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Manager Training

Tulsa, OK
September 25, 2020

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Willie L. Byrd

**** **** ***** ******, ******** *3505


TARGET JOB: To establish a position utilizing extensive training and experience with a growth-oriented organization to meet business objectives and support commitments; where leadership, technical skill, strong work ethic, and dedication will enhance my advancement.


•Over 30 years of military experience.

•Consistently awarded a Secret Security Clearance while demonstrating an excellent record of performance, reliability, and achievement.

•Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

•Service as a test Analyst, testing new equipment in Yuma and white sands proving grounds.

•Managed long/short range test scheduling and planning.

•Developed logical recommendations in test support that maximized test success at the lowest cost.

•Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction

•Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

•Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information systems

•Expert in conducting reviews, analysis, and evaluations of all Field Artillery Systems.

•Expert in Army Acquisition regulations and policies.

•Planned Deployment and Redeployment for all FORSCOM units deploying to and from F t Sill.

•Planned ACS Family Assistance Plan (FAP) for all emergency exercises on Ft Sill.


Senior Military Analyst/Trainer Sept 2014-present

Provides training and education product development services to bring designated Lesson Plans (LP) and Programs Of Instruction (POI) to TR 350-70 standard and to properly document the products in Training Development Capability –Course Resource Model/Instructor Resource Model (TDC-CRM) for the Cyber and Signal functional areas. Provides additional training and education development support for the Cyber Center of Excellence to review, revise or create POIs and LPs to ensure compliance with TR 350-70, and CRM IRM requirements in support of TRADOC Courses. Provides policy and guidance recommendation to commercial and government senior level staff, based on thorough analysis that utilizes accepted theory, principles and methods. Operates in multinational, interagency, joint, and service unique environments. Applies operational background and experience gained from military service and leadership roles, as well as operational proficiency in analytic theory and principles, during joint and combined operations at tactical, operational and strategic levels of warfare to solve current and/or future mission needs or to correct problem areas. Develops operational ideas in specialty area, and develops effective implementation schemes. Plans, develops, coordinates, and may direct (on an ad hoc basis) several small complex projects. Prepares or coordinates the preparation of proposals as required. Participates in working groups, program development forums, analytical activities, readiness exercises, training, education and other forums as required to accomplish contract requirements. Monitors standards for the quality of programs and documents. Assists in the resolution of project and program priorities. Assures quality control throughout all contract activities. Develops and executes budgets, work breakdown structures and other management procedures as required to monitor and control projects. Demonstrates superior writing and presentation skills to develop briefings, documents, papers, conceptual, and analytical reports for clients. Maintains and complies with security procedures in the performance of duties. Provides direction, training, and assistance to other project staff, as an expert in a particular field of endeavor.

Mobilization and Deployment Program Manager May 2013-Sept 2014

Was responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, administering, and implementing programs designed to assist and contribute to the well-being of the Total Army Family. Conducted readiness training for service members, civilian employees, Family Readiness Groups (FRG) leaders, family members, child and youth center staffs and other members of the Total Army Family. Ensured the installation Family Assistance Plan addresses all levels and phases of Mobilization and Deployment. Was responsible for the preparation of traditional Military Plans (e.g., OPORDs, OPLANs, FRAGOs, TASKORDs, MOIs) as well as critical specific plans. Coordinated Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drills pertaining to the setup of the Family Assistance Center. Conducted After Action Reviews (AAR) to collect lessons learned for incorporation into improved plans. Maintain readiness posture for the Command. Provided direct pre-deployment and pre-mobilization assistance to military service members, families, and civilian employees. Supported and assisted units and detachment commanders of all components, including tenant unit commanders, in the establishment and training of FRGs. Conducted briefing to all incoming Commanders Command Teams at every level to include Brigade, Battalions’ and Company on all the programs that MWR and ACS has to assist them in unit readiness. Briefed all PCC Commanders and 1SG courses. Conducted planning and training for all member of the ACS staff and volunteers on Family Plan. Conducted emergency exercise for the Installation for building in conjunction with the Installation plan.

Assistant Program for USASATMO IDIQ contract Jan 2012 - Oct 2012

Assisted Program Manager in developing and capturing opportunities in response to contract task orders, developing new opportunities under contract vehicle, managing NGC SATMO team member activities, and managing execution of awarded SATMO task orders. Assisted Manager in developing additional business and teaming opportunities for new or expanded business. Acted as a Transition Manager on new contracts, established initial contractual contacts with customer, contract implementation framework and customer satisfaction mechanism, manage start up activities and preparation of management responsibilities for transfer to permanent Contract Manager. Primary duties are to oversee implementation of contract including employee recruitment, interviewing, and hiring.

