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Manager Chemical

Akron, OH
September 30, 2020

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Kenneth Edwin Bower

*** ******* ****, *****, ** *4303


Canton, Ohio and Mesa, Arizona Public Schools 2012 to 2020

• Science Teacher. Leading a comprehensive program of chemistry principles for public high school students in chemistry (AP, IB, and Advanced) and materials science. Leading middle school students in an integrated program of physics, environmental science, and biology. TRACE Photonics, Inc., Charleston, Illinois. 1997 to 2012

• Project Manager. Formed international interdisciplinary teams and led development of materials product programs to commercialize conducting polymers, high refractive index ir lens materials, high dielectric constant polymers with radiation stability, electroluminescent and radioluminescent phosphors, colorimetric dyes, and functionalized polymers. Facile use of MS Project and the communication of results to technical and non-technical stakeholders. Numerous formulations to improve polymer product properties have been successfully prepared. Planned experiments to make polyurethanes and polycarbonates from sustainable sources of carbon dioxide via urea and lactones. Customers included Aldrich Chemical Company, DARPA, US Army, and numerous small companies.

• Laboratory Manager and Founder. Build and operate a full chemistry laboratory with synthesis and characterization equipment. Find suitable funding sources and customers for laboratory growth through B2B, new organic synthesis, and product distribution. Industrial scale-up and sale of conducting polymers and their precursors to Aldrich Chemical Company. Promoted cooperation and teamwork that has increased productivity, company margins, and personal friendships. Named Quality Innovative Research Team of 2002 by the DOD in a Pentagon ceremony. Coles County Business of the Year, 2006. Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1992 to 1998

• Team Leader. Analytical chemistry sample team leader, responsible for nuclear materials vault, four cutting and accountability labs, shipping and receiving, and seven full-time staff. Model manager for team building and promotion of diversity. Besides staffing and training for four labs, responsible for ES&H, SOP documentation, shipping and handling, and computer tools/techniques. Exemplary leadership of the team resulted in very high 360 o

performance reviews, better funding, and improved operations. Served as Interim Group Leader when useful for the team. Acted in Outreach Scientist role for American Chemical Society and LANL Outreach Office.

• Chemist. Advanced ion-exchange methods for chemical separations and purification. Both colorimetric and element specific chelators were synthesized and optimized for programmatic purposes.

University of California Jan. 1991 - 1992

• Postdoctoral Fellow, Polymer Chemist. Synthesized and functionalized new metal chelating polymers. Characterization techniques included ICP-MS, FTIR, GC, DSC, GPC, UV-VIS, NMR, gamma spectrometry, alpha spectrometry, uranyl phosphorescence, gas proportional counting, alpha-beta spectrometry, and liquid scintillation counting. Active member of the Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Group with weekly contributions to chemical separations team. Active in American Chemical Society, and American Nuclear Society.


MBA Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL, 2008 Operations, accounting, leadership, international business, marketing, optimization modeling, information systems, and project management.

PhD, Chemistry University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, 1991 Synthesis and characterization of both organometalic complexes and alkyne polymers. Alkyne derived polymers included conductive materials of current interest for voltaic and supercapacitor applications. Responsible for department instrument maintenance on GC, FTIR, ESR, and UV- VIS.

Selected Publications:

• A. Kavetskiy, G. Yakubova, S.M. Yousaf, K. Bower, A. Garnov, D. Robertson, “Efficiency of Pm-147 Direct Charge Radioisotope Battery,” Applied Radiation and Isotopes (2011)

• A. Kavetsky, G. Yakubova, M. Sychov, G. Walter, S. Yousaf, D. Chan, Q. Lin, and K. Bower, “Self-Charged Beta Capacitor,” US Patent Application, October 2008

• Shahid M, Yousaf, Kenneth E. Bower, Maxim M. Sychov, and Mahwish R. Yousaf,

“Poly(p-xylene tetrahydrothiophenium chloride) Doped Photoluminescent Sol-Gel Composite,” Journal of Materials Science, 40, 5507 (2005)

• M. Sychov, S. Yousaf, and K. Bower, “Latex-ferroelectric composites,” Ceramic Transactions, 167, 337 (2004)

• M. Sychov, K. Bower, and S. Yousaf, “Direct Charge Capacitor Modeling,” Ceramic Transactions, 167, 353 (2004)

• K. Bower, Yuri Shreter, Yuri Barbanel, and George Bohnert, Editors, Polymers, Phosphors, and Voltaics for Radioisotope Microbatteries, CRC Press, June 2002

• M. Sychov, K. Bower, A. Hikavy, A. Kavecky, and A. Ustinov, “Radioluminescence of Thin film ZnS Phosphors,” Proceedings of the American Ceramics Society, Winter 2001

• K. Bower, et al., "Alpha-Beta Discrimination Liquid Scintillation Counting for Uranium and Its Daughters," Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Articles, 181, 1, 1994, 97-107

• K. Bower and M. Farona, “Copolymers of substituted acetylenes and ethynylbenzocyclo- butenes,” Polymer Bulletin, 27, 129-133, 1991

• M. Alonso, K. Bower, J. Johnston, and M. Farona; ”Homopolymerization of Norbornene by Rhenium Olefin Metathesis Catalysts,” Polymer Bulletin, 19, 211-216, 1988

• K. Bower and D.Weeks, "Cation/Anion Discrimination Radiation Sensor," University of California, U.S. Patent 5,656,817, Aug.12, 1997

Professional Organizations and Community Involvement:

• 1985-2015, American Chemical Society

• 1993-1996 National Chemistry Week District Committee Chairman

• 1997-1999 National Council Committee on Public Relations

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