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Safety Officer

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
October 07, 2020

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Plot 133, Street 105, Block 1, Mahboula, Kuwait


Olugbenga Peter Adesiyan


• Operations management • Occupational hazard prevention and control

• Business Administration • General occupational safety and health management

• Fleet management • Quality management systems audit

• Procurement • Equipment maintenance and administration

• Supply chain management • Facility Management

• Document control • Onshore oil drilling rig safety & health management

• Familiar with renewable energy systems • Familiar with oil field activities in general Other abilities

• Able to interpret technical manuals, work orders and engineering diagrams

• Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and fault analysis of rotating equipment and vehicle systems. Able to improvise or make alterations

• Vehicle system computer aided diagnostics (heavy and light vehicles)

• Metal fabrication and general workshop activities Page 1 0f 9

EHS work experience

Health & Safety Officer at PERI Formwork and Scaffolding stockyard, Kuwait Tasks

• Drafted health and safety policy

• Created health and safety manual

• Revised the health and safety manual

• Created and circulated emergency response guide

• Occupational health and safety management

• Hazard operability studies (HAZOP) (Julia stockyard)

• Facility management

• Waste management (segregation and disposal)

• General hazard control

• Hazard hunt

• Forklift inspections

• First Aid box inspections

• Hygiene inspections

• Fire extinguisher inspection

• Forklift inspections

• Toolbox talks

• Safety stand down

• Safety presentations

• Job safety analysis

• General safety supervision

• Report writing

• Spillage control

• Safety signage installation

• Road safety equipment installation (markings, studs, speed bumps, road signs)

• Lifting equipment inspection (Maximo lifting hook, Vario GT Crane Splice 24)

• (Worked with the end of year stocktaking / verifying team) Page 2 0f 9

Health & Safety Officer with Green Energy Electrical Contracting Company Kuwait (PAAET Basic Education College solar energy system project)


• Project safety snags closeout

• Hazard Operability Studies (HAZOPS)

• Risk Assessment / Task Risk Assessment

• Toolbox talks

• Enforced use of personal protective equipment

• Safety signage positioning

• General workplace hazard control and hazard prevention

• Project safety violation notice closeout

• Report writing

Health & Safety Officer with Gulf National Drilling Company, Kuwait Tasks

• Carried out general rig site safety management and hazard control

• Liaised with internal auditors

• Liaised with external auditors (KOC D&T Auditors, KOC WIP Auditors)

• Conducted emergency response drills (H2S drills, Fire drills, BOP drills and STOP Work Authority drills)

• Pre-job safety meetings

• Job Safety Analysis

• Critical action list closeout

• Implemented the Permit -To-Work system

• Coordinated rig site equipment 3rd party inspection (NDT, load test, eddy current, e.t.c) and certification

• Hazard hunt

• Safety supervision

• Spillage control

• Taught refresher lessons on SCBA donning,

• Coached the emergency team (as part of the emergency contingency plan) Page 3 0f 9


• Safety signage positioning

• Safety Induction for new employees and visitors

• Taught defensive driving awareness lessons

• Hygiene inspection

• Potable water sampling for 3rd party testing and certification

• Waste disposal / sewage treatment plant monitoring

• Enforced use of personal protective equipment

• Journey Management

• Ambulance inspection

• H2S detector inspection and testing

• Smoke detector inspection and testing

• Eye wash station inspection & servicing

• Fire pumps inspection and fire extinguisher inspection

• SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) inspection and refilling

• Fall arrest equipment inspection (SALA blocks, body harness, lanyards, man rider Bosun chair)

• Rig move documentation and safety supervision

• Incident reporting

Health & Safety Assistant at Gas & Oilfield Services Company (GOFSCO), Kuwait Tasks

• Assisted the Safety Engineer and HSE head of department in carrying out vehicle accident investigation and reporting

• Vehicle inspection in preparation for Kuwait Oil Company approval (KOC approval)

• Hazard identification and reporting

• Toolbox talks

• Prepared evacuation plans

• Evacuation drill Fire Warden

Page 4 0f 9

Technical work experience

Excavation Foreman with FKS Al-Shuwayer & Partners (Wafra Joint Operation pipeline project), Kuwait Tasks

• Metal detector sweeping prior to excavation to avoid underground services

• Supervised excavation (manual and mechanical), trench bottom surface dressing, backfilling and compaction

• Assisted in collection of soil samples for field density test

• Confined space entry attendant

• Supervised grouting

• Conducted pre-job safety briefing with my team

• Supervised loading, unloading and shifting of precast concrete pedestals

• Carried out preventive/corrective maintenance on plate compactors, jumping jack compactors & and potable electrical power generators

• Kept track of site leased vehicles’ maintenance and monitored repairs to control quality Vehicle Inspector with KGL Transport Asset Management Center, Mina Abdullah, Kuwait Tasks

