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Lead Document Controller/Administrator

Doha, Qatar
October 08, 2020

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Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja Page *


Doha Address: Al Khudri Street, Al Mansoura, Doha Qatar Email Add:

Mobile No.: +974-****-****

Visa: under Husband Sponsorship


To be a part of a dynamic company having an aim of producing highly motivated and recognized individual where the true essence of business rapport is reflected on management and its people aiming to nurture and to enrich my professional and personal achievements, but more so to give my services to the company where I could vastly contribute to its primary objectives. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SUMMARY:

Overall sixteen (16) years of work experiences of which (12) years in Doha, Qatar in Railways Construction (Doha Metro Project), Oil and Gas industry such as Qatargas 3&4 Onshore Projects

(QCS Project) in Ras Laffan Industrial City, also works for Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC under EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management), for Qatargas, Ras Gas and various projects; Document Control / Administrative and Clerical works, Accounting, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Technical Documentations and four (4) years in Banking in the Philippines.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major in Management

Batangas State University (BSU)

Batangas City, Philippines

Year Graduated: 2004


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

MMHKT Consortium (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Kinki Sharyo, Thales)

Doha Metro Project – Metro Phase 1 Systems, Rolling Stock, Depots and Trackworks Business, Commercial and Contracts Department

01 December 2015 – September 2020

Position: Lead Administrator / Lead Document Controller

Manages all the incoming and outgoing correspondences to and from the Client, Consortium, Civil Works Contractors and Subcontractors.

Responsible for the onboarding, training and probation process of new starters within the department. Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja Page 2

Identify and implement, when change is required, to improve ways of working, simplifying tasks or reducing costs, as approved by Management.

Assists the Commercial and Contracts Team in preparation of correspondences such as Extension of Time (EOT), Variations / Instructions, Claims, Rejections and Defects, Notices and other Issues.

Create and update records of Notices, Variations / Instructions, Claims, Defects and Rejections and databases with personnel, financial and other data.

Use ACONEX and Wrench for everyday operations, maintenance and quality control.

Supervising administrative staff and dividing responsibilities to ensure performance.

Receives, tracks, and monitors documents using standard document management programs to register documents, maintain databases, and produces logs, transmittals, and other reports.

Retrieving of documents, correspondences, drawings and useful information using ACONEX and Wrench.

Ensure the proper documents are created and signed, that all data is accurate and that documents are stored and backed up and any retention policies are followed.

Prepares, proof read, edit and dispatched correspondences using Aconex and Wrench systems.

Undertake record keeping and document control of commercial and contractual documents.

Maintain files and documentation thoroughly and accurately as per the Document Numbering procedure of the company.

Attends meeting and prepares MOM.

Print and distribute documents as necessary.

Coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies.

Prepares requisition and keep stock of office supplies and place orders when necessary.

Notify personnel of updated document versions and how to access them in the shared folder.

Submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned.

Collect, scan and upload documents in the system.

Manage agendas/travel arrangements, meeting appointments etc. for the team and upper management.

Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)

Assist colleagues whenever necessary.

Chiyoda Almana Engineering L.L.C.

Markaz Almana 2nd Floor, Al Matar St., Najma

P.O. Box 22961 Doha, Qatar

Shell Projects - QA/QC Department

March 01, 2014 – 29 November 2015

Position: Document Controller / Technical Assistant

Maintains and manages all important documents either for a particular project or whole organization and assures that it is easily accessible and stored.

Maintain files and documentation thoroughly and accurately as per the Document Numbering procedure of the company.

Retrieving of documents, drawings and useful information using CDMS, Citrix and E- Cosmos.

Coordinates all activities related to the document control procedure, including technical documents, drawings and correspondences.

Assists Quality Assurance Engineer in preparation of Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) and Corrective Action Report (CAR) and maintains registers.

Dispatches Flawless Databases, QAPs, Procedures, etc through In House Memorandum to concerned Project Managers and Q-Captains (Project wise).

Collects QOC’s (Quality Observation Cards) from originators. Register QOC in the QAQC Tracking register and send the observations to concerned departments for their necessary actions if any.

Input data into the standard register ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date. Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja Page 3

Make sure that the controlled copies of the latest approved documents and drawings are given to the appropriate staff, subcontractors, and suppliers as applicable.

