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Senior Manager- Finnace

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
September 24, 2020

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Name :FCMA, Prashant V. Gupte

Contact No : (M) 983-***-****

Address :*,***, **** ***** ***** Phase 1, Dhokali Naka, Kolshet Road, Thane W 400 607 Date of Birth :4th November’ 1972

Passport No :Z2862278 (Date of Issue:6June’2014, Place of Issue: Thane, Date of Expiry:5- June-2024)

E mail Id :

Job Description:

Designation: Senior Manager.

No of Direct Repartee: 1.

Reporting to: Director Finance

Total Work Experience- (22 Years, out of which 15 years with JK Files India Ltd). 1) Currently working with JK Files (India) Limited (100% Subsidiary of Raymond Limited) as Senior Manager- Finance (From 13th Sept ‘2005) - We manufacture “Files”, “Drills”. Along with the manufacturing, we are in to Trading of Power Tools, Hand Tools. In files we hold more than more than ~65% Domestic Market and more than ~10% International Market. Drill Market share ~ 25% in both Markets. JK Files (India) Limited was Division of Raymond, till 30th Sept 09, and later floated as 100% subsidiary.

JKFIL Turnover Rs. 380 Cr FY20 (Rs 405 Cr FY19)

Detailed Job Description is as below.

A. Budgeting – Monthly and Annually

1. Preparation of Annual Budgets Revenue, Cost and entire Financials. Preparation of Budget Docket covering Past 4 Year’s Financials and Budget Year, Margin Analysis, Margin Improvement Tracker- Covering department wise Improvement Areas Budgeted.

2. Monitoring the Revenue & Costs, Comparison with Actual performance and Putting Variance Analysis before Management.

3. Conducting Monthly Review with Operations Teams and highlighting the key deviations from Budget and PY comparison.

B. MIS Reporting & Presentation

Monthly Reporting – Management Accounting

a. Profitability & Variance Analysis

Preparing the Contribution Analysis for Files, Drills, etc. This covers the Brand wise, Market wise, and Customer wise Analysis. Variance Analysis for deviation over Budget and Pr Yr.

b. Highlight the impacts of Working Capital on Financials a. Analyzing the Working Capital

i. Ageing of Inventories (Including insight on Slow moving, Non-moving SKUs and its impact on Financials)

ii. Ageing of Receivables, covering Parties falling under various Bracket of Overdues.

b. Highlight impacts of increase in Rejection and scrap generation c. Ratio Analysis

a. Profitability Ratios: Gross Margin, EBITDA, PBT etc b. Balance sheet ratios: Debt Equity, Current ratio, etc Quarterly includes – Forming Part of Board of Director a. Quarterly Profitability of Tools and Hardware Biz b. Taking care of Corporate requirement like Forecasting of Profitability, Cashflow, Balance sheet and Working Capital.

C. Forecasting Financials- Monthly

1. Preparation of the monthly forecasts with the changes based on the changes in the Economic scenario

2. Communication / Presentation to the management about the Forecast changes and showing the variances between the Budgets and Forecast. 3. Ensuring corrective course of action for achieving the financials objectives set by the Group.

Career Aspiration:

I see the Financial Analyst is a Key Position in the organization in terms of pointing out the areas of Strengths and Improvement. I am Management Accountant by Heart, by Mind and by profession and keen to facilitate achieve organizational objectives. Package:

Current CTC:Rs 30.0 Lac pa

Expected CTC : CAD 1.4 Lac pa + OTFS+ Housing + Travel References:

My Current Boss: Mr. Srinivasan Ganpathy (Director Finance), JK Files(I) Ltd,

(M) 992*******

My Ex Boss: Mr. Vinod Verma (Director Finance), JK Files(I) Ltd, (M) 982*******

2) Worked with Baskin Robbins Franchise Co. Pvt. Ltd. as Manager- MIS (From April ‘2005 till 12th Sept ‘2005) -

I was Over All In-Charge of the MIS department (primarily in to implementation of a software suitable for the Parlors’ Front Office). I was heading a team of 3 people based at North, South and East. I had to get them trained and attend the problem faced at their end. As a part of my job, I had to co-ordinate with the Shawman, the Software providers and get the regional problem solved.

I was designing the Reports for the Management, based on which the Management could take the strategic decisions like Reviewing the Selling Prices, Products to concentrate / focus over,

Daily Reports-

1 Generation of Flash Report giving Menu Mix Sales, Delivery sales as % of Net Sales, Region wise sales analysis of hand packs, beverages, etc. 2 Also, I reviewed and send to the Operations, the daily dispatch details from Pune factory to various location.

Periodic Reporting-

1 Preparation of the Distributor MIS detailing the dispatches from various distributors to parlors, Institutions, etc.

I.T. Related Areas-

1 Getting the POS (Point Of Sales) implemented at the parlor level. 2 Handling the quarries from the parlor relating to the POS . 3) Worked with Dodsal Corp. Pvt. Ltd. as Assistant Manager- Costing (More than 3 years) (Aug ‘2001 till March ‘2005) looked after- MIS Reporting Areas -

Daily Sales Report (DSR ) for all the stores and Management . 1) Taking the sales trends on daily, monthly and yearly bases, and comparing the same with the previous year.

2) Giving the sales comparison based on the Delco (Delivery and Carry Out), RBD (Restaurant Based Dine In) and total company

Preparing the Profit and Loss account based on various bases for MIS purpose. 1) Taking the depreciation on different bases for MIS purpose. 2) Allocation of certain expenses like major refurbishment, etc. over certain period for MIS purpose.

Inventory valuation for Bank -

1) Providing the inventory valuation to Bank

Scenario analysis based on the Management’s Requirements 1) Projected food cost given current details and change in Material Price, Cost, Tax, etc .

2) Impact of Change in the Selling price on current food cost and profits 3) Impact of Changing the source of Raw material on the profitability . 4) Comparison of Food cost of other franchisees with DCPL food cost and find the areas of concern .

5) Preparation and analysis of Budgets Vs actual sales and costs for each stores on Year-to-date bases for the stores in Operation . Costing Areas -

Working the Food cost for all the stores in operation. 1) Based on the recipes, the comparison of the actual and the menu mix food cost (raw material wise) in monetary and quantitative terms . 2) Reporting the wastages in Raw and Finished categories 3) Comparison of the food cost based on the RBDs, Delcos. 4) Worked With Novartis Enterprises Pvt Ltd as Executive -Finance (May ‘2000 to July ‘2001)

1) Bill processing and making payment

2) Statutory payments like ESIC, PF, Works Contract Tax for Turbhe Site . 3) Complied the Bulk Drug Cost Audit workings for year 1999-2000. 4) Preparing the Works Contract Tax (WCT) certificates, and Form A . 5) Preparation of monthly Accounting Schedules .

5) Worked With Cadbury India Ltd.(Thane factory) as Cost Trainee (Nov ‘1998 to April ‘2000)

1) Preparing the MER (Manufacturing Efficiency Report) pages. Providing the Usage variances, Production, Man power, etc pages 2) Preparation and analysis of Usage Variance Report. Providing the Section wise (Mould, count, Gems, etc) consumption analysis Actual Vs. Standard

3) Passing the periodic Standard Costing entries.

4) Assisting to prepare the Budget for Thane factory. 5) Specific tasks like DGTD, Excise, Engineering rate working 6) Actual costing for all the factories (incl. Allocation and absorption of the overheads).

7) Generation various SAP reports like consumption, TDS certificates, etc. Regards,

Prashant Gupte.

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