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Sales Manager

Vancouver, BC, Canada
September 29, 2020

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Dexter Michael Smith


Unit 305, 634 East Georgia Street

About: A thoughtful and mature individual with a wealth of life experience, understanding of the value of honesty, dedication and team work. Someone who values not only success, but the satisfaction of being an asset. The type of person who can adapt, persevere, and maintain a humble sense of humour during trying times while working to deliver on expectations.

Work Experience

Navarik Sept 2018-Current

Data Entry Specialist/QA/Trainer

Processed numerous, complex reports while maintaining a high accuracy level. Developed a continuously growing understanding of Oil Tanker/Vessel Inspection Data from various inspection companies and clients such as Chevron and Shell and all of their diferent Inspection Report formats. Became adept with a variety of terminology and phrase variation from all around the world in order to process international reports. Created records of vessel movements to compile for an average that can be used in the event that the true fgures cannot be used. Checked for errors in the data. Ran weekly meetings for the team occasionally. Proposed the assessment of the varying difculties of the various reports and helped carry out the creation of a difculty rating system. Provided detailed, honest feedback and new ideas for the data entry system to the development team. Volunteered to handle the more difcult reports to allow the team to help reduce the backlog of the more simplistic reports. Tested new aspects of the company’s interface. Assisted other departments when needed, occasionally cross training to fll other roles. Called, interviewed, tested and welcomed new employees as well as provided in depth training via calls, chat screen sharing and side by sides, with a steadily increasing rate in how quickly new employees completed training, due to my constant tweaks and improvements to the training materials and program as well as empathetic understanding on an individual basis.

Wrote an easy to follow manual as an improvement to the previous training resources, which was also used for the purposes of training the new employees, and cross training those from other departments for various reasons. Catalogued records of format variations and the correct parsing process and later uploaded the information to a live document to allow others to record novel situations and new report formats. Helped improve and recreate a new training and welcoming program for working at home due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Performed as the MC for the company Christmas Party of 2019. References Available on Request

Previous Employers

Bentall Kennedy

Desktop Specialist 2018-Sept 2018 (Contract)

Assisted with property management requests

from the diferent Bentall owned properties

across Canada via desktop and telephone.

Kept a knowledgebase of designations, and

procedures for various requests from janitorial

services at a business to an emergency at a

residence, there were a lot of situations that I had to learn how to handle in diferent ways.

Canada Credit

Supervising Credit Specialist

Helped customers fnd the right program that

would help them raise their credit score and put

them on track to being approved for various lines

of credit, sold new customers the services,

educating them on the details of the program,

credit in general and how it it will improve their lives. Trained Staf and wrote special sales scripts tailored for them.


Collections and Data Entry 2017-2018

Handled collection requests and payments via

incoming and outbound calls and updated CRM

data for hundreds of clients. Created tailored

payment plans for customers. Proactively called

customers who’s accounts were going to default

to collections, and encouraged them to make a

payment in order to keep the account.


Senior Sales Rep 2016-2017

Sold various products across diferent advertising

campaigns, including skin cream, CBD oil, weight

loss supplements, male enhancement products

and blackhead remover.

Frequently assisted numerous new staf with tips

to make sales.

Additional Skills and Experience:

Technical Skills:

• 65 words per minute

• Adept with grammar and sentence


• Very Efective Trainer

• Interpreting and analyzing Data

• Strong Public Speaker

• Professional communicator

• Media Editing and Production

• Strategic Planner

Personal Expertise:

• Artist; paint, clay, pencils, digital and

other mediums

• Creative Problem Solver

• Engaging writer of items such as sales

scripts, training materials and general

creative writing

• Supportive Team Player and open minded

listener, always willing to ofer insight

when wanted

• Strong ability to quickly adapt to unique

and extreme situations


• Terry Fox Run + Vancouver Sun Run

• Lethbridge Judo Club

• Love and Records – Helped set up the


• Strong Ties Construction – Laborer

• Scores Thirst Bar and Grill – Line

cook/Kitchen manager


• Graphic Design/Digital Coloring

• Video Editing

• Interpersonal Communication

• Industry Level Comic Production

Thank you for your consideration!

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