Maintain updated records of all approved documents and drawings and their distribution clearly.

Maintain the documents and drawings in the Document Control office under safe custody without any damage or deterioration with easily traceability.

Provides support to department team with regards to technical document management, bulk uploading, and downloading of technical documents using interface programs.

Maintain the files and control logs as required by the project.

Collect, scan and upload documents in the system.

Manage agendas/travel arrangements, meeting appointments etc. for the team and upper management.

Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.) Chiyoda Almana Engineering L.L.C.

Qatargas, Qatar Petroleum, QAFAC Projects

Markaz Almana 2nd Floor, Al Matar St., Najma

P.O. Box 22961 Doha, Qatar

QA/QC Department

May 01, 2011 – 01 March 2014

Position: Technical Assistant

Focal Point in transmitting communication, requests, sending calendar notifications / meetings between Company, Contractors and Subcontractors.

To support / assist that the project obtains the quality needed to achieve project goals.

Prepares Internal Memorandum, Request for Subcontract form, document transmittals, dispatching of correspondences through E-Cosmos and CDMS.

Preparation and filling of Minutes of Meeting, reports and other general requisitions of the team.

Prepares, verify, data entry and review Vendor Invoices and dispatched it for payment.

Provides technical assistance and scheduling of trainings for the team.

Updating and monitoring logsheets such as Master list of Forms and formats.

Monitoring/ Registering of Clients/Subcontractors QA/QC documentations such as NCRs, CARs, Procedures, QCP, PQP, ITP's WPS-PQR, PQD, NDT’s and other general QA/QC documents.

Typing / encoding / routing of documents, and follow up all the needs of the team.

Do the answering of telephone calls, answer queries, scheduling appointments / meetings, booking of flights and hotels and provides information.

Filing, copying, typing on computer, filing, use fax machines, and scanning of documents.

Performs other duties that maybe assigned from time to time. Qatargas 3&4 Onshore Projects

Qatargas, Conoco-Philips-Shell Projects (QCS)

Operations Department and Expansion Start-Up (ESU) Department Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar

18 May 2008 – 30 April 2011

Position: Accounts Payable Officer

Review all invoices for appropriate documentation and making approval prior to payment.

Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures. Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja Page 4

Coordinates with the Accounting / Cost Control Team and Contracts Team in reviewing and scrutinizing Invoices from various vendors, with minimal supervision.

Data entry of purchase order and non-purchase order invoices to include matching to purchase orders and receiving documents and accurate entry of accounting coding based on supporting documents.

Creates Invoices Purchase Order and Service Entry and input it on SAP for payment.

Process invoices for payment to vendors by checking invoices for accuracy, resolving discrepancies, and entering data into system.

Analyze/review vendor’s statements for accuracy and check credit balances; request cash refunds on credit balances.

Charges expenses to accounts and cost centers by analyzing invoice/expense reports; recording entries.

Pays vendors by monitoring discount opportunities; resolving purchase order, contract, invoice, or payment discrepancies and documentation; insuring credit is received for outstanding memos; issuing stop-payments or purchase order amendments.

Transmitting/ dispatching invoices and contracts of personnels of various vendors to the main accounting department for recording and filing upon processing and logging.

Maintain files and documentation thoroughly and accurately, in accordance with company policy and accepted accounting practices.

Sending out notices to respective vendors, whenever Invoices received and processed by the team were rejected and/or returned due to inconsistencies.

Reconciles processed work by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances.

Monitor accounts to ensure payments are up to date.

Prepares transmittal (Onshore and Offshore) for Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL).

Maintain updated vendor files and file number.

Do the answering of telephone calls, answer queries, scheduling appointments and provide informations.

Filing, copying, typing on computer, use fax machines, and scanning of documents.

Document routing, record keeping and data entry.

To provide clerical and administrative support to site personnel and initiate relevant correspondence as necessary.

To compile data returns and maintain records and to administer sickness forms.

Process Exit Permits of the personnels.

Writing and preparing reports, documents and spreadsheets.