Training Manager (TAFT) Oct 2010- Jan 2012

Was responsible for all team training execution and the leadership of 25 Northrop Grumman personnel and 16 contractors working as members of the U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Office Field Artillery Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT) in Iraq. This task ordered to provide new equipment and military occupational specialty training to the Iraq Army by providing 8 separate course of instructions. Was responsible for the conduct of all NGC personnel as well as insuring job related conduct and performance is characterized by the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior, and in compliance with all laws (US and Iraq), TO INCLUDE THE Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Conducted daily site visits to all classrooms and courses of instructions. Insured that instructors maintained and taught from provided courseware. Ensured that each instructor was assigned an interpreter and that interpreters were properly used. Responsible for all live support for the team.

Brigade Training Assessment Team (BTAT) Oct 2009 - Oct 2010

Conduct training assessment that focus on Battery level leadership, Drill Sergeants and instructors; insures that they are prepared for training, have all the required resources, and are conducting all training IAW TSPs and supplemental. Upon conclusion of each assessment provide one of the top 3 (Battery Commander, Executive Officer, or First Sergeant) with an out briefing. Monitor situational training exercise I (STX) and STX II testing. Provides a copy of all assessment to the Brigade Command Team. Review and revise tests, scorecards, and TSPs/Supplementals, by providing details trends analysis on training and testing. Make recommendations for on-the-spot corrections to one of the top 3 for all training being conducted. Identify and record any deficiencies training and training areas utilizing FS Form 510. Verifies that every composite risk management worksheet contains in the hazard block, concurrent training with weapons systems and any type of ammunition. Verify that the composite and dynamic risk assessments are briefed at the training sites to all Drill Sergeants and Cadre by a member of the Battery Top 3.

Arforgen/Operation Analyst

Northrop Grumman Corporation Nov 2008 - Oct 2009

Tracked and managed synchronization efforts supporting installation and or Fires Brigade

Commander’s responsibilities for ARFORGEN actions to take place IAW the Force Feasibility Review (FFR) at Ft. Sill, OK. Prepared monthly stature reports and briefed the Command Group and principle senior staff members on the progress of assigned projects and actions. Compiled a Force Integration plan, to include synchronization matrix that integrated all critical activities and fielding/issue of systems. Compiled, prioritized, and coordinated timelines for fielding/issue of equipment to all supported units. Helped,managed, submitted, tracked, and briefed status of Operational Needs Statement and Equipment Sourcing Document, using manual and automated methods through employment of the Equipment Common Operating Picture using classified communications procedures. Coordinated and completed tasks to facilitate installation support to supported units relocating, deploying, and redeploying. Developed a facilities utilization plan in support of unit reorganization, to include billets, motor parks, office space, etc, as required by the divisional and Ft. Sill units.

Acquisition Technical Specialist

JACOBS Technology Fort Sill, OK Jan 2007 - Nov 2008

A subject matter expert engaged in conducting reviews, analysis, and evaluations of one or more

of the following Field Artillery systems to determine their effectiveness under projected combat

conditions: Field Artillery command and control systems; cannon weapon systems; rocket and

missile systems; Field Artillery sensors, and associated artillery support equipment. Initiated the

acquisition process for those material items deemed acceptable/necessary by the afore mentioned

studies. Provided inputs to system and event level planning and reporting documents, to

include: System Evaluation Plan (SEP), Event Design Plan (EDP), Memorandum Test Plan

(MTP), System Analysis Report (SAP), System Assessment (SA), and System Evaluation Report

(SER). Developed other documentation to include detailed test schedules, control plans,

scenarios, training plans for player and support personnel, instrumentation and instrumentation

failure contingency plans, communications plans, safety plans, risk assessment plans/report, data

management plans, and security plans. Provided oversight of day to day management of

developing systems and submits recommendations to leadership regarding program compliance

with current acquisition regulations and policies. Expert in Army Acquisition regulations and

policies insures that the developing systems are managed within and meet all acquisition

guidelines. Responsible for training soldiers in all Field Artillery enlisted and officers Military

Occupational Specialists (MOS), to make them technically proficient, tactically competent, and

instill the necessary leadership skills commensurate with the duties and responsibilities on new

fielding systems. Planned, coordinated, and integrated the activities needed to test and field new

systems. Insured that soldiers get both individual and collective training prior to new systems

fielding. Served as principle advisor to the chief of TPO-Sensor and his Deputy, as well as other

senior ranking officials both on and off the installation on all actions pertaining to Field Artillery

systems and its capabilities. Provided education and training on all supported systems

as necessary. Analyzed and defined project requirements to satisfy user requirements. Conducted

research for developing material for use in preparing oral presentations or written material.

Provided managerial and technical leadership to users of Field Artillery systems. Performed and

coordinated complex studies requiring Field Artillery organizational concepts and operational

requirements in support of the soldier in the recommended solutions to training and equipment

issues to include fire support systems utilized in the Army Fire Support Organizations. Reviewed,

analyzed and provided technical input to operational requirement documents for all assigned

systems. Provided technical leadership and support in the development, review and testing of

hardware. Familiarized and have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft. I understand web page and

developments such as in the fires knowledge network (FKN).

