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Health Manager

Beirut, Lebanon
September 23, 2020

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Mr. Gregoire Hanna

Bldg. Hanna

Beirut – Lebanon - Metn – Bsalim Mobile phone: (961-********

Lebanese – Married Email:


A challenging growth-oriented management position in TPA, Hospital, insurance, Reinsurance, HIS and Health Care institutions

Experience and Trainings:

GlobeMed Lebanon (November 2014 – Current)

Network Relations Manager November 2014 – Current Main Tasks: Manage 9 employees (Hospitals Unit – OUT providers unit – business analysis unit) – finalize contracting with providers- negotiate and approve hospitals tariff rates, volume rebates and Admin fees

– Maintain profitable Loss ratio for the companies served by GlobeMed- interpret and analyze medical

& administrative data preparing for negotiations – Maintain best relations with all hospital Managers – work closely with hospital Software providers ( HIS providers ) in order to push for automation at all claims processing reconciliation & financial aspects- Maintain best relations with all Orders

(Hospitals/Doctors/Pharmacists/Physiotherapists…)- perform monthly Service Level Meetings with Providers – analyze and issue reports measuring different bills weights, frequency & severity of claims, medical Outcomes, Episodes comparison, rate impact simulations … – create new concepts and models with providers- create Value Based Payment Models with contracted– leading negotiations with Hospital Cartels–supervise providers training on our online portals – perform Quarterly audit on Tariff data implementation …

Bellevue Medical Center ( ) September 2010 – October 2014

Admission, Billing & collection manager and cost controller / Member of the financial committee.

Main tasks: manage 17 employees (admission – billing IN/OUT/ER – collection) - third party tariffs and contract studies and negotiations-departmental cost studies (CATH/LAB - IVF – PHSYCHIATRY) followed by pricing methods and market pricing survey- monthly (general/departmental/physician ) sales analysis report- patient mix advisory – cost studies per procedure – comparative guarantor pricing per procedure reports - collection reporting TPP's Adjustments – cost and market studies leading to cut-rates ( bariatric surgeries – obgyn – plastic – cath/lab – neuro surgeries) - departmental efficiency ratios – weekly audit on the billing procedure/ floor medical file VS bill audit – billing department process reengineering - cost studies ( L-R-ROOM & BOARD – NOP … ) – reengineering of the existing ABC staff daily processes- turned off Medpoint by ACT and launched CT serv with all its fields/data entry/training and launching … SOLMED JANUARY 2010 – September 2010

Consultant in health management and health financials SOLMED is a Lebanese firm that assures consultancy and outsourcing for managerial services for hospitals and healthcare institutions (Finance-HR-Biomedical engineering – marketing and advertisement-clinical studies-quality …). In addition to the consultancy's I offer through SOLMED, I have written, estimated and calculated its 5 years projected Business Plan as my final MBAIP thesis project. Life Healthcare December 2009- May 2010

Consultant in health management and health financials Life Health Management is a Lebanese-Kuwaiti firm that is implementing the "Multi-hospital System" in Lebanon and the Arab region.

Writing policies and procedures for the financial department of the firm and its hospitals (financial analyst and costing administrator – billing and contract administrator – financial department and CFO- Chief Accountant – hospital financial risk assessment ), and implementing the firm's required standard's in its new hospitals.

Middle East institute of health ( ) April 2005 –June 2010

Costing and contract administrator ( December 2009 – June 2010 ) Main tasks: cost analysis – contract administrating and pricing on the software (DMS)– payback auditor

– collect and analyze data to prepare statistical reports – prepare tariff rates for third party payers- analyze the hospital financial statements (balance sheet – profit and loss table)

Senior Admission, Billing and Financial collection administrator ( September 2007 – December 2009 )

The ABC department is formed of 8 employees (3 admission clerks - 2 financial collectors - 2 billing clerks

– 1 cashier).As manager of this department I tried to form a competitive and efficient team especially that our department demands employees who works with a wide range of people (patients – managers

– supervisors – third payer’s insurance representatives …

Global experience in many different positions / achievements: Costing and contracting department / Admission and Cashier department / Billing and collecting department/ OPD department / purchasing department/ Developing a new Hospital Administrative Employee Evaluation system/ study on waiting lines and overstaffed admission and billing department/ strategic and SWOT analysis to the billing department / creation of the costing and contract department

Academic Background:

Université Paris 1 PANTHEON_ SORBONNE & DAUPHINE université-paris- USJ Liban - MBA - hospital and health management - (2010)

Lebanese university, faculty of business and economic sciences Bachelor in economics -Banking and Financial Economics- (2006) Ecole St. Georges – Bsalim – Lebanon

Lebanese baccalaureate in economy and sociology section (2003)

Academic Projects,

MBA thesis : 5 years business plan for the company SOLMED ( consulting and outsourcing managerial services for hospitals and healthcare institutions/ impact of creation of a Group of hospitals on the Lebanese market and stakeholders )


1. strategic analysis of the “ admission – billing – financial collection department “ 2. health financial report : economic, financial and liquidity ratio analysis – income statement and Balance analysis – SIG(soldes intermediaires de gestion) 3. Marketing Of pharmaceutical products.

4. Improvement of patients waiting time on admission and discharge: techniques and procedures of evaluation and correction.

5. introduction of Magnet and 180 rater evaluation system into AUBMC ( American university OF BEIRUTH MEDICAL CENTER )

6. Balance scorecard introduction into hospital management 7. ABC (activity based costing) and ABM (activity based management) calculation and organization helping to make decisions in the dialysis department at the hospital.

Lebanese university :

1- Bourse de Beirut: equities, transactions.

2- The psychology of the consumer.

3- Alfa communication provider status.

4- International monetary relations.

professional projects :

implementation of T4T ( Travel For Treatment ) program: 1. It’s a program related Iraqi private patients traveling towards the Lebanese hospitals market via GlobeMed for treatment

Pricing project of Health Cost/Head for the Lebanese Ministry of Health 1. We participated within the team from GlobeMed to help Minister of health to price the Health cost / head based on multiple variables

Introduction & development of the 1st “ Value Based Payments Model “ with hospitals in the Lebanese market

1. Based on the main literature and philosophy of OBAMACARE on creating Value Based Payment Models ( Pay for Performance ), introducing this new model & measuring the Outcomes (Medical/Financial/Patient Satisfaction) of the Providers and link it to their increase request negotiations

Lebanese Hospitals Classification Project

1. I have worked on the project with my team to set a clear list of criteria and scoring scenarios allowing to classify the hospitals in the Lebanese market

Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) for the “hospital Patient Discharge Process” 1. I have worked on reducing the discharge process by reviewing all steps from the Doctors Order of discharge till the cleaning staff finishes the cleaning process, we succeded to speed up with the discharge process and were able to improve occupancy rate

IOF (international osteoporosis foundation) Study title: “National Osteoporosis Epidemiological and Economic Impact Analysis “,( international osteoporosis foundation ): 1. Study title : “ National Osteoporosis Epidemiological And Economic Impact Analysis

“ I have worked on costing and pricing of different procedures, in order to compare the cost of hip fractures and diseases with 5 other diseases ( breast cancer – ovarian cancer – prostate cancer – heart diseases – pulmonary diseases ), this study was projected ( with the assumption of the same cost/patient and taking the current monetary value ) on to the national level and compared to international values, and for 2020 and 2050.the study was under the supervision of the Lead Author of the project Prof. Ghassan Maalouf.

professional projects, trainings, seminars and courses :

Better Business Negotiation – Master Class

Global Health Diplomacy Workshop

concept & application in quality & hospital accreditation

Budgeting Process and Application

Revenue Management in Hospitals

Management en temps de crise Par Carlos Ghosn

Heath and media

Accréditation of Heath care institutions

National Hospital Accreditation, training seminar

Critical Skills For Profitable Negotiations “

St. Joseph university Beirut :

1. Management en temps de crise Par Carlos Ghosn, seminar. 2. Heath and media, course.

3. Accréditation of Heath care institutions (Accréditation des institutions de santé), course.

4. Inter cultural environment and business negotiation (Négociation d'affaires et environnement interculturel), course.

5. Dynamisation de la performance et gestion du temps, course. 6. Montages Juridiques, course.

Computer knowledge:

Hospital management systems:


MedPoint by


Office automation software: Microsoft Office


English, French (fluent)

Arabic: Native Language

Basic Chinese


Associative: Head organizer of the MJO activities (social and youth group) Camping management (USJ certification)

Member of SEM choir for Byzantine chants (hold a Diploma from the Hellenic Greek Conservatory in Byzantine Music)


Tennis, Table – Tennis, Football, Basket ball


Cinéma, camping, music classique (Rachmaninoff Fan), Byzantine

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