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Customer Sales

Jefferson City, MO
September 26, 2020

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Emalee Murdock


iable w

orker skilled at operating in fast-paced environments with demanding objectives for sales. service and q


tic team pk ful ot multitasking and dev

f SUC fing friendly. pre

ustomers. Wel-versed

itaining clean and orderly tables, making personalized menu recommerx

and managing closing duties $1

reconciling Fowers and restocking items to prepare for following shift,


* Food inspectior © Service prioritization

© High-volume dining © Price memorization

* Table setting arrangements © Dining customer service

© Menu knowledge


SERVER 08/2020 to Current

Cajun Catfish Company - Jefferson City, MO

© Educated gue

on daily specia’s ar

appetizer: erts and other menu items

© Satbfied customers by topping off drinks and anticipating condiments, napkins and other needs

© Operated POS termina to input orders, split bils and calculate totak

* Completed closing duties by emptying trash, safeguarding alcohol and polishing siverware.

. ed with host. bus person and cook to efficiently serve food and beverage option

SALES ASSOCIATE 08/2019 1007/2020

Victoria's Secret - Jefferson City, MO

© Retained product, service and company policy knowledge to serve as resource for both Coworkers and customers

© Arrange

nw merchandise with signage and appealing displays to encourage customer soles

and move overstock


© Maintained knowedge of current promotions. ex

ange guidefines, payment policies and security practices.

© Answered incoming telephone calls to provide information ts, services, store hours, policies and

ut produc


* Mentored team members in mastering soles techniques t

stently exceed tives.


Ruby Tuesday - Jefferson City, MO

© Operated POS terminas to input orders, split bis and calculate totat

Satisfied c,

ating condiments, napkins and other needs

pping off drinks and antic

© Prepare

Jods, appetizers ond set up garnish stations to assist kitchen stot

© Welcomed guests with personable attitude and smile, offering to t

ing beverage orders while reviewing menu options.

. xs 10 verify appropriate and adequate accommodations for larger F

. taking ond filing lorge volume of orders each day

. ed with guests to get feedback on food served. resolve issues, bring additional items and refil beverage

* Explained menu options to guests, offered s

and beverages

culated charges, issued table checks and collected poyrr

from customers

CASHIER 01/2018 to 05/2019

Walmart - Jetierson City, MO

© Scanned customer purchase ans to streamine soles process.

ocessed returned items in occ

th store pol

© Assisted with purchases. locating items

d signing up for rewards programs

© Helped customers find specific products, answered questions and offered advice.

Education and Training

Jetterson City High School - Jefferson City, MO

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