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Engineer Accounting

Dammam, Eastern, Saudi Arabia
September 24, 2020

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Non-Business Use

R E S U M E Parvez Pasha B’Com, PGDBA (Fin)

Login: pashapx ID: 8102453

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Bachelor of Commerce B’Com Al-Ameen College – 1992, Bangalore.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration(Finance) DBA(Fin) St. Joseph College of Business Administration – 1994. Bangalore.

Diploma in Computer Application. 1992 Mansha Compu Services. DCA TRAININGS




Software Application/Financial Accounting Packages Operating System : DOS / Windows 2000/Windows XP

Applications : Excel,Word, PP. MS Access.

Financial Accounting

Packages Worked on. : SAP, Tally, SOLVER, QUADRA

BaaN IVC, Peach Tree

Other Courses Done : Foxpro, Oracle, Visual Basic Implementations workdone : BAAN, BAAN IVC, SOLVER Inv & Stores Module, IDS Quadra

Projects Done:

Prepared Project Business Flow for a Cigratte Manufacturing Company during DBA Study. Achievements

The Management of ACS gave recognisation Appreciated & Awarded Bonus for completion of Inhouse implementation of BAAN ERP (Realworld – Triton – BAAN)

Active/Senior member in implementation BAAN ERP Software for 3 Implements.


Worked for ISO Standardisation of Accounts/OPD Dept.,

Selected in Saudi American Bank for the post of Consultant u/staffing Dept.,.

Worked on Costing/Project Progress for Pearl Qatar/Qatar International Airport Project/ Qatar Stadium/ROP OMAN.

Monitored, Maintain / Accounting process & standards for a group company with 15+ Business Units.

Delegated the responsibility of merger and consolidation and closure of Business units and companies.

E-Learning Done: Planning, Costing, Scheduling, Driving Improvement, Safety Courses, and other e-learning courses per Saudi Aramco/Department Requirement/instructions. Non-Business Use


(Post: Cost Engineer from August 2014 still working )

Provide support to active and close-out Capital Projects for the Division.

Update regularly with Saudi Aramco General Instruction Manual (GIM), Accounting Instruction Manual (AIM) and Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards, Cost and Schedule Manual.

Create WBS structure for the Budget Item in SAP, record various expenses on Labor, Material and Invoices in the proper Job order and Phase. Implement control on the expenses within the assigned budget for the Project.

Create and update the master date for the BI using SAP transcation on Milestones dates, update commitments, Performance Indices, Completion status and progress.

Create (PCR) Project Change Request and Financial Closeout extension and other processes using SAP transcation.

Worked with PE/SPE in developing the Estimate for the BI. Considering all the Cost for Contracts LSTK/LSPB/MFC/SFC, cost elements of Labor (Manhours for PE/SPE and SMP Cost of Site Engineers, Cost and Schedule Engineer etc., and considering all other cost of Miscelleanous, Inspection and MWO etc.,

Request funds for new projects PEF, ERA, ER Supplement, Contigency and Orverrun. Prepare the packages incorporating the Estimates of the funds requested.

Maintain the Cost Rackup for the BI/Project, allocate funds as of 56D for Engineering, Material and Construction. And for SAPMT, SMP, Inspection, Workorders and Prorates. Committ the PO amount for the total Contract, Labor and other expenses. Book all the Actual Cost monthly and keep it update.

Prepare the Cash Flow Forecast for Division BI’s for Engineering, Procurement and Construction the forecast will be based on Milestone Completion, Contract Schedule B for Material milestones and PCS schedule for Constrcution. Non-Business Use

Report on the Division Capital Expenditure for all projects reconcile the Actual and the Forecast each month and actualize in the SAP system. Incorporate various assumptioins for differences and move the expenses for coming months.

Working on the Division Monthly Projects Update of all the projects, incorporating the Progress Highlights, Cost, Schedule and Financial Informations, Indexes, Progress Percentages and variances per the SA standards & Instructions.

