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Manager Sales

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
September 24, 2020

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Industry Proffered: Supply Chain Management, FMCG, Transport Companies, 3PL Logistics, Highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in managing integrated Transport/Logistics Operations & Fleet Management Program that exceed productivity goals, Astute in identifying operational requirements, creating action implementation plans and effectively coordinating with cross functional teams to achieve objectives Skilled in materials management and Transport / Logistics Operations. Demonstrated ability to implement effective process controls and quality improvement initiatives career history of providing superior staff development and client service.





Materials Needs




Filed Support Services Manpower Analysis Team Performance

Strategic Planning Inventory Tracking Expense Control

Fleet Management Cost Containment Invoice Development

Employee Training Operations Programs Personnel Management

Tender Participation General Services

Contract Negotiation

Additional expertise includes:

Combine leadership and management skills to maximize asset in Logistics/ Transport/ Fleet management and execution – quickly resolve issues (Fleet & manpower management) that hinder progress and create operational discord.

Highly articulate and effective communicator; work well with individuals on all levels. Recognized as a resource person, problem solver and team leader. SCHOLASTIC

• 1991 - Diploma in Mechanical Engineering- Fr. Angel’s Technical Institute Mumbai. – Indian.



Implemented Oracle Transport Management which features: o Low transportation cost.

o Improve 3PL partner performance and reliability. o Maximum Fleet & Reefers Optimization.

o Setting up K.P.I.`s in System report.

o Visibility on Delivery`s to Distribution center + vehicle ETA to Dairy Hub. TRAININGS

2009 ISO certification auditing skills International Training Riyadh 2011 Castrol Technical Training Al Khoaref-(Dubai) 2014 Business Communications Spearhead (Dubai) Riyadh KSA 2014 Project Management Spearhead (Dubai) in Riyadh 2015 Team Performance Management & Measurement Meirc (Dubai) Riyadh KSA 2015 7 Habits of Highly Effectiveness Spearhead (Dubai) Riyadh KSA IT Skills:

MS Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint), Internet & E-Mail Applications (Outlook) Experience and knowledge with Oracle-OTM & WMS in ERP Applications.6 + SAP PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Fraikin Dayim Commercial Rental

Customer Service Operations Manager January`2020 till to-date Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

Scope of Work and responsibilities include:

• Lead and manage all Fraikin resources and third-party service partners to ensure that Fraikin’s customer service charter is consistently met.

• Ensure that the level of service defined in the customer service charter is always a priority over cost and that all related decisions are made accordingly.

• Be the primary contact for all customers with the defined region

• Be highly competent on the use and presentation of the Fraikin Fleet Performance Management system including the mobile device applications – thus capable to train the customer.

• Responsible for a Fleet of 400 Commercial vehicles In Central, Eastern, Northern & Southern of Saudi Arabia.

• Plan appointment time windows that suit the customers.

• Assigning work and configure start and end timings.

• On time Preventive maintenance on vehicles as per check list with different category.

• System alerts on vehicles with Man Win Win- ERP + Afaqy for next service before 1500 KMS.

• Motor Vehicle periodic maintenance on Vehicles to avoid traffic Fines.

• Monthly Inventory of Spares as per request and consumption with cost.

• Manage all direct and external resources to ensure that Fraikin meet the Operational Service targets.

• Build strong and effective relationships with each customer consistent with the stakeholder network defined by the Commercial Sales Director

• Handling Budget and maintaining the Actual to avoid additional cost. National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing (NFFPM) Transport Operations Manager November`2017 to December`2020 (U.A.E.)

Scope of Work and responsibilities include:

• Responsible for Fleet management and overall, 150 Fleet maintenance of Trailers, Tippers, Forklifts & Shovels (wheel loaders)

• Responsible all 150 Company vehicles documentation (Mulkiya & Insurance, SALIK, Traffic fines, RFID ADNOC Fueling system & GPS) in Mussafah & Jebel Ali Plant.

• Fuel quota as per vehicle route and swapping vehicles every 03 months as per KMS.

• Managing the Fleet budget cost by maintaining the Fleet history thru SAP system.

• Manages and ensures all inbound shipments and Outbound are managed accordingly to pre-defined off loading and clearance performance criteria.

• Maintaining Spare parts stocks as per the flow of Fast, slow movement on vehicles and heavy equipment’s.

• Handling 3PL Transportation schedule of next day as per route allocation and direct customer requirement as per reverse logistics.

• Directing transportation services, ensuring all costs and performance criteria are achieved. Designs and implements continuous improvement objectives across both Primary and Secondary transportation ensuring both internal and external customer needs are continuously and fully met right time, right place, right cost, right quality

• Assesses incidents, complaints, etc. (e.g. safety issues, transportation routes, legal issues, department staffing, etc.) for the purpose of resolving or recommending a resolution to the situation.

• Collaborates with internal and external personnel (e.g. other administrators, public agencies, parents, transportation regulation agencies, vendors, etc.) for the purpose of implementing and maintaining services and programs.

• Develops and monitors budget allocations, expenditures, fund balances and related financial activities for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget limits and/or fiscal practices are followed.

