Chloride Mfg. Complex

Duration & Role

Aug 2016 – July 2020

Senior Electrical Project Engineer

400+ Employees

Responsibilities & Achievements

• Performed power system studies which includes Load flow, Fault currents, ArcFlash and Motor start-up studies for power system stability analysis and network planning at 115kV, 6.3kV and 400V network levels.

• Achieved saving of 4.1 million USD in capital cost of electrical work package during FEED by optimizing the electrical system scheme and saving of 1.8MW power (4.6%) which leads to additional 0.8 million USD annual operational saving.

• Supported project team in obtaining power generation license from Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) and allocation of electrical power from National Grid (NG) for manufacturing complex.

• Concluded the finished products’ guaranteed specifications NaCO3 and CaCl2 with the licensor and technology provider.

• Established the scope of work for Integrated Management System (IMS) & Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for manufacturing complex.

• Established the organizational structure for Project Start-up and O&M dept. Page 2 of 2

Shakeel Asghar +966-**-***-**** +966-**-***-**** Employer:

Mohammed Ali Al-Swailem Co.

(MASCO Group) – Saudi Arabia


Construction of Industrial Infra-Structure

for Royal Commission of Yanbu & Jubail

Duration & Role:

Mar 2015 – Jul 2016

Authorized Representative

Jun 2008 – Feb 2015

Project Electrical Engineer

3000+ Employees

Responsibilities & Achievements

• Completed EPC project handing over and close out requirement, managed one-year warranty period and completed site demobilization.

• Completed electrical works in all stages of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and startup. Electrical works includes installation of distribution transformers, MV/LV cables, MV GIS switchgears, Motors, LV switchgear, LV switch- racks and road lighting, facility lighting, grounding, lightning protection, fire detection and alarm system.

• Performed power system studies including Load flow, Short circuit and Protection relay coordination studies for distribution network at 13.8kV and 400V. Employer: Saudi Oger Limited

Project: Construction of Office Park

Khafji Joint Operations (ARAMCO)

Nov 2006 – Apr 2008

Electrical Engineer

Responsibilities & Achievements

• Prepared electrical construction drawings & technical submittals and secured approvals from consultant for high current & low current systems, interior decorative lighting and materials for ARAMCO head office building. Employer: SIEMENS Pakistan

Department: Power Transmission &

Distribution Services

Oct 2005 to Oct 2006

Electrical Engineer

Key Projects

• Vestas - Modelling of 50MW wind farm at Gharo as turnkey EPC project.

• P&G Pakistan - Power system studies to improve the existing electrical network.

• GA Textile - Power system studies to improve the existing electrical network. Employer: Associated Technical

Consultants (ATCONS) - Pakistan

Consultancy Services in Electrical Power


Jul 2004 to Sep 2005

Design Electrical Engineer

Key Projects

• Bhanero, Blessed & Hussain Textiles Mills – Design of MV/LV distribution network for Weaving & Spinning Unit.

• Mehran University – Electrification layout development of central library.

• Olympia Chemicals – Design of cooling tower motor control centers.

• Gul Ahmed textiles – Power factor improvement for existing electrical network. Professional Engineering Tools


• Siemens Sigrade

• DIgSILENT PowerFactory

• ETAP Power Station

• AutoCAD

Professional Qualification


• Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi Pakistan. References

References are available on request.


Subjecc Service Certificate

This is to certify that Mr. Shakeel fughar Ali Asghar Mujahid, Pakistani National, holding residence permit number (2257792.479) worked with us as capaciry of

"Senior Project Engineer -Electrical" from "01-08-2016" till"31-07-2020". He bears good conduct and behavior, and cooperative to colleagues. We wish him best of luck for his future endeavors.



JJ-e rJtlgl o=!{

I I,JsJl Qlal

i n ti.5;.ri,

Khair lnorganic Chemical Industries Co.

2020-07-31 : g*;tJl

To Whom lt May Concern

4".6 6rk-a: L_l+sll

.is.,rb -;-ci )a--1 1 /

Jt,Sl Ot+ p<.l+o-, t.r6

225-***-****) eJ n+la. +_-*

;1 _l a,, *i-"Jl' jtj*,lsli"

JL$XI - Jsl

Ls>;" cy.r-<r'

" e;*l:-9, t+J &os J-6,

-07-31" gtl: 6- "2016- 08-01" gtL cr.

" a{JLJ6Jl

.a:)Lj tA

ir:L- j,,bl Jlj ;J4-"Jl p>OKl. ","2O2O

.'t "!')l1rr-* aJ,5i"*.

This certificate has been issued upon his request and now nothing left claimable between both parties.



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!ol5U€qit-o g:qru

Jl;l Uqlo li'. rJb U::ipri

Closed.Joint Stock Company Paid up capital SR 800 Mlllion Id0o o.i:gs rrroa-o[x{ q5!, il q tonll g 0l L?tlJ pI qt'JI lE,hI I uqn cr5plr



.J[,t ryb a.{.6i..r,,r e}A

Mohammed A. Al Swailem Company

Joint Stock Company Capital S.R. 550.000.000


May, 25th 2015

r-480 l -0 I 080-05-0-202


Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu

Directorate General for Royal Commission atYanbu

P.O. Box 30013, MYAS

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Subject: CONTRACT NO. PIC A-1093A,


Dear Sir,

Whereas, Mohammed Ali ALswailem Company (MASCO), is registered under Commercial Registration No. 101******* dated 04lOBl1404H was awarded a Project Contract by Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, contract title: PIC A-1093A Construction of Roads, Utilities & Materials Transporting Corridors in Yanbu 2, Phase 1. Whereas, the company hereby appoint Engr. Shakeel Asghar as our Authorized Representative to execute all related matters pertaining to the closing of the subject contract as follows: Sign all related documents and correspondence relating to the closing of the contract. Sign final invoice on behalf of the company.

Represent the company in all meetings that needs the company's representation with Royal Commission as required,

This authorization is signed by the fully authorized representative on behalf of the company in accordance with Articles of lncorporation/Resolution of the Board, who has the right to pass such authority to the individual whose name is approved. This authorization is irrevocable without the prior written notice of the Royal Commission.

ln witness whereof, this authorization has been executed$PI r- 1.



Abdurrahman A1- Swailem


Head Office - Riyadh P.O.Box 26250 Code 11480 - CC. 28890 C.R 10'1 0054406Te . +966-********* Fax. +966**-*****-**

\lasco-l Io-3 28-.{RS

. LJr. JIFfu- IItAliJJl Y1to. !1ua-u-qrJ -.,4d{,rjl.t4JA1




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For Trad & Contaci

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