Reconcile, review & analysis of Accounts, Cost for variances on Budget and Actual.

Work on the Division Cash Flow Planning KPI, Find all the GES+, Construction and support Invoices for all type of contractors are paid. SA Redistributed Labor are recorded and all SMP cost are booked. Do the followup action everymonths and arrange to progress the Contractor as it is due.

Review and Verify Contractor Invoice for Engineering, Procurement and Construction for LSTK/LSPB Contracts with compliance to Milestone Completion, Progress Percentages completion and applicable deduction (Advance, Retention and Saudization and VAT policies should be met. process the Contractor payment accordingly.

Working on the Mid Year and Annual Accountabilities on Operating Expenses (Labor, Material and Services) and report to the Department.. And other special reports on Zerobase, Design Manhours, Cash Flow and saudization. Update the planning figures for specified period using various planning applications.

Develops procedural improvements in the Accounts and Accouting records those which improvie the effeciency.

For Closeout BI’s update monthly Project Closeout Update with Exception Items status for MCC and PAC, track all commitments are closed, update the closeout deliverables status and Closeout the BI within the Closeout period or extend the closeout period in SAP.

Prepare Local Content report incorporating all Projects/BI Capital Expenditure for the month, this report categorises the total GES+ Expenditure, Construction, Supporting Division Expenditure for Saudi and Expatriate, both in-kingdom and out of Kingdom.

Maintain Division Log for Invoices and Invoice Tracking.

Send mails and letters to PMT, SA-DIVISIONS/DEPTS., regarding input data, statistics, reports and specific requests for data.

Prepare the Operating Statement (NDE) for labor, Material, Services and Support Services for the Division. Update the Division Dashboard showing all KPI for ther period and provide variance explaination, mitigation action and compliances.

Prepare and update the Zerobase Manpower report for the Division. ACCOUNTS MANAGER / FINANCE CONTROLLER

Worked on SAP/BAAN 100 user Licenece Product in ISO Standardised Multi Dimensional Companies, also worked on TALLY/QUADRA/PEACHTREE/SOLVER

Manage/Supervise Accounting Systems & procedures.

Defining & ensuring the implementation of internal control system in the Department.

Identify and implement Policy & Procedures/Actions to save capital costs, operating cost, Admin Cost, interest and taxes.

Maintain strict confidentiality & control of Company Documents & Records . Non-Business Use

Identify, Channelise & Booking of all the Cost & Revenues relating to the Monthly closing.

Ensure all Provisions, Accruals, Depreciation, Prepaids etc recorded monthly.

Ensure all Ledger Accounts/Suppliers/Customer Accounts are Reconciled..

Proper Planning, Control & Accounting of Inventory & Stores, Ensure all necessary steps, documentation & recording are followed from Acquisition till utilisation of material.

Booking, Monitoring, Reconcile & Analyse the Direct Cost & COS involved for the respective PROJECT/JOB & COST CENTRE.

Ensure Customer Accounts are reconciled, Regular Invoices have been raised & arrange Timely collection of Funds and maintain CASH FLOW.

Ensure comprehensive control over CASH & FUNDS of the company and ensure smooth and timely flow of funds and cash.

Have proper track on the Liabilities of the Company - Finance, Loan Accounts, Lease Accounts Reconcile & book periodic Interests, Insurances & Finance/Bank Charges.

Implementation of a System of BUDGETING in the Organization Identifying of Budgets/Estimates and Actuals and review & reporting.

Monthly closing of Books of Accounts submitt report on Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Statement of Accounts. Project P&L, Progress etc.,

MAINTAINENANCE of FIXED ASSETS of the company with application of a proper system of Maintenance & Accounting .

CONDUCT Interim or Annual Physical Count of Inventoy / Assets / Cash for the safety & control, report for reconciliation of Material with books balances to Management & Auditors

Train and Develop the subordinates and ensure their safety and work life balance.