• Directs department operations (e.g. budgeting, safety programs, site inspections, preventive maintenance, etc.) for the purpose of providing services within established time frames and in compliance with related requirements.

• Facilitates and participates in meetings and workshops, etc. for the purpose of identifying issues, developing recommendations, supporting other staff, and serving as a District representative.

• Inspects all aspects District transportation services for the purpose of ensuring that transportation activities are completed efficiently, and within regulatory requirements and customer delivery goals.

• Performs personnel functions (e.g. interviewing, evaluating, supervising, counseling, disciplining, directing, training, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining adequate staffing, enhancing productivity of personnel and achieving department objectives within budget.

• Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g. bid specifications, correspondence, memos, reports, policy/procedures, budget, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and conveying information.

• Researches new equipment / vehicles, laws, regulations, etc. for the purpose of recommending purchases, contracts and proper maintenance of district wide services.

• Responds to emergency situations during and after standard hours for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.

National Agricultural Development Company- NADEC Dairy & Beverages National Fleet & Transport Manager August`2012 to October`2017 (K.S.A.& Gulf)

Scope of Work and responsibilities include:

• Assumes responsibility for assisting in the development and implementation of effective Transportation planning, budgeting, policies, and procedures.

• Handling 350 Company Long haul fleet maintenance with pre trip check before departure from Dairy plant covering Central & Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia with limited mileage.

• Planning 3PL vehicles to Long distance –Western, South & Norther Region of Saudi Arabia.

• Executes established goals and ensures that Transportation policies support and complement Company strategies, mission, vision, and values.

• Meets regularly with NADEC DC to obtain information and feedback on the performance, receive complaints, and analyzes sales needs and expectations.

• Ensures that excellent, professional communications are maintained with NADEC DC.

• Ensures that all NADEC DC expectations are met or exceeded. Ensures on-time delivery of products & services.

• Plans equipment and determines rental requirements and maintenance needs. Implements and maintains operation of computerized on-board and navigation systems.

• Assumes responsibility for ensuring that Transportation operations meets or exceeds safety and regulatory standards. Maintain safety records for all drivers.

• Ensures that personnel understand and implement safety and regulatory policies and procedures.

• Provides leadership through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication. Maintains a good information flow. Ensures personnel are timely and thoroughly informed. Conducts meetings to inform, train, and seek solutions for identified problems. Ensures employees understand Company policies and procedures and the importance of customer service.

• Identifies training needs and develops and implements programs to meet them. Follows-up on employee training (e.g., customer service, equipment, and safety training) to ensure effective implementation. Cross -trains employees.

• Promotes teamwork. Encourages employee involvement, suggestions, and problem solving.

• Conducts performance appraisals as required. Provides feedback and suggestions to improve employee performance. Works with employees to establish performance goals. Formulates and implements corrective actions as needed and ensures that all employees are treated fairly and consistently. Corrects employee problems promptly.

• Set up the division operational SOP’s, and KPI’s to effectively manage department performance and activities.

• Develop and monitor Transport strategy and network to improve flow of Dairy products from Harad Dairy plant to all Regions of KSA & Gulf.

• Perform of financial cost analysis in order to develop financially viable plans, proposal and budgets of SAR 65 Million.

• Analyzes transportation cost performance, including resolving variances to planned costs.

• All transportation sourcing within the inbound/outbound multiple transportation carrier relationships across multiple modes.

• Work with ERP to strategically align products transportation cost to serve with business requirements. Develop and execute transportation sourcing strategies to support NADEC Sales.

• Manage all expenses in order to find cost saving opportunities and ensure compliance by all carriers & services providers with agreed rates.

• Keeps management informed of area activities and of any significant concerns.

Performance Measurements:

• Service is consistently provided as per NADEC DC- Sales expectations are met or exceeded. Deliveries are on time and meet established standards. Problems are promptly, courteously, and permanently resolved. The Company's professional reputation is maintained and projected.

• Transportation functions are compliant in accordance with established policies, procedures, safety, Federal, State and local laws and regulatory standards.

• Personnel are effective, efficient, optimally utilized, and appropriately informed.

• Employees are assisted and supported as needed. Performance appraisals are conducted as required and suggestions for improved performance are provided. Employees are treated fairly and consistently. Retain positive internal and external customer relations.

• Costs are monitored and controlled. Suggestions for improved productivity and service are provided.

• Good coordination and working relations exist with related departments and units. Assistance is provided as needed.

• Manage all Transport Operations and Border clearance to ensure best services are provided with, meeting the center arrival time.

• Establish direct contact with various suppliers and 3PL service providers to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

• Establish direct contact with various authorities to enhance communication in terms of regulation compliance and new roles & regulations.

• Manage day-to-day activities of freight employees and assign tasks as needed based on urgency and workload.

• Handle high quality of internal administration and traceability of shipments.

• Train staff on all internal process, procedures, and tools to facilitate daily responsibilities.

• Monitor operational performance through a set of K.P. I’s.

• Perform personnel functions such as interviewing, evaluating, counselling, training, and directing.

• Recommendation of new hires, promotions, and developments to ensure productivity of staff.

