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Sales Representative Manager

Fayetteville, NC, 28305
September 28, 2020

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Ricky L. Lambert

**** *********** **** ************, ** 28314


Objective: Perform Job Tasks as Securely, Effectively in the timeliest manner as possible. Maintaining and adhering to the company’s policies and procedures. Ensuring the highest standards for the protection of the public, myself, co-workers as well as ancillary staff personnel.


Account Sales Manager

2017-2020 [Red Bull Distribution] Fayetteville, NC

As Account Sales Manager was responsible for selling, delivering, merchandising, and receiving payments in large and small format stores. The main objective was to sell product by partnering with retailers in order to transcend in store execution and distribution. Also did renewal's

Master Control Officer

2016-2017[ Allied University Security] Cape Fear Valley Hospital, Fayetteville, NC

Job Duties: Work the main control unit, monitoring fellow officers, to ensure safety. Dispatch officers from different units to assist fellow officers. Also, responsible for activating 911 when external support needed. Ensure schedule was covered for oncoming shift. Create officers and visitor passes, physically monitor grounds as needed. Prepare shift reports and exchange any adverse events with oncoming shift leader. Authorizing admittance to secured areas and keeping log and coordinating with coroner of outgoing bodies to funeral homes.

Yearbook Sale’s Representative

2009-2015[ Herff Jones Yearbook Company], Indianapolis, IN

Job tasks: Operated as an independent sales representative, preparing and updating my daily and weekly scheduling, adjusting as needed.

Maintaining current accurate information for schools, colleges and businesses, to ensure renewals and account balances remained current. Scheduling regular meetings with Principals yearbook advisors, PTO staff. Frequent workshops to update on any changes with programs.

Creating folders for each client, and maintaining current addresses, phone numbers as well as communicating frequently while monitoring their progress with yearbook development, while editing photos and making necessary corrections. Assisting cliental with any problems that occurred during the preparation and development of yearbook. Assistance was given remotely or going to site if needed. Use of Microsoft office, and photo development programs.

Attended regular meetings and, workshops to learn and develop new sale’s strategies, and get updated product information presented by Herff Jones.

Negotiating and preparing proposals, and sales contracts with numerous schools, and colleges, areas were in North and South Carolina.

Received award for Rookie of the Year nationwide. Obtained company 127,000 dollars of new business.

Columbus County Detention Center

2008 to 2009[ Columbus County Detention Center], Whiteville, NC

Maintained proper safety measure’s amongst inmate’s and co-worker’s, by monitoring and dispatching officer’s while making rounds to ensure safety of officer’s as well as inmates.

Finger printing, booking and photographing and doing back round check’s on inmates upon arrival. Searching inmates on arrival for any contraband. Issuance of uniforms, and personal hygiene items.

Monitor inmates physically or visually via cameras on arrival to facility. Trained on use of taser, to be uses if physical altercation occurs and unable to diffuse verbally. Immediately notify immediate supervisor and, communicated with detention officers of inmate’s arrival while operating out of master control unit

Conducting inspection of the detention center to ensure all equipment and systems were operational. Notifying proper staff immediately of inoperable or nonfunctioning equipment or systems. Accounting for all inventory of keys, radio’s and recording every shift and notification of shift supervisor on completion. Maintaining safe environment for staff as well as inmates.

Physically making regular rounds in facility for accountability of inmates. Observing for any defiant behavior, injuries, or infractions. Reporting outcomes to immediate supervisor. Distribution of meal trays purchased commissary items. Random inspections of Pods, inmate cell’s for contraband.

Searching and monitoring family members, friends and inmates on visitation days. Inspection of all vehicles entering Sally Port ie: vendors, and transport vehicles. Applying appropriate secure/ safety equipment on inmates prior to transportation of inmates.

DME Coordinator/ Office Manager/ PCC Assistant

2000-2009[ Native Angels Home Health and Hospice], Pembroke, NC

Negotiation of sales contracts with multiple vendors for medical supplies.

Dispensing medical supplies to nursing staff to deliver to patients, assuring all documentation from doctor completed, and Medicare guidelines were met. Auditing charts to ensure Medicare guidelines were met.

Keeping accurate inventory records, using Barnes Storms Computer program

Member of the Administrative Support team to the Patient Care Coordinator of Home Care Services. Answering phone, use of Xerox machine, fax, and laminating machine. Issued name tags and retrieved after termination of employment. Preparation of orientation packets and scheduling In-Home Aide visits.

Assisting with payroll and billing.

Correctional Officer

2004 -2005[ NC Department of Corrections] Whiteville, NC

Employed as correctional officer to ensure the safety of the community, and inmates as well as co-workers. To ensure that inmates remained in a secured environment.

Monitor behavior inside as well as outside the dormitories, physically. Ensuring doors, windows and dormitories locked at specified time. If working in master control, inmates were monitored via TV monitoring, also, controlled the locking and unlocking of secured areas.

Dispatching and notifying officer’s via radio of any suspicious or unacceptable behavior, contraband or other infractions that were identified. Frequent cell searches announced and unannounced to check for contraband in accordance with DOC guidelines.

Ensuring inmates were always accounted for and in designated areas.

If the safety of officer or inmate was compromised, received proper training on how to respond to situation verbally and if situation escalated follow DOC guidelines. In the event of an altercation call for back up and stay with co-worker until back up staff arrived. Preparing and submitting incident reports.


2003 -2004[ Rampage Yachts] Leland, NC

Preparation and installation of engines into yachts, ensuring safety and guidelines met.

Ensuring the proper safety of co-worker’s when overhead crane in use.

Working on assembly line with co-worker, meeting daily production requirements.

Transmission Technician

2000 -2002 [Caterpillar] Leland, NC

Assembly, repair, and testing of transmissions. Use of dial indicators. Calibration of tools to determine proper effectiveness of machinery, ensuring the safety of myself as well as co-workers. Follow company safety guidelines. Meeting daily Production requirements.

EDUCATION- South Robeson High School, Rowland, NC

Other Job Skills- Iron worker, Front end loader and operator. Rigging, rod buster, carpentry and electrical skills, also sheet metal operator.

Able to navigate, and utilize Microsoft Office suite, Excel, office probe and data entry. Efficient using Power Points for business presentations as well as smart boards.

If given the opportunity, I would bring a strong work ethic, various work skill for my team and the Company as well.

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