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Accounting Administrator

Suwanee, GA
September 25, 2020

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David C. Lee

**** ****** **

Suwanee, Ga, *****



To obtain statistic, Analysis, logistics or inventory related internship or jobs to further evolve analytical, creative or interpersonal skills and contribute well to the company. Strong desires to learn and evolve in Analysis, Bookkeeping, Finance, and Administrator role. EDUCATION

North Gwinnett High School – Suwanee, GA Graduated May 2014

• High School Diploma

Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA Graduated May 2019

• Major in Mathematics

• Minor in Economics

• Concentration in Statistics Major in Mathematics

• Business, Finance and Accounting studies background EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

North Gwinnett High School, Suwanee, GA

Mu Alpha Theta Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

• Taught Lower classmen Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Pre-calculus.

• Tutored SAT math.

• Went to competitive math tournaments, including American Mathematic Competition


Beta Club Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

• Raised money for local charities.

• Car wash, donate clothes, and babysit orphans to raise awareness.

• Provided food and supplies to homeless at Atlanta Chamber Orchestra Fall 2011 – Spring 2014

• Played violin for 4 years in orchestra.

• Taught violin for lower ranked orchestra class.

• Perform music in front of audience along with fellow musician. JOBS

Garden Loader/General Helper

• Worked at Home Depot for about 2 month at 4120 Buford Drive, Buford, Georgia 30518 since April 24th 2017 through June 18th 2017

• Worked as not only a Garden loader but also general helper for everyone in general and learning such as restocking, customer services, backup cashier, loading heavy mulches, bricks, stones, pine straws and wheat straws.

• Left early due to university summer classes

Data Entry/Inventory Management

• Worked as a Data Entry for about 2 months at Ginza Man, LLC. dba Das Outfitters from 2600 Northlake Dr. Suite B Suwanee, GA 30024 since May 7th 2018 through July 13th 2018.

• Creating and prepping the data with Excel and amazon inventory to buy and sell the products that comes into the warehouse and record them with 100% accuracy.

• Putting the Amazon products in the box, seal them, label them with correct UPC, and sending them to correct location

• Worked on the CIM (Company Inventory Management), where it involved managing Amazon returns regarding winter items, resolving the returns and resending them to amazon, distinguish between new and used, storing items to short term inventory if temporarily unavailable to be sold, and organize all of them neatly. Also responsible using CIM through excel to organize all warehouse items.

• Left early due to university summer classes

Front Desk Receptionist/Cashier

• Worked as a front desk receptionist at Peachtree Golf Center at 2833 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096 since January 3rd 2019 through July 14th 2019.

• Not only greet people and book tee time for golfers in the excel system but also do cashier, handle customer’s complaints, and record any large purchases made.

• Answer phone calls from customers who have questions and delivering best customer service.

• Responsible closing the place at night such as cleaning, locking, and shutting off lights.

• Counting money and record them on file to make sure the money amount is correct and precise.

• Training new members of staff in order to help them perform efficiently. Accounting/Administrator

• Worked as mainly Accounting but also done work as Quality Consultant Support and Administration role at CleanNet of Atlanta since August 5th 2019.

• Created invoices through Microsoft Dynamics GP for Cleaning Supplies and Special Cleaning Services such as Emergency Biohazard, Carpet, Window, Water Extractions, Detail Clean, Extra day clean, Strip & Wax, etc. from Wells Fargo, Bank of America, AutoNation and First Citizens Bank. Organize each invoice in Excel Spreadsheet per week.

• Take Credit Card payment from customers on the phone for Monthly or special invoices and send then the copy of a receipt through Outlook email.

• Enter Daily Deposit Detail sheet in Microsoft Dynamic GP to record payment received from customers in a method of credit card, check, or ACH Direct Deposit.

• Print off Accounts Payable Aging Report to apply credit memo and do collections AR/AP.

• Organize each account with account number, name of the company, invoice number, months, payment options and notes on when called, emailed, or confirmed that the payments been sent or processed.

• Use service channel to create monthly invoice for completed work for First Citizen Bank and AutoNation.

• Mail out monthly invoices to the customers.

• Send any missing invoices to customer and answer any questions.

• Find any unknown or miscellaneous payment and find the correct invoice number from the customer.

• Call over 200 accounts that pay $500 or under monthly for questions or concern they may have with the cleaning services, contact Quality Consultant Managers and the cleaning franchisee if there’s any issues.

• Receive any calls or emails and help the customers/accounts in a professional manner.

• Assist QC Managers in order to deliver best customer service possible and highest quality control.

• Help Translate Korean franchise owners in a phone call or any meeting regarding business, issues, cancelation, crew changes, etc.

• Order supplies through Pollock or Staples for Franchisee that needs cleaning supplies.

• Record any purchases of cleaning supplies at CleanNet of Atlanta and bill them.

• Update new contact info such as phone number, email, account’s address, etc. on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Create new customer/account on the CRM for new contract. CERTIFICATIONS

• Successfully completed the CPR/AED/First Aids program from American Heart Association.

• Trained by Instructor Troy B Williams from Emergency Response Training and Support Services

• Learned when to respond emergency situation professionally and saving life at the same time.

• Certified to give treatments not only for Adults but also Children and Infants.

• Currently studying Quickbook to get certified


• Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

• Has some experience with SAS and SQL

• Quickbook

• CPR/AED/First Aid

• TeXstudio

• Microsoft Dynamics GP


• Data Entry

• Analytical skills

• Perceptiveness

• Problem Solving

• Passionate

• Financial Responsibility

• Self-Motivated

• Adaptability

• Ability to accept criticism very well and listen to other ideas.

• Strong Economic and business background

• Customer Service

• Great teamwork and job ethics

• Hard and dedicated worker

• Computer Skills

• Bilingual: English and Korean

• 73 WPM with 100% Accuracy

• Organization


• Self-taught and taught electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, violin and recording technology.

• Yearning to learn and get a career in any form of Analysis, Administration, and any form of management in medical and financial field.

• Analyzing statistical data and coming up with conclusion.

• Learning new things at work.

• Debt Collections

• Financial Administration

• Video Games

• Technology

• Computer Programming

• Self-taught and learning Quickbook

• Practicing SQL and SAS

• Inventory Management

• Financial Literacy

• Purchasing Specialist

• Operation Management

• Administration

• Making Excel Projects

• Learning programs such as SAS, SAP, SQL, and R.

• Bookkeeping

• Passionate for finance related career.

• Understanding of maintaining transaction records, AR/AP, Bank Reconciliation, trial balance, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial report.

• Medical Field

• Criminal Justice laws

• Toxicology

• Analysis of Stock Market and investment on Webull and Marketwatch PROJECT:

• A four page mathematical review paper of article from The American Mathematical Monthly titled: “An Impossibility Theorem for Gerrymandering” by Boris Alexeev and Dustin G. Mixon.

• Group Research Project regarding Fed Funds Rate vs Auto Insurance Premiums, trying to answer questions such as: How does the Federal Funds Rate Affect Auto Insurance Premiums? What will the Federal Funds Rate and Auto Insurance Premiums look like in 2024? How does the price of auto insurance in Georgia compare with that in the rest of the United States?

• Using SAS to analyze and provide research evidence to finish the project. Building models to predict the average annual Fed Funds rate, the Georgia Comprehensive premiums, and the countrywide premiums for each year from 1999 – 2024 and then verify the models. Then calculating the possible (co)variances, expected value, mode, quartiles, interquartile range, and significance tests.

• Writing a book or a guide for financial independence and literacy, also teaching younger generation along with millennial generation about finances.

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