• Carried out pre-trip and post-trip fleet inspection

• Took post-trip notes from drivers

• Inspection report writing

• Signatory to job cards

• Coordinated road test

• Prepared misuse report and delivery notes

• Worked with the fleet control team for the November 2009 asset verification/inventory special task Technician (oilfield chemical injection pumps) with GOFSCO, Kuwait Tasks

• Assembled chemical injection pumps (Flomore 5200 Series Chemical Injector Pump)

• Serviced chemical injection pumps

• Fabricated skids for Flormore injector pumps (welding) Page 5 0f 9 Heavy Duty Vehicle Mechanic with Saba Logistics, Kuwait Tasks

• Carried out repairs on trucks

• Carried out repair on boom truck

• Carried out repairs on trailer lighting system

Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic with KGL Technical Services Company, Kuwait Tasks

• Prepared material request documents for spare parts and consumables

• Worked with welders in carrying out trailer floor, modification

• Carried out safety inspection on heavy duty trucks and trailers

• Assisted in heavy duty vehicle recovery using heavy duty wrecker trucks

• Drove highway buses and heavy duty semi-trailer trucks (attached to different types of heavy duty trailers – flat bed, low bed, tankers)

• Operated forklift trucks and heavy duty hydraulic dump trucks

• Road assistance/mobile workshop

• Carried out preventive maintenance on heavy duty trucks, trailers, heavy, duty hydraulic dump trailers and highway buses

• Carried out repairs on heavy duty trucks, trailers and highway buses. Worked on and familiar with:-

Volvo trucks (FH 12-420, FH12-460, FM 9-340, NH 12-420 series)

Mercedes Elba 49-passenger highway buses

Mercedes Marcopolo 49-seater passenger highway bus

KIA AM928 45-seater passenger highway bus

DAF 85-380 trucks

Mercedes Actros 3848 truck

Schmitz flatbed trailers

Gorica hydraulic dump trailers, Gorica flat-bed / lowbed trailers

Mammut drop side trailers, Mammut flatbed / low bed trailers

Mammut curtain trailers, Mammut hydraulic dump trailers

Alam Steel hydraulic dump trailers / flatbed trailers Page 6 0f 9

Administrative work experience

Human Resource Assistant with PERI Formwork & Scaffolding stockyard Kuwait Tasks

• Salary log preparation

• Attendance sheets

• Leave logs

Procurement with PERI Formwork & Scaffolding stockyard Kuwait Tasks

• Liaised with suppliers

• Sourced for quotations and compared values for selection

• Followed up with suppliers on pending deliveries

• inspected / received suppliers

• Made payment arrangements with the finance department Document Controller with Nusaiba Electrical Company, Kuwait (PAAET Ardiya Solar Energy Project) Tasks

• Worked on the E1 & E2 transmittal procurement log

• Worked on the E1 & E2 transmittal material log

• Worked on the E1 & E2 transmittal snag log

• Worked on the E1 & E2 transmittal snag shop drawing log

• Work with Construction Management Schedule (CCS)

• Transmittal submission/receiving, archiving

Office Assistant with SDE Consult Property, Lagos, Nigeria Tasks

• Bank transactions

• Mail delivery

• Computer typesetting, spiral binding, Photocopying, printing

• Errands

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Safety training attended

• H2S (Hydrogen sulphide) and SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) training

• Fire extinguisher / firefighting training

• First Aid and CPR training

• Riggers safety training

• RIGPASS training

• Kuwait Oil Company Permit-To-Work examination (Jan 2014) Technical training / seminar attended

• Steam boiler training (December 2013)

• Volvo Truck training – VCADS Pro (Volvo Computer Aided Diagnostic System) & Diagnostics, Impact software, Volvo engine, Volvo electrics, service and maintenance, basic vehicle technology, conducted by Saipa Diesel Company, Iran (23rd – 27th June 2007)

• SAF Axles (heavy duty trailer axle) seminar (May 2008)

• Wix Filter training – Certified Filtration Specialist (Vehicle filters) (July 2020) Commercial training attended

• Procurement training (a part of People Excellence & Organisation seminar) (July 2019)

• ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Auditor / Lead Auditor training and examination (confirmed by International Register of Certificated Auditors) - Bureau Veritas Kuwait (November 2014) Other courses completed

• Commercial studies with emphasis on business administration (career diploma) - High Studies Institute, Kuwait (March 2009)

• Nebosh International General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health - National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, Leicester, UK (February 2012)

• GED - General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education (in collaboration with Maine Department of Education), USA (October 2008)

• (Other further studies in view)

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Additional information

• Gender: Male

• Nationality: Nigerian

• DOB: 2/12/1978

•Hobbies: Cycling, gardening, technical DIY

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