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Nurse Practitioner Nursing

Monmouth County, NJ
September 29, 2020

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Lisa Genova DNP, MSN, RN, ANP-C


Profile: Presently employed as Transitions of Care NP/Care coordinator in an Acute Hospital Setting.

Presently employed as an independent contracted Palliative Care & Pain Management NP

Presently employed as an Adjunct Professor at Muhlenberg School of nursing

Over 24 years of progressive experience as a hospital based Registered Nurse, combined with over 10 years in administrative clinical resource role, and 5 years as an APN working in specialty areas such as: Critical care areas: Rapid Response Code Team, Emergency Room, Intensive Care, PACU, Transitional Care Coordinator, Occupational Health and Nursing Administration/Supervision

Demonstrating critical care skills as a staff nurse, and mentoring as a clinical resource.

Excellent working knowledge of BLS, ACLS

APN led care coordinator/clinical resource during COVID -19

Education: 2019 DNP Grand Canyon University

2015 Monmouth University: MSN degree: Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner/ Advanced Practice

2009: BSN degree Thomas Edison State College

1996: RN/Diploma Charles E. Gregory School of Nursing

Work Experience:

7/9/2018- Present- Transitions of Care Nurse Practitioner RWJBH

Position: APN Care Coordinator/Interim Director July-Jan

•Advanced Practice Care coordinator clinical resource during COVID -19 pandemic overseeing over 60 patients daily in 3 units.

•Function as a unit based clinician by assessing patients, placing orders, ordering diagnostics and therapies

•Responsible for implementing and creating a Step Down pulmonary COVID unit in response to transitioning of patients from Critical Care to areas of dispositions such as LTACH, SAR etc..

•Lead in conjunction with interdisciplinary teams to assure continuity through acute episodes of care.

•Responsible in assessing, evaluating and coordinating care on a Pulmonary unit for ICU step down patients

•Responsible in assessing and coordinating care on COVID patients in an acute care setting

•Assist in the delivery of evidence based standards and protocols on unit based needs and patient safety and develop a streamlines evidence plan of care

•Work shoulder to shoulder with members of clinical team in all facets and completes an assessment on every patient within 24-48 hours of admission

• (number of patients vary in a day) (only duty that has stopped since Covid-19)

•Preparation by chart review prior to visiting these patients

•APN Documentation in 2 systems (Cerner/other EMR)

•Assist in collaboration with Pulmonologist’s in developing and implementing standard protocols for respiratory weaning Trach patients

•Participates in conjunction with physicians in the delivery of health care services records progress notes, requests noninvasive diagnostics studies, transcribes and execute orders and records detailed narrative case summaries

•Communicates effectively with team members, reports observations in progress notes, delineates problems and findings

•Supports teamwork by cooperative problem solving through rapid rounds daily to coordinate discharge planning

•Function as a unit based clinician by assessing patients, placing orders, ordering diagnostics and therapies

•Attending to emergencies on floor and facilitate coordination

•Utilizes principles of continuous quality improvement in all work situations to assess and improved organizational and department functions

•Performs in hospital assessments on all patients on the unit and collaborates with team members to reduce adverse events and prevent further decline

•In consultation review consults with attending/Intensivist

•Obtains and records detailed and accurate case histories

•Participates in the education of nurses, residents medical physician and assistant students

•Performs routine therapeutic procedures

•Performs daily medication reviews and orders medications

•Participates in bedside rounding with staff providing instrumental coaching and education to nurses and patients to implement plans of care

•Function as a clinical resource for staff and provide education to staff

•Facilitates referrals of patients to hospital services as appropriate.

Transitions of Care Coordinator

•Assessing, evaluating and coordinating care in patients with COPD, Pneumonia, Sepsis, COVID-19 pneumonia, Parkinson’s in BPCI bundles in the hospital setting and transitioning from hospital to home and subacute settings

•Coordinate care, review history and perform physical exams on cases by evaluating the patients’ medical condition, ordering and interpreting results, diagnosing health conditions, completing medication reconciliations, discharge orders and summaries

•Establishes a collaborative relationship with other medical providers and physicians

•Maintain a clinical presence on the floor, assess patients, write orders, provide prescriptions for at home equipment, and communicate with subacute, long term and community agencies to prevent the need for readmissions.

•Participate in daily hospital rounds, educate staff, provide patient education, and communicate with case management and social work on all facets of patients plans of care.

•Manage chronic and complex conditions through collaboration and empowering patients and families to improve plans of care compliance

•Assist and develop clinical plans of care for patients, initiate communication with attending physicians, and other members of the inter-professional team to coordinate optimal care and use of resources for patients and family members.

