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Engineer Office

Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
September 26, 2020

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Personal evidence:

Name: Amr Mostafa Albarody

Address: Floor 3 - Jurists Tower Beside Civil Defense - Helaly Street - Assiut - Egypt

Phone : 050******* Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

E-mail :

Date of Birth : 18 / 8 / 1970

Years of Experience: 25 years

Place of birth : Minya

Position of military service : done

Marital Status: Married

Religion : Muslim

Qualifications :

Bachelor of Engineering - Department of Architecture - University of Minya - Good Appreciation ...

•The Design Coordination Director of King Abdallah port project with a working volume of 4 billion riyals.

• The international lecturer, partner, and accredited agent for the MIDAS program, the most powerful Structural program that works with BIM technology.

• Certified as Director of Saudi Food and Drug Authority Projects in Saudi Arabia.

•Certified as an Architect, deputy director of the project 'Supervision of Implementation' (consultant) on the hospitals of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia 'Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah Governorate' under no. 40579/602/47/c on 24/10/1433.

• Invention no. 1124 of 2012 and its theme: the effect of the geometric form in reducing stress inside the carrying construction elements and walls (Gibson board cutters) divided into hospital spaces to resist earthquakes and fire and optimal distribution of lighting and with the least amount of energy in the operating rooms Apply for a patent patent to the Patent Office of the Academy of Scientific Research on 18 June 2012.

• Invention of no. 417 for the year 2013 and its theme: Steel mesh 'normal for concrete or galvanized for white work' or from the fiberglass in a specific engineering form and different diameters depending on the construction design used instead of rebar in concrete instead of metal mesh in different works ' whiteness and strengthening and strengthening for the promotion The marble works are filled and for the treatment of cracks and separators ... Etc. and apply for a patent patent to the Patent Office of the Academy of Scientific Research on 14/3/2013

Graduation project: Planning the city of Minya and the design of the General Office of the Governorate of Minya. Rating: Good.

- English speaking and writing very good

• Designer and references of architectural and construction designs in Midas program the most powerful Structural programs ever according to the Saudi, American, British and European codes and international building code "INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE"

- Computer Skills :

Windows - Word - Internet

AutoCAD - Primavera (work schedules ) Very good

REVIT and BIM Systems Very good

- Revision of Structural designs with the Best structural Programs MIDAS groups “MIDAS GEN, MIDAS NGEN, MIDAS CIVIL and MIDAS GTS NX “ according to ACI318-14, BS, EUROCODE and IBC.

- Revision of Structural designs with the latest structural program SAFE, ETABS according to ACI318-14, BS, EUROCODE and IBC.

Areas of expertise:

General experiences:

1- Responsibility of the design development of projects from concept to design completion. Architectural Designer design villas, mosques, schools, hospitals, buildings of malls and administrative buildings and first bioenergy designer (bioengineering engineering bioengineering) including the work of the best designs necessary to improve the biological processes of the human body, a new scientific specialty Worldwide. the area of Car Parks, Vehicular underpasses, and Pedestrian underpasses.

2- Senior architect including the review of government departments, the review of municipalities, and the development of the specifications of the works in accordance with the specifications of The British, American and Egyptian.

3- Design and implementation in accordance with the standards and international codes to protect the installations from fire, especially educational facilities, whether established before the issuance of the Egyptian code - and content on the British and American code - or after its issuance including the design and identification of the dimensions of the exits including escape routes Determining the appropriate quality of materials used in the construction of buildings and the number of hours of fire resistance, including finishing materials and their suitability according to the quality of origin and number of roles, in accordance with the Egyptian and NFBA codes issued by ministerial resolution No. 152 of 1998 and the Code of Safety of Life (American Code),NFBA, IBC, ICC A117 and Saudi ARAMCO Standards.

4- Preparation of MTO and coordination with the estimation/ procurement team. The execution manager for architectural works and the leader of the team including the review of all drawings and follow-up of the implementation engineers, coordination between design and implementation and the conformity of architectural works with defects, mechanical and electrical.

