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Lithia Springs, GA
October 10, 2020

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Joanne **** Curtis Sandpoint Place Taylor, Lithia Springs, C.GA P.30122 A., (804) M.306-P.5761 A Page 1 of 4

Professional Profile

Experienced executive with thirty-four years in state government, with a proven track record in auditing, fraud investigations, financial accounting and fiscal management, compliance, governance, strategic planning, risk management and internal controls; technology upgrades and implementation. Building collaborative relationships to create sustainable business improvements, problem resolution, and workforce development. Strong sense of integrity, ethics and accountability.

Qualifications Summary

Internal/External Auditing Financial Accounting and Reporting Fiscal Operations Technology/Applications Fraud, Waste and Abuse Investigations Federal and Regulatory Compliance/Enterprise Risk Management Governance, Risk, Compliance Framework Staff Development/Leadership Process Improvement

• Creation and management of internal audit department

• Financial statement preparation, account analysis and audit of the most complex entities

• Audit compliance with state and federal statutes, including financial statements, grants and contracts, security controls, interpretation, application and practicality. Examine financial transactions and records and attest to conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and reporting requirements as mandated by the AICPA, GASB, FASB, USDOE, and other legislative bodies. Attest to financial reporting, internal controls, and compliance

• Redesigned accounting structure to conform to State Council of Higher Education Chart of Accounts for Higher Education, Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Audit Guide for Colleges and Universities, NACUBO, and State Government requirements

• Authorize accounting entries and adjustments to financial transactions

• Perform reviews and report on quality control of CPA work papers and audit reports on counties, cities, and towns for adherence to standards

• Coordinate, prepare and make presentations to Board of Visitors and employees on audit results, enterprise-wide risk management, college and university accounting, fraud awareness, managing strategic risks, preserving academic integrity

• Prepare and present workshop materials budget development, grants and contracts management, and federal indirect cost concepts

• Interpret, recommend and develop policies and procedures relative to business processes, accounting procedures and reporting, new industry developments and compliance

• Redesign and maintain chart of accounts for accrual accounting system to facilitate fiscal accountability, reporting, and adaptation to new and complex accounting standards

• Provide oversight, development, management, and conduct fraud, waste and abuse investigations

• Direct and coordinate resources to develop plans to successfully meet higher education management standards for financial statement preparation to receive an unqualified/modified audit opinion on financial statements

• Coordinate, formulate and implement strategic plans and policies to improve business processes with emphasis on effective outcomes and producing accomplishments toward new programs and strengthened controls, assessment and evaluation of institutional effectiveness of fiscal programs and operations, direct and coordinate work groups and committees

• Develop and propose organization-wide and departmental cost savings measures to achieve effective outcomes and efficiencies

• Design of information security programs, perform reviews of and evaluate security access

• Lead efforts and participate in the implementation of Financial Records System (FRS) Plus accounting system, Traffic system, web-based online payments, and software interfaces

• Evaluate and authorize changes to FRS data base definitions

• Knowledge of mainframe systems, table maintenance and security requirements, account creates, data

Joanne 7986 Curtis Sandpoint Place Taylor, Lithia Springs, C.GA P.30122 A., (804) M.306-P.5761 A Page 2 of 4

• Cloud-based computing and third party contracts, to include Microsoft Office Suite

• Utilize various team building concepts to direct a diverse cadre of senior managers and staff. Coach and encourage employees' participation in decisions and strategic planning. Foster professional development and create recognition awards for employees

• Train and supervise all levels of staff. Develop position descriptions and performance plans to effectively integrate performance measurement and management. Ensure employees understand responsibilities and relationship to organizational goals Professional Experience and Work History

January 16, 2018-June 30, 2018 (Workforce Reduction): 40-50 hrs. per week Director of Internal Audit, Atlanta Metropolitan State College Report directly to President of the College and University System of GA Vice Chancellor/Chief Audit Officer. Manage and oversight of internal audit department. Responsible for providing independent and objective assurance and advisory services in order to add value and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. January 25, 2006- Retirement June 30, 2017): 40-60 hrs. per week Chief Audit Executive, Virginia State University

