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Engineer Process

Fremont, CA
September 30, 2020

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John Harosit Das



● Contract Manufacturing Program Management

Managed four customer accounts at Flextronics with yearly revenue exceeding 14 million per year.

● Capital Equipment Development

Capital plasma etch and plasma clean equipment: Developed and demonstrated two industry standard 3KW, High Density Remote ICP plasma strip and clean equipment for high throughput photoresist Strip and Descum applications at Yield Engineering systems

Photoresist coat and development tracks: at Microfabrica in collaboration with AIO International, for electroplating probe tips micro gears for Medical and biomedical industry applications using thick photoresist molded electroplating technology

● MEMS Product Development at Three Startup companies for 7 years Lead all process and product development and market introduction activities as only engineer. Developed Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), 3 axis motion Optical MEMS devices, Six different Optical Attenuator (VOA) and Dynamic Gain Equalizer (DGE) products

● Operations Supervisor

Operations Supervisor covering San Jose and Salinas territory:Managed the operation of AT&T resource recovery systems for the 2 cities, Managed 35 field Technicians. Assign and monitor technician activities, Prepared and approved Weekly employee payrolls, Job related travel and other operational expense reimbursement. Production Supervisor at ELMOS Semiconductor: Managed the operation of low volume production of the Fuel Cell products at SMI foundry for 3 years. Managed Lot starts; Process Traveler updates, WIP management, Yield tracking and quality control quality and technician management.

● Beta Equipment Site Management: Managed two beta sites support during the development of new generation RTP Beta tools installed at SEMATECH and at Sandia National Laboratories.

● Field Service, Application and Customer Support

Managed Central USA and Mid-west region installed RTP equipment bases. Provided new equipment Installation, Warranty services, Assisted repair and Rapid Thermal Process qualification.Applications,

● Research at National Laboratories

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL): Research, Technology Transfer and Process Integration: Transferred YSZ thin film technology from NIST inventors and the process interrogation procedures for development of Fuel Cell chargers at Lilliputian systems for the solid oxide fuel cell generators. Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and Sematech at Austin: Managed two beta sites for upgrading RTP equipment, product validation and process qualification activity working at AG Associates/STEAG RTP/Mattson Technology

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Research and field calibration of high velocity projectiles for the US Navy. Worked with NIST and US Navy R&D teams for the development of high G accelerometers and Dynamic Scene Simulators for calibration of precision guidance systems for the high velocity projectiles for US. Navy.


PhD: Advanced Technology (Electrical Engineering) : SUNY-Binghamton & NNF at CORNELL University MSEE: Electrical Engineering: SDSM&T: South Dakota School Of Mines and Technology BSc: Applied Physics and Electronics: University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh Patents and Publications

Three Patents, two book Chapters and over twenty Journals and conference proceedings publications EXPERIENCE CHRONOLOGY

TESLA Motors: Production Associate Jun 2016 – Aug 2020 Automotive Production Support : Performed PCBA functional test, quality control and production support of Door handle and air compressors for suspension of model X and Model S automobile. Material support, Kitting and Sub-assembly: Providing as-needed production, materials supply to lines, and materials kitting-sub assembly support to all assembly lines including: Trim 01, 02, 03, and 05 Trimming assembly lines. Flextronics International: Program Manager May 2015 – Mar 2016 PCBA Boards Assembly: Managed PCBA board assembly for four customers using Flex SMT lines. The boards are subsequently integrated into a finished product/system. Engineering Design Implementation and Design change: Through ECO execution from end to end from inception of change request, collation of inputs, impact analysis, to approval and communication of changes Cross Functional Customer Focused (CFT) Team Lead: Conducted weekly and daily planning meetings including Engineering, Manufacturing, materials support,purchasing and Supply Chain representatives. Managed RF Digital Customer Account : Managed Simblee™ Bluetooth® Smart Modules development and production activities throughout their development cycles to high volume production. Parts currently distributed through DigiKey distributor. Developed two shift operational Assembly and Packaging center for subsequent PCBA over molding and packaging

Managed Sierra wireless Customer Account: Managed $4M per year revenue account for 1 year, throughout their Illumina product development cycles at the NPI center. Guided technology transfer activities to Flex Suzhou, China Managed Sony Customer Account: Managed the ongoing digital upgrade and PCBA manufacturing activities Managed Whoop customer Account: Managed the development and manufacturing activities of Wearable bracelets Wrist Worn product and their detachable and rechargeable battery pack Madagascar, for powering of the bracelets. Genesis ATC (AT&T): Operations supervisor, San Jose and Salinas Feb 2015 – May 2015 Operations Management: Managed the operation of AT&T resource recovery systems for the 2 cities, Managed 35 field Technicians. Assign and monitor technician activities, Prepared and approved Weekly employee payrolls, Job related travel and other operational expense reimbursement. Noel Technologies: Senior Process Engineer Dec 2014 – Feb 2015 Wafer Processing: Performed dry etch, wet etch, metrology and lithography procedures for 6 and 12 inch wafer foundry-manufacturing services to various semiconductor and equipment companies. Lam Research Corporations: SEM Metrology Consultant Apr 2014-Jan 2015 SEM Imaging, Inspection and Profile Metrology: SEM inaged semiconductor wafers, monitored etch quality and integrity of various plasma etch equipment. Inspected posts etch surface, profile uniformity, and CD measurements on TSV, Memory and CMOS logic samples.