Timely Updating development / progress about Financial/Accounting matters to management

Bring out timely and effective Finance / operating / MIS reports accurately showing profitability, variance etc

Involve in the process of Salary/wage fixation and implement increment structure PURCHASE/INVENTORY/STORES MANAGEMENT

Supervision of Material Planning, Procurement, Inventory & Store Operation.

Monitoring Books of Accounts/Data Entry/Books /vouchers of Stores to ensure respective Accounts are effected.

Ensure all Records of Tools, Material, Inventory & Finished goods are maintained seperately with proper system.

Conducting Reconciliation of Material with Books Balances @ random.

Conducting/Monitoring Physical count of Annually & Intermediary Inventory & submitt report to Auditor & Management.

Fixing inventory levels, Minimum stock level, reordering level to ensure that no shortage of material situation arise & avoid overstocing of material.

Booking of Shortage & Overage after necessary counting.

Ensure thar necessary standards & steps are followed for Receipt, Issue & Delivery of material.

Non-Business Use

Ensure necessary reports are available from stores for planning, control & records PROJECT FINANCE/ACCOUNTS & MANAGEMENT

Developing & maintanining effective internal control system in all matters & processes of the company.

Make necessary policies & procedures for smooth functioning, completion of work on time & make the job easy.

Have proper control on Procurement, Inventory & Store Operation.

Ensure all Project, Job/Work Invoices/Billings are raised stagewise or as Agreed.

Preparing /checking of Contractors/Sub Contractors Billing weekly/Monthly & reporting to the management.

Applications/Analysis & Interpretation of Tenders Documents for Projects Developments.

Arrange funds for the project per the budget schedule from various Financial source of the company or Management.

Preparing Montly Project Wise Cost consumption Report to Auditor & Management.

Monthly & Fortnigt meetings on Project Accomplishment Status, Invoicing & Collection. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM

Submitt report on monthly/Quarterly/Annual Reports Profit & Loss, Balance, Financial Statements, Project Status,

Prepare & Monitor Monthly/Annual Budgets & periodic forecast. Monthly meeting on Review of Achievements of Budgeted Results.

Closing monthly books as per the HO procedures & policies & sending MIS reports in time.

Preparing Cash & Fund Flow Statements.

Prepare IBU wise Project Profitability in relation to Estimate of project and the period of progress, whether all the terms coordinate with Agreement and finally submitt the report to the Director in co-ordination with GM.

Worked for preparation of statements, reports, history of Account details for legal proceedings.


Implemented Cash and Cheque Payments requisitions & payment process.

Adopt a Proper Procedure/Control for payment of funds/Advances to Contractors/Suppliers.

Proper Control on Cash/Bank Reconciliation & PDC Status.

Montering Finance for Investments in companies, Personal, Stock & Shares, Real Estate Property, Rental Income viz., Property Commercial & Residential Appartments Non-Business Use

Arrangement & Preperation of Documents for Credit Limit, Overdrafts, Project Finance, Gurantees, Letter of Credit, Vehicle Finance. New Accounts, Employee Benefit Account etc.,

Timely Submission of Reports/Fianancial Statements/Projections etc to Bank

Monitor e banking activities.

Discounting/Negotiation of Documents, Cheques, Drafts etc.,

Ensure comprehensive control over CASH & FUNDS of the company and ensure smooth and timely flow of funds and cash


Designed Accounting Flow for the entire process of Investments

Arranging funds for Investments, Purchase, Overheads of the entire Corporate Structure.

Submitt report to the management overseas on all Investment and Property matters.

Perform Market Survey & Analysis for estimated price for purchase & Sale of Property.

Implemented Accounting Policy & Procedure for Capital Management.

Have conducted Market Survey & Analysis to arrive @ Market Value of Properties.

Worked on Property Valuation in co-ordination with Engineers & Consultants. STATUTORY & LEGAL & LIASIONING

Attending Sales Tax/Income & Other Legal & Govt., Tax Assessment.

Filing of Income Tax & Sales Tax Monthly/Annual Returns.

Registeration of firms/Companies/shops.