•Performs and obtains a completed medical history and physical data on patients with appropriate documentation and findings.

•Examines patients utilizing physical findings, laboratory results, medical history, ascertains nature and extent of any illnesses or health concerns.

•Interviews, instructs and advises patients regarding health and illness prevention.

•Administers injections, immunizations and oral medications as necessary.

•Performs independent evaluations and treatment procedures in emergency situations.

•Assists physician by recording patient progress notes, issues diagnostic orders, and transcribes orders.

•Documents and maintains patient records of services provided according to facility and nursing standards.

•Orders and reviews appropriate laboratory and diagnostic procedures. Reviews all lab data and documents.

•Responsible to assessing, evaluating and coordinating care on all patients on unit and determining potential discharges.

•Responsible for decreasing length of stay, provide education and resource to staff to facilitate discharges.

•Educate patients and caregivers regarding diagnosis, medications, side effects, illness progression, diet and nutrition, medical adherence and crisis anticipation and prevention.

•Facilitate patient transitions between health care settings

•Trend and provide data on LOS, HCAHPS and daily workflow.

11/2019- present: Compassus Health Care

Position: Hospice and Palliative Care NP

•Provide face to face assessments to hospice patients in home care and long term care settings

•Assess and evaluate patients functionally and cognitively, including laboratory and diagnostics to provide documentation supporting services needed for hospice patients requiring recertification

3/2018- 7/1/2019: Always Think Comfort

Position: Pain and Palliative Care NP: LLC

•Provide medical care, palliates and manages advance illness in nursing rehabilitation/long term settings

•Assess, diagnose and treat patients with appropriate pain management techniques and pharmacological methods

•Reviews history and performs physical examinations on patients’ medical condition and health history

•Manages chronic and complex conditions thorough collaboration with patient, family and care team by developing individualized plans of care, prescribing medications and treatments and obtaining consultations or making referrals and coordination with other services

•Educate patient and care givers in understanding and completing POLST and advance directives based on patents goals and wishes

•Facilitate clarification of patient and caregiver goals of care to support development of a comprehensive care plan.

•Implements interventions to support the patient with chronic conditions and end of life care to decrease the recurring hospitalizations

•Assure patients receive appropriate measures to control symptoms, through collaboration with interdisciplinary team members.

1/2018- Present: JFK/Muhlenberg School of Nursing

Position: Adjunct Professor

•Clinical Instructor to prospective RN students. Provide clinical mentoring and teaching skills of the nursing process. Oversee clinical groups in hospital and long -term settings. Assist students in completing objectives, constructing care plans, reviewing anatomy and physiology learning basic skills and patient care.

11/15- 3/18: Linden Family Medical

Position: APN-C -Nurse Practitioner

•Provide direct patient care to adult and gerontology population and function as an integral part of a private practice under collaboration with Dr Kevin Lukenda, DO Medial director and Leader of the Family Practice Residency Program, delivering primary care to patients.

•Perform comprehensive health assessments aimed at health promotion and disease prevention in all aspects of patient care, including diagnosis, treatments and consultations.

•Provide counseling and education to patients and families.

•Lead Administrative NP and Clinical Educator providing diagnosis and medical management for over 150 pts in offsite of three Subacute and Long term skilled nursing Facilities.

•Functioning as Educator, mentor and resource to Residents and Medical Students in Family Practice Residency, Nursing Staff in facilities by providing continues daily education on evidenced based practice skills.

•Function as Provider in RWJ medical staff with privileges

•Kindred LTAC

•Care Connection

•Assistant to the Medical Director

2/2011- 1/16 - RWJBH: Livingston, NJ

Position: Rapid Response RN Clinical Resource Educator

•Provides further nursing assessment and critical thinking to manage/intervene with patients presenting questionable or complex issues, or clinical deterioration in response to requests from direct care staff, concerned patients and/or their family members, and medical staff or from clinical concerns/observations during targeted rounds. Collaborates with all members of the healthcare team regarding patient treatments, interventions and disposition according to existing policies and protocols.

• Assist Staff RN’s in the clinical management of patients encompassing all areas of nursing care. Assist physicians with procedures such as bronchoscopy, endoscopy, endotracheal intubation, Cardiac Cath and elective cardioversion. Participate in professional organizations and continuing education to improve practice knowledge and skills. Participate in the development, review, and evaluation of nursing practice protocols. Respond to all in house emergencies such as acute Stroke, Code Blue, and Code STEMI.

•Provide and trend data on Midas system for quality improvement.

5/2013-1/15 -RWJBH: Livingston, NJ:

Position: RN: Department: Occupational Health

•Perform Nursing Duties such as Assessing and treating employees of the Hospital and outside facilities. Providing Care Administering immunizations, PPD’s, flu shots, drug screening. Assisting in completing annual physicals for employees of offsite facilities such as DOT and public entities.