Report directly to the Board of Visitors and to the Facilities, Finance and Audit Committee of the Board and administratively to the President of the University. . Manage and oversight of internal audit department. Responsible for the supervision and professional development the internal audit team. Designed an internal audit team to function in compliance with the Institute of Internal Auditing International Professional Practices Framework; build collaborative relationships to provide auditing, advisory, and investigative services at the University and on behalf of Commonwealth’s Office of the State Inspector General, Auditor of Public Accounts, and Virginia Information Technologies Agency. Serve on President’s Executive Leadership Team and other committees in an advisory capacity. Explore, analyze and implement partnerships to enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight; serve as a catalyst for opportunities for continuous improvement toward strategic initiatives of the institution.

November 25, 2003-January 24, 2006

Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance, Virginia State University Responsible for the oversight and implementation of effective planning and policies for, and operation of six major departments of the University, comprised of approximately 150 employees and a $10 million budget. Ensuring the effective and efficient operation of facilities, capital outlay, administrative support services, financial accounting and reporting needs, telecommunications and new program support services, controller operations, and conference services; ensuring the service delivery and performance of architecture and construction contractors, and for corporations contracted for major outsourced facilities management and transportation responsibilities; ensuring accurate and timely recording of transactions, compliance, and reporting and analysis of financial information.

• Organize and direct senior managers in the areas of Facilities Management, Capital Outlay Engineering and Construction, Administrative Support Services, Telecommunications and New Program Support, Conference Services, and Controller Operations

• Oversight and accountability for unified systems of internal controls that promote and ensure compliance with Commonwealth Management Standards, Bureau of Capital Outlay Management, state central agencies, federal grants and contracts, national accounting and reporting pronouncements and policies, and investment and endowment requirements and transactions, using goals, measurement methods and adaptation of industry best practices and structured reporting techniques, to include the University’s annual financial statements, central agency reporting and other reports for executive management team and board members

• Formulate, recommend and interpret administrative policies relating to Facilities Management and University Support Services and Controller Operations, while ensuring full compliance with State laws Joanne V. Curtis Taylor, C.P.A., M.P.A.

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and administrative regulations regarding areas to include, but not be limited to, internal controls and accounting operations, capital outlay procurement and management, maintenance reserve project management, fixed assets record keeping, records retention, and environmental and safety laws, while also ensuring compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations, especially those relating to postal management and processing, and the maintenance of records kept in association with federal grants and contracts

• Direct and facilitate the establishment, effective implementation, and annual evaluation and modification of the University’s Facilities Master Plan, Facilities Maintenance and Deferred Maintenance Plans and associated policies, procedures, systems and evaluation methods to reach achievement of institutional goals and objectives related to Facilities

• Oversight of implementation for suite of SCT Banner Systems for financial accounting and reporting, student billing and receivables, and systems for telecommunications services, One Card, traffic, Sallie Mae web payments, facilities work orders; fiscal accountability of transactions in a suite of Commonwealth systems of accounting, payroll and fixed asset systems recording approximately $96 million of operating expenditures and revenues, including $36 million for payroll transactions; managing a $134 million inventory of physical and capital assets

• Oversight of capital outlay program of procurement and construction facilities, composed of a $56 million appropriation and associated long-term debt management for capital renovations approximating $17 million

• Foster, on a consistent basis, effective communications between deans, directors and other administrators regarding program planning, project progress and the resolution of transactions and service concerns relating to areas such as, but not limited to, maintenance of critical support equipment, and construction and renovation projects

• Coordinate the preparation of annual business plans for internal service operations and participate with the Budget Office on the Technical Development and Advisory Committee. Develop and implement long-term strategies and business plans for internal service operations to ensure functions are self-sustaining, and assist in the establishment of fees

