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Ios Developer

Fairfield, IA
September 27, 2020

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Muhammad Luqman

Personal Information

Address: MR 158, 1000 N. 4th St Fairfield, IA 52557, USA

Phone: +1-929-***-****

Skype: luqmang316



Proficient iOS Developer with 5 years of experience leading projects through all phase of soft- ware development life cycle. Demonstrated experience in troubleshooting and debugging applications to maximize performance and functionality. Skilled in implementing technolo- gies such as KVC, KVO, Singleton, Delegate, MVC, Observer, Façade, Grand Central Dispatch

(GCD), and Responder Chain. Responsible for design of more than 30 apps including 15 apps developed from scratch.

Work Experience (Available for full-time, W-2 employment) December 2017 Techno-soft solution, Faysal Town, Lahore, Pakistan To Jan 2020 IOS Developer

December 2015 Hussain Tech Labz, Siddique Trade Center, Lahore, Pakistan To 2017 IOS Developer

Project Technology Description

Doctorology IOS Mobile health application provides 24/7 access to board- certified physicians. You must have a subscription to use the app. You can manage your profile, full medical history and payment information along with scheduling consults with a physician in real-time, all in a secure HIPAA compliant environment.

BTM Assist IOS PolyNovo BTM Assist application is designed to assist the clinical team when using NovoSorb® BTM. The clinical team will use the app to record key details such as pa- tient demographics, photos and notes at each encounter, and product bar code and lot numbers for each implant. VIVAVOYA IOS We can search nearest provider, pharmacy and hospital when we travel everywhere in world.

Burn Referral IOS Burn Referral is an application designed to help emer- gency room physicians contact their affiliated burn cen- ter experts to assess a burn wound and collaboratively determine the course of treatment.

InTouch IOS InTouch is the premier patient follow-up platform used by physicians and researchers to maintain continuity of care and maintain close follow-up witty their patients and study subjects.

Activity @ a Glance IOS We all loose the daily activity goals some days, well most days. Our Activity @ a Glance allows you to view your daily, weekly, monthly to date steps at a glance.

OD Receptionist App IOS The OD Receptionist App is an IOS application allows a dental office using Open Dental practice software to automate their front office.

911fosterpets IOS Search over 100,000 pets in need of foster homes from shelters and rescues nationwide.

ROH Burn Consult IOS ROH Burn Consult is an application designed by Csym- plicity Software Solutions to help RegionalOneHealth Network Referring Facilities contact ROHealth Burn Cen- ter experts to assess a burn wound and collaboratively determine the course of treatment.

For More about my work visit the app store here.

Tools and Technologies Used

Swift, Objective C, RESTful, MySQL, Postman, XCode, GitHub, JIRA. Design Patterns

KVC, KVO, Singleton, MVC, Observer, Façade.


UIKit, Foundation, Core Animation, AV Foundation, StoreKit, MessageUI, Core Data, EventKit. Tasks Performed

• Created apps from scratch while working with teams and individually on projects.

• Performed troubleshooting and debugging with iOS team and Web Server teams on Api.

• Converted Objective C and Swift 3 apps to Swift 4.

• Facilitated upgrade of existing apps.


• Implemented Scrum methodology to improved development with proper architecture and design.

• Completed sprint production releases on time and within budget.

• Maximized functionality by upgrading existing applications.

• Delivered sprint production releases on time.


In Progress Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) via distance education; expected completion Oct 2022 Maharishi International University (MIU) – Fairfield, Iowa, USA Key Courses: Modern Programming Practices, Big Data, Big Data Technologies, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning.


1. Twitter Real Time Analysis: Generated frequently used hashtags and active users to display data using charts for more understanding.

Technologies Used: Scala, Java, Hadoop HDFS, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Kafka 2. Flowers Recognition: Categorized data based on flower types. Technologies Used: Python, Kaggle.

June 2017 Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS), UMT, Lahore Final Project: Home Automation – IOT Supervisor: Dr. Adnan Shahzada Thesis: Dynamic Integration and Configuration of Devices in Smart Environment June 2014 Master of Information Technology (MIT), Lahore Leads University, Lahore Final Project: Wild Hunting – Unity-3D Advisor: Miss. Hina Rahat Interests and Activities

Learn new Tools and Technologies, Explore Open-Source productive projects Development, Machine Learning, Home Automation and Smart Healthcare System – IOT

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