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Electrical Engineer Manager

Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
September 24, 2020

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DATE OF BIRTH: 30-10-1959




Institution: Technological Education Institute of Piraeus Date: 1984

Degree: Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Mobile: 003***********

E-mail :


SUMMARY : Communication with project manager in order to define the construction methods.

Coordinated project schedule.

Cooperation with subcontracting companies, designers and the rest of the Company’s staff.

Coordinate subcontractors and suppliers of material. Participated in meetings with national authorities. Preparation and edit of monthly accounts.

Supervision balancer air conditioning.


From May 2018-Julay 2019

Senior Project Electrical Engineer at ‘’CONSPEL’’ Project: Stadium Education City From January 2018 – March 2018

Senior Project Electrical Engineer at “ A&P” Project: EXPO 2020 Dubai From August 2016- December 2017

Project Electrical Engineer at “ SSCL” Project : KAP2D/S6 PRISON

-From June 2015-April 2016

Inspector MEP in project ‘’Mall of Qatar’’ at UCC

-From MAR.2014 to MAR.2015

Construction manager MEP in Sheraton Hotel Renovation at AKTOR SA for UCC.

-From 2010 to 2014

Engineer maintenance for electromechanical facilities and supervision and handled BMS. In New Hospital of Katerini ( INTRAKAT Construction company ).

-From 2007 to 2010

Electromechanical constructions manager at INSO SPA ( Construction company ) Project ‘’ Construction New Hospital of Kavala. ( Budget 30 million euros).

-From 2005 to 2007

Electromechanical constructions manager at EDREOS ( Construction company ). Project’’ Construction networks irrigation 2Z ARTZAN N.Kilkis’’. Construction steel pipe length 13000m and placement pumps. ( Budget 10 million euros ).

-From 2004 to2005

Electromechanical constructions manager at ERGAS A.T.E. ( Construction company ). Project ‘’ Construction New Hospital of Katerini Budget 17 million euros ).

-From 2000 to 2004

Electromechanical constructions manager at ALTE A.T.E. ( Construction company ). Electromechanical construction engineering works in various construction project Contracts Completed:

- Construction of buildings and offices of Freight Interbalcan Center in industrial Area Sindou

“Thessaloniki” (Budget : GrDr 222 million)

- ATTIKI ODOS - Construction of “KES” offices’ building (Budget: GrDr 366,50 million).

- ATTIKI ODOS - Construction of other buildings KES and Toll (Budget: GrDr 254,578 million)

- ATTIKI ODOS – Landscaping “KES” and building Toll Hymettus – Lighting - Security System

– irrigation (Budget: GrDr 120 million).

- Completion of facilities construction of the E/M “HOTEL SOFITEL” Airport ”Eleftherios Venizelos”.

- Completion of construction of E/M works and facilities of the new Hospital of Serres. - Operation and Maintenance of E/M facilities of the new Hospital of Serres - Lighting construction of “node K1” of EGNATIA ODOS.

- From 1985 to 2000

Electromechanical Engineer & EPC Contractor ( Public Projects ) Design and supervision of electromechanical works in various buildings. PROJECTS COMPLETED:


- Water supply network of Sidirokastro. (Budget: GrDr 13,523 million).

-Supply and installation of pump station in the community “Skopia”. (Budget: GrDr 2,69 million).

- Construction of shed two seats in the military unit in Serres (Budget: GrDr 3,912 million). - Construction of ground floor Telecommunication Center in Kerkini for O.T.E. (Budget: GrDr 10 million).

- Increase power- renovation mains “KLEISARI” Camp (Budget: GrDr 4,599 million).

- Manufacture of central heating of 4th Primary School of Serres (Budget: GrDr 4 million).

- Sandblasting and painting reservoirs irrigation network of Serres plain (ΓΟΕΒ)


GrDr 4 million).

- Overhaul E/M facilities of “Heraclea’s” Gymnasium, Serres (Budget: GrDr 4 million).

- Repairs of “Heraclea” City Hall building layouts (Budget: GrDr 7,800 million). B. LIGHTING - SIGNALS

- Maintenance and improvement of lighting of Serres prefecture (Budget: GrDr 20 million). - Signaling nodes: a) Primary school of Neochori, b) Skoutareos School, c) 2th High School and 19th Elementary school of Serres (Budget: GrDr 10 million).

- Road Lighting nodes Kokkinogeion - Prosotsanis on the N.R.57 Drama - K. Nevrokopi

(Budget: GrDr 35 million).

- Installation of manual traffic signals in N. R. Drama (Budget: GrDr 7,890 million). PROJECTS O.T.E. (Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications).

-Extension district Prosotsanis (Budget: GrDr 26,110 million).

-Reconstruction subscriber lines in N.Zichni. (Budget: GrDr 33,915 million).

-Extension district center Iliokomis. (Budget: GrDr 9 million).

-Network construction and mikrosolinoseis Nikopolis. (Budget: GrDr 22,668 million).

-Construction of random domain extensions area T.T. Serres in year 1996. (Budget: GrDr 8,451 million).

-Mounting fiber-optic, Doxato-Paranesti. (Budget: GrDr 51,131 million).

-Extension district, Komninon Dramas. (Budget: GrDr 30 million).

-Mounting plastic disoliniou system, M.Dereio-Lykotopi. (Budget: GrDr 26,440 million).

-Extension telephone network,Ano Poroia. (Budget: GrDr 35,220 million).

-Sporadic extensions – shifts in N.Serron in the year 1993. (Budget: GrDr 13,900 million). LANGUAGES:Greek – English


- License ‘’D’ ’category for electromechanical (from Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks ).

- Licence B” category for Industrial – Energy (from Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure

,Transport and Networks ).

- Experience in software usage: word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel). PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP:

- Technical Chamber of Greece.

- Professional-Scientific Society of Engineers of Technological Education.

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