5- Director of the Technical Office, including review of all architectural and construction drawings with the latest and most powerful construction programs in the world and in accordance with the codes and international specifications.

Detailing experiences from the date to the date of graduation:

From 6/2015 to date:

- Project manager of King Abdallah Port & city project of building department with a working volume of 4 billion riyals and references on architectural and Structural designs for the project and consulting supervising the implementation company AECOM American international engineering consultancy.

Manage the complete project execution process, examine the project program and based on the schedules mentioned assess the material and man-power requirement for the job.

Oversee the nomination of sub-contractors required for different jobs and submit to management for approval, ensuring capability and resource availability with them to complete the job & manage them effectively once they are nominated.

Develop best practices and tools for project execution and management, define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders also develop and administer project budgets and fiscal controls, contract, quality control/ safety provisions and perform cost estimating and value engineering.

Prepare performance evaluation and appraisal reports of direct reports to assess subordinate’s productivity and progress and identify training needs of team members to improve efficiency and ensure conformity with standard procedures and practices.

From 2/2013 to June 2015:

- Director of RCC technical office with the project to implement 270 residential villa in King Abdullah City, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a working volume of 270 million Saudi riyals

From 3/2011 to February 2013:

- Consultant of the General Authority for Educational Buildings (design and implementation) in Assiut- Egypt

From 1/2009 to 3/ 2011:

Libyan Ministry of Planning - National Advisory Office - Libya

•Senior Architectural and Deputy Director of the National Advisory Office.

• Consultant and director of supervision of the implementation of architectural works (project of the University of Sirte with a work volume of 700 million dollars (phase 1) ...

• Consultant and director of supervision of the implementation of architectural works project to build 3,500 housing units in Tawergha area with a working volume of $900 million - Misrata - Libya)

From November 2007 to January 2009:

Bin Mahfouz Saudi-Yemeni Group (Trade)

Monta Rosa Hotel Project Manager and Consultant (Architectural Works)

A five-star hotel in Aden, Yamen, with a turnover of 390 million Saudi riyals.

From October 2005 to November 2007:

Center for Planning and Architectural Studies (House of Expertise)

Consultant and director of supervision of the implementation of the projects of the Ministry of Interior in the central area of Upper Egypt assigned to the house of expertise: Security Directorate Assiut - number of 3 police stations and points south of the city of Assiut

(Permanent supervision of implementation and coordination between design and implementation and the work of monthly reports and periodic and final extracts) for the projects of the Ministry of Interior in the provinces of Assiut and Sohag, including follow-up of time programs and inventory work and others (volume of works 60 million pounds)

From January 2002 to October 2005:

Consultant and Director of The Central District of Upper Egypt / Office of The Engineering Advisory Office (Ecojim) Consultant Prime Minister for the National Project of Medical Complexes - Egypt ...

(Director of supervision of the implementation of the national project of medical complexes in assiut and Sohag provinces, which belongs to the Prime Minister's Office with a working size of 18 million Egyptian pounds

From February 1999 to January 2002:

Al-Nasr Building & Construction Company (Eigeco)

Working as an implementation engineer and quality control project to establish al-Azhar University Hospital in Assiut with a working size of 70 million pounds

From January 1997 to February 1999:

Arab Contractors Company - Qena - Egypt

Execution engineer and technical office engineer and cost study

Liquid gas plant construction project

Work supervising the implementation and acting technical office of inventory and follow-up work for time programs and the size of the work of 14 million pounds with the application of cost control programs, statement of contractors' dues and the statement of the actual cost of calculating equipment rentals and calculating profits

From March 1995 to January 1997:

Engineering Contracting Company (EKOT) - Assiut - Egypt

Execution engineer and technical office

Working as an executive and then the technical office engineer for the construction of the subsistence building managed by security teams Assiut with a working size of 3 million Egyptian pounds.

Engineer / Amr ALBarody

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