Attending & Producing Records during Income Tax & Sales Tax Assessment & Legal Authorities.

Liasioning with Contractors, Suppliers, Govt Officials, Legal Authorities, Banking personnell, on Project progress & formalities.

Liason with all Banks/Tax Dept.,/Govt Dept.,/Legal Dept.,/Law & Order/Benefits (ESI & PF) Facility Service Dept., etc.,


Responsible for handling the Payroll of the Company/Projects which includes calculation of salaries/wages allowances, benefits, final settlements, withholding of deductions, loans repayments, ensuring that all employees are paid properly/timely complying statutory requirements of the Country.

Maintain/Monitor/Scrutinise Employee Car/Personal/Housing /Furniture/ Training Loan.

Prepared Employee wise Cost & P&L for Projects.

Scrutiny of employee overheads relating to projects and assignment.

Generation of required MIS reports from Payroll & Payslip for Staff/Workers.

Prepare Vacation/Final Exit Clearences of Employees/Workers. Non-Business Use


Writing of Manual Books of Accounts, Day Book, Journal, Sales Register, Purchase Register, Bank & Cash Book .

Maintain Books on the ERP.

Maintaining Books of Accounts up to Finalisation.

Prepare Cash/Bank Supplier/Receivable Reconciliation.

Preparing of Letters/Correspondence to Governmnt Dept.,

Training Business Management Candidates in Auditing.

Followup with Banks for LC, LG & Packing Credits.

Prepare Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statements.

Knowledge of Export Documentation.

Assisting Manager in all Accounting matters.


ERP EXPERIENCE in Arabic Computer Systems Ltd.,

April 1996 to Oct’ 2004 Functional Experience Position: Chief Accountant

• Worked in IT Company called ACS, rep Dealers in BAAN ERP.

• Total Exposure of 8.5 yrs experience BAAN Finance with a Backgroud of 19 yrs Functional Experience.

• Full Knowledge of Functionallity of BaaN Finance.

• Worked in Group company environment.

• Worked in Major Implementation of BaaN 3.1 frm Real World + 3 Implementations in house BAAN IV & IVC, Worked in SABIC for Implementation for Data Migration Monitoring.

• Monitered the implementation of BaaN IV C Users, solving users routine problems, Batch Status, Table level correction.

• Implemented BaaN in Travel Agency using BAAN Software.

• Creation of Company/defining/relating/ all the parameter and settings.

• Defining ledger for currency difference with DIM, exchange rate difference with Dimension, year end P&L.,

• Arrange for Creations of new sessions make mandatory/opional & Print/display options & additional customization with MIS as per the requirement of Management/User/Additional work flow.

• Drafting/Creation Chart of Account/Dimensions/Parameters/TT.

• Maintaining Inter Company Relations, Creating Control Accounts.

• Opening/Closing periods for Opening year and Closing a Particular Year.

• Creation of Transcation Type Linking with Ledger Accounts.

• Running all process for the year end.

• Knowledge of Functionality of Fixed Assets.

Non-Business Use


• Setting of the Distribution Module as per the requrement of the company.

• Customize Sales Order/Purchase Order as per the required of product & company.

• Create item for warehouse & maintain link with he company.parameter.

• Maintaining link Customer/Supplier with group & further to control account.

• Customize aging of Suppiler/Customeras per the requirment of the company.

• Arrangement of seccion for replication of Quotation data for preparation of sales order.

• Maintaining /Defining/relation /Link required tables in the orders with Groups/Cutomer/Supplier/Warehouse /Items & other groups & History.

• Defining processing of Sales/Purchase orders Steps for posting into Finance

• Updation of prices as per the changes in the required session.

• Provides/Customize print options of the Supplier/Customer. SOLVER IMPLEMENTATION





Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).


AGE : 50 YRS.

PASSPORT NO : K3690851 Exp: 20-08-2022.

PLACE OF RESIDENCE : India, Karnataka, Bangalore.

MARITAL STATUS : Married and have two children.



Parvez Pasha

Non-Business Use

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