III (US) Corps Artillery Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army, Fort Sill, OK Mar 2002 - Oct2006

Served as Command Sergeant Major of III (US) Corps Artillery consistently of over 6,500

Soldiers in Four Brigades of 136 Battalions and 4 separate companies or detachments. Responsible for Individual and small unit collective training. Monitored programs and elevates training that ensures the combat readiness of III (US) Corps Artillery Soldiers. Ensured Post policies were enforced within the command. Ensured Post provided the best quality of life to Soldiers and families. Has served as Casualty Assistance Office number of times, throughout military career. Planned and trained all of 111 Corps Artillery funeral details over 3 year. Planned, developed, coordinated, integrated and executed all 21 Soldiers memorial services as well as Funerals that was KIA’s. Attended all 21 soldier funerals and provided Funeral directors military protocol advice. Provided assistance to the line of duty (LOD) Officer of all incidents that resulted in a formal or informal LOD. Worked closely with CAC on final funeral arrangements. Briefed higher HQs on all soldiers’ deaths. Absolutely tactically and technically competent in all field artillery gunnery skills. Understands Battalion, Brigade, Division, and

Corps Army operational levels. Trains Soldiers for war; oversees comprehensive TSIRT program for over 5200 deployed Soldiers. Understands and improved PMCS and maintenance operations in the Corps Artillery. Deployed to OIE as 3 CORP FSE (Mar 04-Mar 05).

17th Field Artillery Brigade Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army Fort Sill, OK Nov 1999-Mar 2002

Served as the Command Sergeant Major for a deployable field artillery brigade consisting of 2 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) Battalions and one Paladin Battalion authorized in excess of 1,300 Soldiers; provides advice and makes recommendations to the Commander and staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel and their families; ensures adherence to command polices and standards; responsible for and provides guidance on service schools and professional development of Officers and Noncommissioned Officers both junior and senior level. Understands and executes the broader scope of duties and responsibilities expected of senior Army leaders. Serves as the point man with the installation for the brigade’s movement into newly constructed billets. Planned, organized, and executed a highly successful Brigade Organization Day consisting of over 14 events. Supervised the clean-up efforts after a severe thunderstorm that damaged the installation; a significant factor in regaining normal daily OPTEMPO. Committed to exceeding the standard in all areas of training, maintenance, and quality of life. His focus on the basic driving field activities and command inspections has led to increased Soldiers and Noncommissioned Officer Competence. Developed and implemented plans for deployment of over 1,000 Soldiers and 400 tactical vehicles to Fort Bliss, Texas by air, rail, and convoys. Led weekly training meetings; developed and implemented short, mid, and long-term training plans. Serves as President of the Fort Sill NCO Club Council, helping direct the club’s redesign and re-opening resulting in a whopping success.

3-18th Field Artillery Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army Fort Sill, OK July 1997-Nov 1999

A Command Sergeant Major of a M109A6 Paladin Howitzer Battalion; executes and ensures all

compliance with regulations, policies, and Army standards pertaining to performance,

appearance, welfare, and training of 448 enlisted personnel; responsible for the professional

development of five First Sergeants; supervised the Battalion special staff NCOs. Helped inspire

the most successful MWR fundraiser in Post history; raised over $24,000 for MWR. Serves as the

Battalion’s master gunner; cited by his peers as having the best master gunner program in III (US)

Corps Artillery. Designed and executed as combat common task testing course both challenged

and inspired by our Soldiers. Orchestrated a U-Do-It motor pool renovation that quadrupled the

office space for just 9.2K; the III Corps Commander exported across the command. Cited by the

III Corps Commander for maintaining the most outstanding Battalion area within the Corps area.

Designed and oversaw the construction of a new day room and weight room. Very talented trainer, who understands standards and enforces them in all facets of training.

Operations Sergeant Major

U.S. Army, Germany Sept 1995- July 1996

Coordinated operations for an organization of 4,800 personnel. Planned and supervised the

performance of employee training in coordination meetings with parent organizations and

developed plans for implementation of directives. Developed and planned future operation for

higher organization leaders. Implemented company and crew levels training operations of over

70 personnel maintenance Battalions and implemental training programs for leaders to enhance

customer service relationships with units that are being serviced

First Sergeant

U.S. Army Germany 1992-1995

A primary trainer of 110 employees. Charged with the care training of an organization consisting

of 21 teams and 67 vehicles. Mentored mid-level managers and conducted periodic management

training seminars. Maintained accountability of all employees and equipment in austere

environments. Coordinated efforts with peer organizations and supported directives of senior



MBA from Webster University in Ft Sill, Ok campus

Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Touro University International, Cypress, California

Associate of Arts Science, Saint Leo College, Saint Petersburg, Florida


LOM, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal (3), Army Commendation Medal (5), Army Achievement Medal (8), National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Medal (5), NCO Professional Development Ribbon (4), Good Conduct Ribbon (10), Combat Action Badge, Iraq Campaign Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon and Army Unit Superior Award


Member of the Field Artillery Association, Association of the United States Army and Noncommissioned Officer Association, Recipient of the Saint Barbara Award and Ancient Order of Saint Barbara and Member of ASYMCA Board of Council

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