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Chemical Engineering Safety

Ernakulam, Kerala, India
September 30, 2020

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Sayooj U.K


Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry August 2014 – April 2018

Course : Batchelor of Technology

Branch : Chemical Engineering

CGPA : 6.43/10

IKKGHSS, Mahe – 673310 August 2012 – April 2014

Higher Secondary grade : 90%

High School GPA : 9/10

Relevant Coursework: Coursework in the first three semesters included basic courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering.

Organic chemistry

Petrochemical technology

Polymer Science

Chemical reaction engineering

Chemical Process Industry

Non-Destructive Technology

Heat, Momentum and Mass transfer

Process Calculations

Industrial management

Process design and chemical equipment’s

Transport Phenomenon

Process engineering economics

Professional ethical practice


Organic chemistry

Chemical reaction engineering

Mechanical operation

Electrical and electronics engineering

Achievements and Skills

Winner of various literary club events in college (Group discussion, Debate and Sell me this pen). Skilled in peer discussions and communicating with people from different hierarchies.

Displays excellent presentation skills and won various science fairs and quizzes in regional level science exhibition during school.

Individual champion during higher secondary sports meet. Active participant in college football and volleyball team.

Quick learner and compassionate team player. Displayed leadership quality, organizational skill and decision-making abilities by coordinating various sports and literary club events during college.

Critical thinking and time management skills are two of my strong suits. College life taught me to make logical decision when solving pragmatic problems.

Fluent in Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil language. Email:

Phone number: +91 -940*******

Projects and attended symposium

Enhancement of filtration process by the addition of filtrates (July 2017-April 2018): Project aims to understand the role of diatomaceous earth as a filter aid and also the effect of filter aid on filtration process. We varied the dosage and filtration pressure to understand its effect on the filtration rate and clarification. Our result indicate that specific cake resistance and filtration time decreases with the use of diatomaceous earth as a filter aid.

Project guided and evaluated by Mrs. K. Priya from Pondicherry University Energy conversion dynamics (July 2013-December 2013) [Project guided by Mrs. Girija] Fire sensitivity alarm for indoor safety and warning (December 2011): A small scale fire alarm model for the early detection of fire catch in a building. The model demonstrates the need for fire safety in school and buildings. The model works based on fire sensitivity of metals which can trigger the alarm. Attended a symposium on ‘Chemical engineering and technology’ at SNN college as a part of CHEMICZNA 2015.

Interests and Experiences

Interested in fields related to Chemical process industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Petrochemical technology, Oil and gas exploration and Nuclear technology. Experienced with basic organic chemistry techniques and analysis, organic preparations and qualitative analysis, process design including Heat exchangers, Condensers, Evaporators and Plate and packed tower columns.

Laboratory experiences in chemical reaction engineering includes CSTR (Combined stirred tank reactor) and PFR (Plug flow reactor) experiments. Have working knowledge of Spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, Magnetometer, Conductometry, DO and COD analysis, Alkalinity and hardness measurement, basic titration and colorimetry.

Have knowledge in basic excel software and data analysis. Completed a short course in typewriting. Experiences from ‘Soft skills and Personality development’ and ‘Professional ethical practice’ courses enhanced my decision-making skills, critical thinking, emotional quotient and helped me to develop a good working relationship with peers.

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