Performs other duties that maybe assigned from time to time. Mount Carmel Rural Bank Inc. (formely Rural Bank of Mataasnakahoy (Batangas) Inc.) Padre Garcia Branch

Poblacion, Padre Garcia, Batangas - Philippines

13 October 2006 – 13 May 2008

Position: Branch Cashier

Conducts daily bundle cash in vault at the end of the day and ascertains that count tallies with the cash proof.

Controls custody, disposition issuance of customer’s checkbooks of closed account, blank Official Receipts, late check deposits, vital documents, blank accountable forms, etc…

Receives and verifies cash deliveries from other department for special accounts where the bank acts as collection agent based on duly accomplished cash tickets and official receipts.

Develops and maintains a system of ensuring availability of cash to meet the bank’s requirement.

Estimates normal daily requirement of the bank to ensure that any cash demand in any amount and denomination are always met.

Ensures that cash deposit with the depository bank for transfer to another branch is properly sorted, verified and delivered without delay.

Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja Page 5

Ensures that the vault opened jointly with another officer and that the vault combinations are changed as necessary, especially when another officer is forced by circumstance to know both combinations.

Receives and verifies deposits after ascertaining that deposits are properly accomplished.

Pays duly approved reimbursements of expenses incurred by the employee.

Perform specialized tasks such as preparing cashier's checks, personal money orders, issuing traveler's checks and exchanging foreign currency.

Receive and verify loan payments, mortgage payments and utility bill payment. Mount Carmel Rural Bank Inc. (formely Rural Bank of Mataasnakahoy (Batangas) Inc.) Padre Garcia Branch

Poblacion, Padre Garcia, Batangas - Philippines

11 October 2004 – 12 October 2006

Position: Branch Teller

Responsible for attentive, prompt, accurate and cheerful servicing of deposits and withdrawals of depositors and receiving of collection payments from clients.

Initiate and open new accounts.

Validates thru machine all documents supporting deposits, paid checks and withdrawal slips or official receipts covering collection payments received.

At the close of banking hours, conducts final balancing of transactions by comparing machine totals vs. distributing totals and cash accountability.

In case of discrepancy, reconcile machine validation vs. distributing blotter. In case of shortage/ average, refers to cash tickets and cash count deposits received or payments made.

Prepares the necessary reports (Teller Accounts, Tellers blotter, Tickets) pertaining to daily transactions.

Encash Cashier’s check and over the counter cash checks properly verified by the Bookkeepers and endorsed by the payee.

Received loan payments and issued corresponding official receipt for the said payment.

Balances daily transactions.

Filing, copying, and scanning of documents.

Document routing, record keeping and data entry. SKILLS AND CAPABILITIES

Proficient in Microsoft Office, computer software programs such as, word processors, spreadsheet programs, and database systems.

Proficient in ACONEX, Wrench and with basic background in SAP.

Ability to generate high-level and confidential correspondences and reports for upper management references. An advocate for continuous improvement.

Performing administrative tasks in an office setting.

Ability to relate to diverse kinds of people, problem solving abilities, analytical skills and attentive to fine details.

Outgoing, Creative and has positive personal attitude towards every task. TRAININGS / SEMINARS

ACONEX Training

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Office

Westbay, Doha, Qatar

June 2015

Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja Page 6

Chiyoda Document Management System (CDMS)

CAEL PMT Office, Doha Qatar

11 May 2011

Basic Rural Banking Course (BRBC) – Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Malate. Metro Manila, Philippines

04-15 February 2008

Basic SAP Training

Qatargas 3&4 Onshore Project, Ras Laffan, Qatar

August 2008

Project Information Management System (PIMS) Training Qatargas 3&4 Onshore Project, Ras Laffan, Qatar – May 2008 AWARDS RECEIVED

Spot Award Certificate – Qatargas 3&4 JADT Project – QCS Project – February 2010

Spot Award Certificate – Qatargas 3&4 JADT Project – QCS Project for the successful finishing of the RSPL (Recommended Spare Parts List) works. August 2009


Date of Birth : 29 July 1982

Age : 38

Sex : Female

Citizenship : FILIPINO


Height : 5’3”

Status : Married

Languages spoken/written : English, Tagalog

Passport No. : P2337191A

Qatar Residence Permit No. : 282********

I hereby state that the above provided information and details are accurate and true.

Maria Diana Nocilo Baroja


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