5/2006-2016: RWJBH: Livingston, NJ

Position: Nursing Supervisor

Department: Nursing Administration

•Acting as Hospital Administration and lead administrative role in facilitating off shift functions of 500 bed Acute Care Medical Center. Overseeing and supervising all patient care areas, including Critical Care and Maternal Child. Supporting and implementing policies and procedures governed by the institution. Collaborating with Administrators, Directors and managers on off shifts to maintain continuity in efficiency in providing exceptional nursing and patient care services. Responsible for directing Logistics and Bed management services with admissions and bed placements and adherence to timeframes for continuity. Management of staff coordinators and responsible in providing nursing personnel in all nursing units of hospital according to Union standards. Plan, provide, or evaluate educational programs for nursing staff and interdisciplinary health care team members. Supervise and monitor unit nursing staff. Responding to hospital emergencies. Utilize service recovery and public relation skills to maintain patient satisfaction.

2/2003- 10/2008: Union Hospital/BarnabasHealth

Position: Nursing Supervisor: Nursing Administration

•Responsible for the administration and supervision of all patient care service activities in assigned areas during the evening, night and weekend shifts. Support and implemented policies and procedures that guide the provision of services. Confer with unit directors to maintain administrative efficiency including performance appraisals of employees. Determine personnel supplies and needs, utilization of equipment and resources. Identify and resolve personnel and patient problems and develop plans of action. Oversee staffing on all units of the hospital, including bed management. Oversee quality of nursing practice, delivery of care, work performances, and documentation. Respond to Codes and other emergencies.

11/01-2/02: Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, N.J.

Position: Staff RN: Department: Cardiac Post Anesthesia Care Unit/Open Heart

•Assess, evaluate and deliver nursing care to cardio thoracic surgical patients. Provide continuous cardiac monitoring, hemodynamic monitoring and medication titration to meet the needs of the recovering open-heart patient. Collaborate with respiratory therapists in ventilator management. Continuously deliver care in aspects of fluid and blood replacement, chest tube management, swang ganz and pacemakers.

8/96-2/99: Union Hospital, Union N.J.

Position: RN Charge Nurse

Department: Emergency Room

•In charge of ED staff conveying daily assignments, patient triage and bed assignments. Oversee and perform clinical aspects of nursing care to patients in the emergency department such as initial and continuous patient assessments, IV therapies and medication administration to diversified patients in the emergency department.

1/96- 10/2007 Union Hospital, Union N.J.

Position: Staff RN: Critical Care Float

Departments: Emergency Room, Intensive Care and Perioperative Area (PACU)

•Assess, analyze, plan and evaluate care of patients in the ED, ICU and PACU units. Perform clinical aspects of Care such as initial and continuous patient assessments. Provide nursing care involving IV therapies, medication administration and cardiac monitoring. Provide nursing care to diverse critically ill patients involving hemodynamic monitoring, arterial line monitoring, ventilator management, and intracranial pressure monitoring. Provide perioperative care to recovery patients from surgery, endoscopies and pain management.

•Certifications: Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Stroke Certification, IV Certification, PICC Certification

Professional Memberships:

2018: Present Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

2018-Present APN council member

2018-Present American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine AAHPM

2017-Present Forum of Advance Practice: FNAP

2015-Present American Association of Nurse Practitioners: AANP

2016-Present American Association of Occupational Health Nurses: AAOHN


Recipient of Caring award for Nursing Excellence in Surgical Transitions of Care

NICHE conference presenter of project: APN led care coordination to Improve Discharge Facilitation

Dissertation ProQuest: APN led care coordination to Improve Discharge Facilitation

Clinical Work and Knowledge:

•Transitions of Care Coordinator- APN for Pulmonary/Acute Care and Medical Surgical Floors

•Sepsis Coordination Team: Implement and in-service staff on pathways

•Primary Care Physicians and APN-C in Internal Medicine/Family Medicine

•Acute Care Admissions, Nursing Home Rehab/ Sub-acute and Long Term

•Inpatient Stroke Center Certification SBMC

•APN in Occupational Health at SBMC

Community Outreach

March 2016-

POLST: How to complete a POLST

Health Fair 2017:

Rahway Community Center

Provide Bp Screening to seniors in community

Professional Trainings:

Cerner Super User: Provide support and education to staff

TOC COPD Pneumonia education to patients and staff

Sepsis roll out: Provide Education for staff regarding new sepsis protocol

Pain Education for staff: Provide education on the 5th vital sign to off shift staff

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