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Program Management, Quality Management, Engineering Management

Rancho Santa Fe, CA
September 25, 2020

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SHEKAR VISWANATHAN, Ph.D., MBA., P.E. 858-***-**** Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091 PRODUCT MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Strategic Analysis Manufacturing Management Product Development Systems Design and Analysis Risk Management KEY EXPERIENCE and VALUES

• Thirty years of engineering management in addition to fifteen years of product development, software development, system integration, and implementation and operations management.

• Program management experience including the development of patented continuous monitors requiring software development for the operation, data collection and analysis, and EPA compliance reporting.

• Twenty years of management experience dealing with government and industries providing services such as expert testimonies, system compliance services, software development, and permit application preparation.

• Trained as Quality expert (Equivalent to Black Belt Certification and Lean Six Sigma) by Phil Crosby Quality College to reduce inefficiencies, and increase profit and operations excellence

• Extensive customer support expertise with all phases of product development from concept development to customer support of fielded systems


• Technical and administrative leadership in leading people and managing processes

• Versatile operations executive whose business skills result in increased revenue and reduced costs.

• Strong leader and change agent skilled in initiating process reengineering and quality improvements.

• Expert communicator who adapts to all business protocols within domestic and international environments

• Open-door management style allows for clear goal setting and individual responsibility to achieve objectives.



Professor, Department of Engineering and Computing Started with the school of business and helped form engineering and computing school. Introduced many new degree programs including engineering management, systems engineering, biomedical instrumentation technology, construction management, environmental engineering, and enterprise architecture. Performance Highlights:

• Worked as Program Director of several programs including Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Construction Management, Manufacturing Design and Homeland Security and Safety Engineering programs including program content and design, student management (over 700 and a budget of $6MM),

• Participated in the development of a unique SAW sensor as a technical consultant for the measurement of explosives including software development for sample acquisition, application development, and analysis

• Developed several system engineering modeling solutions including development of an assessment model for predicting public electric vehicle charging stations in San Diego and How to prepare for wildfire by hospitals in San Diego county

• Performed several energy related projects for San Diego Gas and Electric / Sempra Energy

• Built cross-departmental teams, analyzed cross-departmental programs and workflow and led people to resolve issues of ownership, accountability, productivity, quality of service and programming. Experience motivating collaboration among disparate groups to solve problems and achieve key strategic milestones.

• Managed many departmental, University and Institutional initiatives including program effectiveness assessment, WASC accreditation and talent recruitment, coaching and retention

• Developed and taught graduate courses in Project and Operations Management, Systems Engineering and Design, System Modeling, Technology and Innovation Management, Project Finance, Software Quality Engineering, Quality management and capstone projects; 1720 students in 94 different courses SHEKAR VISWANATHAN


• Participated as a member of the design and implementation team for the development of enterprise software “SOAR” by Peoplesoft.

• Developed industry and DoD alliances for offering several degree programs including undergraduate engineering courses and graduate project management courses leading to PMP certification SUMASOFT/CYPORION 07’00-06’02

Senior Vice President, 2000 – 2002

Responsible for these two start up groups including multiple levels of staff up to 30 FTE’s and administered program budgets more than $3MM.

Performance Highlights:

• Managed all project coordination related to software engineering including the development and rollout of a complex, highly transactional systems to create this patentable technology for Electronic Data Systems / Hewlett Packard software group

• Performed requirements gathering and analysis, estimated the time required for project completion, prepared schedules, designed documentation, design reviews and development, testing and deployment of application enhancements, as well as project planning.

• Helped shape the agile process (scrum, test driven development, pair programming, continuous integration) for all development within the team to deliver core functionality that provided tangible business benefit within agreed timescales.


Associate Professor and Research Director – Secured a grant of over $1.1MM competitively Performance Highlights:

• Taught over 18 graduate courses in advanced numerical methods, Biofilter development, statistical analysis and design engineering

• Developed course materials for Engineering courses taught and published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals; Also taught online courses in MBA program for University of Phoenix in areas such as quality management, Product development and management, Operations management, Software engineering, Advanced System Design and Project Management.


Subsidiaries of Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. & Waste Management Inc. Vice President and General Manager & Vice President and General Manager South and Central America Responsible for system design and development, assembly, marketing, sales and service of continuous emission monitors for stack and ambient pollution measurements (Electro-mechanical Manufacturing) in North America. Performance Highlights:

• Managed a 50 - person operation and produced $2.5 MM net profit on $25 MM of revenue within one year.

• Developed a novel measurement monitoring system (product) for the measurement of mercury and its derivatives, nitrogen oxide compounds, and ammonia including system integration and software development for EPA reporting and compliance (One of the best in the industry).

• Managed 8 country operations including Mexico to Argentina and managed $50MM sales operations ABB ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING SYSTEMS, INC. 08’89-08’93 Subsidiary of Asea Brown Boveri, Inc., Switzerland Vice President and General Manager

Obtained regulatory approval in record time for new type of long path monitors using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technology that measured ambient, process and stack gases and generated 30% growth SHEKAR VISWANATHAN


over 3 years. Responsible for all operations, including regulatory approval, system design, assembly (electro- mechanical manufacturing), software development, marketing, sales and service of ambient and stack monitors in the U.S. and Far East Asia. In addition, participated as a member in the ABB corporate power plant accounts. Performance Highlights:

• Developed and introduced new monitor for the measurement of ambient and stack gases (Organic and Inorganic compounds) and obtained regulatory approval in record time.

• Managed this new venture which produced revenue of $10 MM in the first three years and grew 30% over the next five years.

• Developed a novel software for online calibration, compliance reporting and auditing CLAYTON ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD. 01’81-08’89 Subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan, Inc., U.S.A.

Vice President & General Manager - Canadian Operations Managed and directed all consulting activities, including industrial hygiene, testing, engineering design, software development and AIHA accredited analytical laboratory services. Grew Canadian operation from 1- location / 2- person office to 2 locations and 42 employees and generated $700k pretax income in $4.2 MM revenue within two years.

Performance Highlights:

• Conducted Environmental Impairment Liability Audits for brokers to obtain environmental impairment liability insurance.

• Participated as a lead quality expert on Exxon Valdez spill cleanup for the U.S. Government with unique software developed to track extent of clean up

• Assisted industrial clients in developing and maintaining corporate-wide occupational health and environmental control programs.


• Product development, Program management, Systems design, integration, software and algorithm development, statistical modeling and analysis, mathematical modeling, and numerical analysis

• Extensive CRO/CMO management experience; Expert in MS Project usage

• Intimate knowledge of Earned Value Management and Control Account Management Systems AWARDS

• National University Presidential and Scholar Awards (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2009,2011),

• National University Presidential Professoriate Award (2006, 2008)

• National University Faculty Distinguished Scholarship Award (2006)

• Best Alumni Award of National Institute of Technology (2012) EDUCATION

• Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), MBA (General Management), and Several Management Courses through private and University based programs including Phil Crosby Quality College (equivalent to Black Belt).

• Professional Engineer - State of Arizona (was registered in a number of states before) - # 30621 PERSONAL

• US Citizen; Active community leader of several non-profits including, American Lung Association and Board of Trustees of Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego ($300K Non Profit Corp), The Ravi Shankar Foundation, and Silicon Andhra University

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