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Aerospace engineer

Rome, Italy
September 24, 2020

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tools used

Programming languages:

MatLab, Python,


Used softwares:

MatLab, Marc,

Wordpress, FreeCAD,

MeshMixer, Cura, Office

(Word, Excel,

Powerpoint), TexWork


Silver Military Star of the

Ministry of Defense

Bronze Medal of Honor

for Sports from the

Italian Olympic



2020 Master’s degree in Space and Astronautics Engineering Thesis: Conceptual mission study for the analysis of Uranus gravitational field

Supervisor: Prof. Luciano Iess

Università La Sapienza di Roma

2017 Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering

Thesis: Orbital analysis of an atmosferic skimmer on Venus Supervisor: Prof. Luciano Iess

Università La Sapienza di Roma

2013 Classical High School Diploma

Liceo Classico Orazio, Roma

Leonardo Affede


Birth: 04.26.1994 in Rome

Address: Via Gargano 26, 00141, Rome, Italy

Mobile: +39-338-****-***


Professional profile

I developed skills in learning, implementation, problem solving, interpersonal relationship and achievement of results in multiple areas. I have a humanistic cultural background, provided by my classical education during the high school, and technical, thanks to the scientific studies at university, to which I joined an elite sports career in the Italian National Fencing Team, achieving important national and international results and being part of the Sports Group of the Italian State Police. My strong passion for science fiction led me to acquire skills in conception, design and creation of collectible objects, in 3D printing, in development and management of Facebook and Instagram pages, websites and in editing specialist articles.

Work experiences

09/2020 – present

Technical project supervisor

Ministry of the Interior – Italian State Police

Central Directorate for General Affairs

Coordination office of sporting groups

• Technical supervision for the upgrading of sports facilities of the Italian State Police

2011 – present

Professional Athlete of the Italian National Fencing Team Elite athlete, part of National Team and of the sporting department of the Italian State Police.

• Reached several results in national, international and olympic competition;

Extra skills

Sailor and skipper with no

limit sailing and motor


Main sports


2 x Gold Medalist at

Italian Senior


Gold and Silver Medalist

at I Summer Youth

Olympic Games of

Singapore 2010

Bronze Medalist at


Universiade of Gwangju

2015, North Korea

Gold Medalist at U23

European Championships


Tblisi, Georgia

Gold Medalist at U20 World

Championships -

Plovdiv, Bulgaria


and scholarships

Scholarship 'Mario Negri'

for academic merits

achieved for 6 consecutive

years during middle and

high school studies.

Winner of the competition

for recruitment in the

Sports Group of the

Italian State Police as

professional elite athlete.

Main experiences abroad

2015 Gwangju, South Korea - Universiade

One month experience in an international university and sports context, enriched by relationships and cooperations with people from all over the world, skilled in the most differnet fields.

In the sports competition I won the Bronze Medal in fencing, competing with 100 athletes from all over the world. 2013 Moscow, Russia

Joint training with the Russian National Fencing Team. 2010 Singapore - Youth Olympic Games

One-month Olympic experience with young people from all over the world and from several and diverse socio-cultural origins. Training experiences of multiple kinds organized by the CIO (International Olympic Committee).

I won Gold Medal and Silver Medal in team and individual fencing competition.

Skills and competencies

• Determination in achieving results – elaborated in my long agonistic career as high level athlete;

• Teamworking attitude - developed thanks to the presence of team competition in my sport, where it is necessary to cooperate with teammates to be able to achieve victory;

• Group management - developed during my training in the Italian State Police where I was the classroom head of my course and thanks to the experiences as sailing skipper;

• Efficiency and perseverance - obtained thanks to my activity as a student and elite sportsman which led me to have to organize my time in the most productive way;

• Fast adaptation in new and different enviroments - developed attending numerous international trips during my sports career;

• Public speaking and verbal communication attitude - acquired thanks to my role as speaker and testimonial in the numerous public events of the State Police and thanks to the experiences in press conferences and interviews held in both Italian and English during my sports career;

• Design, drawing, printing and finishing of 3D objects - acquired thanks to the passion for sci-fi and my business in making unique collectible items.

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