Yield Engineering Systems (YES): Sr. Member Technical Staff Sep 2011 – Apr2014 Capital Equipment development: Managed five member team including engineering, manufacturing, quality control and representative from marketing team for the development and testing of two Plasma Process Equipment Process Demonstration and Customer support: Demonstrated plasma clean procedures to new and existing customers. Provided over the telephone customer support for troubleshooting, repair and warranty services. Demonstrated process capabilities for Plasma strip, clean equipment and Vacuum curing Ovens for Polymer film curing and thin metal film annealing and alloying.

Applied Materials: Etch Process Engineer Apr 2011 – Sep 2011 Process Demonstration and SEM Sample Preparation: Demonstrated etch processes capabilities of new generation etch equipment dedicated to Korea customers. Demonstrated various VNAND, STI, Spacer, Gate poly, Isolation-poly etch procedures using Applied plasma etch equipment Applied NanoStructures: Senior Process Development Engineer Oct 2010 – Apr 2011 AFM probe technology development: Enhanced performance and functionality of existing AFM probe tip that can reach accurately with probe height increasing upto 20+um tall reshaping existing AFM probe profiles with near vertical profiles using existing WET etch and lithography techniques Microfabrica inc. Senior Process engineer Jun 2010 – Oct 2010 Equipment Development: Developed automated photoresist spin, bake, coat and post exposure developer tracks collaborating with AIO International, The automated tracks improves resist coat uniformity and reliability, enhancing overall process capability and production throughput, Thick resist molds are used in the production of probe tips, micro gears and components for Medical and biomedical industries using electroplating technology. Production Support: Sustained the 43 um and 24 um thick resist molding production lines for manufacturing electroplated micro machined precision probe tips for probing semiconductor devices for key customers like Intel, Samsung.

Nano & Micro Technology Consultants: Process Consultant Nov-2008 – Jun 2010 Provided full complements of MEMS and NANO technology based Process and Product development consultations and foundry services from design to prototyping for small startups to large technology firms, particularly working in Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems SVTC Technologies Inc. Staff MEMS Engineer Dec 2007 – Nov 2008 Wafer Fab Capability Expansion: Purchased several Process equipment to enable MEMES capabilities of SVTC wafer foundries. Managed 5M capex budget for the upgrades. Performed process qual, equipment acceptance, and installation procedures. Purchased equipment included Thick reset Coaster tracks, Contact Aligner for top to bottom wafer alignment, Manual and Automated Substrate Bonders for attaching two substrates all purchased from Karl SUSS. MEMS Team Lead: Supervised 12 member engineering team from SVTC San Jose foundry and 12” inch SEMATECH wafer foundry, Austin, TX for Process training, Foundry upgrade, Equipment ownership and process capability development. Both Foundries ware used for developing products by key customers- Intel (Nanochip), IDT, Sun Microsystems, National Semiconductor, Fairchild Imaging, SanDisk, Aviza, Qspeed, and Nanosys SMI Inc./Elmos Semiconductor: Senior Process And Product Engineer Mar 2004 – Dec 2007 Etch Equipment Ownership: As equipment owner, performed daily process qualifications, SPC control and provided as needed service support of Alkatel DRIE etch equipment.The dry plasma equipment replaced wet silicon etch procedures, significantly reducing device footprints allowing over four fold increase in device count. Product and Process Engineer: Performed high volume production, quality control and yield tracking of two automotive pressure sensors used in BMW automotives. Optimized various thin films deposition, etch, and lithography procedures for the new and existing micromachined acoustic microphones, Blood pressure sensors, Transmission fluid pressure sensors, and Accelerometers.

Lilliputian Systems: Senior Process Engineer Mar 2003 – Dec 2007 Wafer bonding Process Equipment Ownership: Purchased an used substrate bonding tool, Installed and performed all test and process qualifications needed for process readiness. MEMS Fuel cell Product Development: As only process engineer, successfully completed the development and demonstration of functional Fuel Cell products that was initially developed at Stanford University (SNF) and Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL). Products were subsequently transferred to a wafer foundry for prototype development. Production Supervision: Managed the foundry operation of prototyping and low volume production of the Fuel Cell products for 3 years. Managed Lot starts; Process Traveler updates, WIP management, Yield tracking and quality control and technician management. Worked till production transferred to Massachusetts facilities, Active Optical Networks (AON): Senior Process Engineer May 2001 – Mar 2003 Optical MEMS Product Development: As only process engineer, Successfully completed development and demonstrated several functional 3 axis motion Optical MEMS (OMEM) devices at Stanford University (SNF). Lead all process and product development activities. Sixi different Optical Attenuator (VOA) and Dynamic Gain Equalizer (DGE) product development were completed and submitted to several customers for performance evaluation Mattson Technology/Steag RTP/AG Associates: Senior Process Engineer Jul 1996 – May 2001 RTP Equipment Upgrade and Applications Development. Upgraded existing Rapid Thermal (RTP) Equipment from 6 inch to 8 inch wafer procedures.

RTP Technology Development: Developed several Patented Selective, Doped, wet and dry Gate oxide, Nickel Silicide, and BPSG gap fill and flow procedures.

Applications engineer: Managed Central USA and Mid-west region RTP equipment installed bases. Provided now equipment Installation, qualification, customer acceptance, Customer process installation, process quality and reliability Applications Laboratory Process Demonstration: Demonstrated RTP procedures from the Applications Laboratory to various customers. Supported new equipment Installation, qualification, customer acceptance. Process optimization, process quality and reliability and repeatability studies for high volume production of semiconductor devices. Provided warranty service and maintenance support covering the territory.

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