• Provide management with Daily / Monthly reports of all 3PL & In-house Transport activities.

National Agricultural Development Company-NADEC Foods’s Regional Fleet Manager May`2010 to August`2012 (K.S.A.)

Scope of Work and responsibilities include:

• Responsible for fleet management and maintenance of 250 Sales van with cooling units. 125 cars 7cold stores belong to Dairy subsidiaries.

• Depot management of nine depot located in Central & Northern part of Saudi-Arabia. From Riyadh to Qurayat & Wadi Dawasir.

• Responsible all 200 vehicles documentation (Istemara, Insurance and Al Drees RFID Fueling system)

• Responsible for maintenance 15,000 different types Coolers allocated to the customers with in the entire Central region such as SANDEN, EVEREST.

• Advance technology for the local installations and maintenance of Cooler for the sales van for entire region.

• Providing necessary Technical, Administration and Management Training to the staff.

• Materials management and procurements from local supplier and credit supplier for Coolers, Cooling units and various brand vehicles and international principal companies through Oracle system

• Well experienced in depot developments and coordinating with facility leasing and renting related issues.

• High experienced in facility management such as Fleet and Facility maintenance.

• Well versed in depot and workshop developments activates.

• HSE and safety regulations.

• ISO certification accreditation project is under implementation for all Nine depot.

• Many depots upgrading and facility job done in Central Region.

• Policy and procedures for purchase of the Materials for the day to day operations.

• Cooling unit calibration project in place.

The Coca Cola Bottling Company, Riyadh, KSA

Cold Drinks Supervisor May 2004 to Feb`2010

Scope of Work and responsibilities include:

• Meetings with Regional Manager for New coolers budget plan.

• Allocating coolers to other Regions with concern to Operational Manager.

• Meetings with Foreman on Quarterly basis for Coolers Preventive maintenance, Maintenance cost, spare parts storage in warehouses as per fast moving stock.

• Visiting Depots to check out the coolers being repaired in Warehouse as well as Market visit in Trade to check the cooler execution.

• Approving Purchase orders on LPO (Local Purchase order) & FPO (Foreign Purchase orders)

• Forecasting budget for new coolers as per the required volume & sales for prior year.

• Coolers which are more than 05-years performed in trade, sending the request to finance for write off approvals.

• Forecasting yearly budget plans on Spare parts & utilizing Spares parts with limited expense.

• Controlling the cost on Spare parts with the Year to date & month to date budget on present year compared to prior year.

• Controlling the inventory with Minimum spares & Maximum output’s

• Negotiating with Suppliers for giving the best rates on spare parts as well as having control on the consumption for all the locations in the region.

• Compiling reports from all Depots & analyzing the Equipment movements along with the repairs & spare consumption.

• Analyzing Consumption on Spare parts on cost per cooler as per the budget on Year to Date (YTD) / Month to Date (MTD) versus prior year. The Coca Cola Bottling Company, Riyadh, KSA

Cold Drinks Foreman: June 1997 to April 2004

Scope of work and responsibilities include:

• Handling 17-Technicians / 04-helpers for allocating jobs / planning vacations schedules / replacements

• Handling all Sales contracts on Equipment Placements / replacements etc. distributing the jobs to the Foreman.

• Handling Key Account outlets such as McDonalds / Burger King in Fountain Equipment’s

• Preparing Schedule Quality Maintenance program`s me standard on McDonalds & Burger King every quarterly.

• Visiting outlets to check the Fountain machine performance along with its Quality on Syrup age / Carbonation Taste & temperature on drinks.

• Preparing Schedule trucks in the morning, for loading of Spare parts and equipment’s like Cooler, Fountain & Vending Machines.

• Trucks are loaded as per the route sequence in one area then managing the Call Sheets, Inventory etc.

• Preparing Daily Status Reports / Weekly Status Reports & Monthly Reports of Coolers, Fountain & Vending Machines.

• Preparing Monthly Equipment movement report along with spare consumption report.

• Analyzing the spares consumption by coolers / dispensers. Working within the budget plans on Spare parts & utilizing Spares parts with limited expense.

• Ensuring all the Job Cards are completed in all respects and updated in the system.

• Equipment’s & Spares are controlled & distributed in Depots such as Buraidah, Dawadmi & Hail & all the accounting aspects of these places.

• Controlling the cost on Spare parts with the Year to date & month to date budget on present year compared to prior year.

The Taj Group of Hotels` Mumbai- India

Reservation Executive March 1996 to May 1997

Assistant Reservation Executive reporting to Sales Manager

Responsibilities & Duties:

• Handling rates of different Travel Agents & Tour Operators.

• Responsible for confidentiality of data storage and enhancement, which also

• Includes database backup and restoration system, security and storage with anti- Virus protection...

• Procuring list for specific Mailers for Direct Marketing.

• Entering rates on Tour operator / Travel agents as per Taj rates. PERSONAL DETAILS:

Date of Birth : 23rd November`1971

Driving License : U.A.E & Saudi Arabia Light Vehicle Passport Details : Z 5309280 valid Up to: October`2029 Language : English, Hindi, Arabic

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