• Develop strategic initiatives to improve services and produce cost savings

• Coordinate and lead the University’s response to central agency financial and facilities requirements and to executive officials of the University

• Serve as Vice Chair of the University Facilities Planning and Space Allocation Committee

• Act in the absence of Vice President for Administration and Finance under delegated authority guidelines. During June 2004-August 2004, served in an interim capacity as Vice President for Administration and Finance with oversight of Budget, Purchasing, and Administration. February 25, 1999 – November 24, 2003

Controller, Virginia State University

July 1998-February 1999

Acting Controller, Virginia State University

February 1, 1994-July 1998

Assistant Controller, Virginia State University

Responsible for management and stewardship of fiscal and programmatic operations for financial management and reporting, treasury and cash management functions, general accounting, payroll, invoice processing and accounts payable, student accounts and collections, grants and contracts, including control and system integrity of University accounting systems, comprised of approximately 40 employees and a $2 million operating budget.

• Implement and assess the functionality of the reorganization for the Controller’s Department. Identify internal controls, recommend and develop enhancements. Identify and lead departmental initiatives to facilitate Commonwealth Management Standards

• Develop performance plans and evaluate performance. Assignment and organization of staff activities to ensure goals and objectives of the department and the university are met within designated time frames. Identify training requirements, review staff assignments, and establish measurable performance standards. Promote framework for accountability, empowerment and succession planning Joanne 7986 Curtis Sandpoint Place Taylor, Lithia Springs, C.GA P.30122 A., (804) M.306-P.5761 A Page 4 of 4

• Identify workforce concerns, analyze problems and develop solutions. Define and develop information system solutions to user needs. Coordinate resources and work groups to facilitate effective outcomes.

• Manage and control operating budget and related resources. Develop financial plans and identify resources. Create effective initiatives and solutions to accommodate budgetary reductions

• Coordinate and interact with administration and finance directors regarding budgetary and fiscal operations. Interact with university administrators to facilitate programs and operating performance in concert with financial accounting, student services, systems development and fiscal integrity. Formulate, recommend and interpret fiscal policies

• Direct the preparation of financial and management reports for senior management and board members

• Solicit procurement for sole source and competitive contracts. Monitor contractual performance

• Respond to audit reports and inquiries. Respond to account manager and vendor inquiries

• Participate and provide management oversight and direction for the fiscal operations of the registration process and customer satisfaction

• Serve as Primary Representative for Fiscal Officers for Colleges, Universities and State Supported Schools and the National Association of Colleges and University Business Officers. Serve as Central Agency State Fiscal Officer for the University and respond to central agency inquiries. Serve on the Parking, Domicile Resident Committee, and Administrative Tuition Payment Appeal Committees, and various contract proposal committees and chair of interview panels. Various External Audit Positions (Quality Control Audit Senior-Audit Senior-Staff Auditor), Auditor of Public Accounts

Responsible for all aspects of the review and approval of CPA audit reports of localities’ comprehensive annual financial reports and related local government transmittals of revenues and expenditures in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; Responsible for planning and administration of various types of audits to opine to the financial statements and internal controls.

Education and Certification

2009 M.P.A, 4.0 G.P.A., Directed Research: Violations of Public Trust – Implications of Unethical Practices in Higher Education, Strayer University

2004 Participant in AGA Certified Government Financial Management Training Program 1978-1982 B.S., Accounting, 3.26 G.P.A, Virginia Commonwealth University, Dean's List 1974-1978 Academic Degree, Top 43% of Class, Laurel's Honor Society, Thomas Jefferson High School May 1990 Certified Public Accountant

Professional Affiliations (past and present)

Institute of Internal Auditors

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Association of Governmental Accounts

Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants

College and University Auditors of Virginia – Primary Representative and Former President Fiscal Officers for Colleges, Universities and State Supported Schools – Former Primary Representative Government Finance Officers Association (Associate Member) National Association of College and University Business Officers – Former Primary Representative

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