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Nurse Practitioner Medical

San Diego, CA
September 23, 2020

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Brandy Gallagher 720-***-****


As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am certified with AANP and have a current California Furnishing and California NP certification. I have worked as a NP since 11/2016. Currently, I am employed with Marque Medial as Dedicated Telehealth Provider. I am currently seeing patients daily utilizing Experity (former Velocity) EMR, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Clockwise MD. I have obtained credentialing for Controlled Substance in California and have current, active DEA number. I have DOT Certification, not actively doing DOT currently r/t setting for care is NA for DOT. In my training at Walden University, graduating May 2015. Required clinical hours were in family, pediatric, internal, and women’s care areas. It is shadowing in Womens Care that I had a great mentor for Female Hormone Therapy Replacement and Hypothyroid treatment . I have experience as an educator and limited amount of expertise in Laser and Medical Aesthetics for Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics. I worked with owner Halle for over 6 months on laser and injections. This was in 2015 in Colorado and was not kept up as I planned to move to California and focus at that time on FNP.

I have a strong background in Urology as I was a Urology operating room nurse for over 10 years at Denver Health. I completed Men’s & Women’s Health for Primary Care on July 22, 2018. In 2019 I shadowed and gained experience in male HRT, educating/ following up with Urology pt in Pre-op and Post-op appointments. I assisted in educating and treatment for complex UTI, IC, OAB, BPH and many other urological conditions.

Additionally, I have held many leadership and teaching roles over the last 16 years in my profession. I am a very ambitious, dedicated and motivated practitioner. I I am looking to find a great place to work to further

develop my skills and experience. I regularly attend learning conferences and keep current with Medscape continuing education and literature reviews. People would describe me as a very positive person. I have an upbeat personality and work best in a team setting. I work well with others keeping communication, constructive criticism, and flexibility to change as my core work strengths.

1241 Hornblend St.

San Diego, CA



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Brandy Gallagher 720-***-**** Education

Walden University. Minneapolis, MN. Masters of Science 5/2015. The specialty area of focus: Family Nurse Practitioner. GPA: 3.5

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Bachelors of Nursing 5/2012

Community College of Denver

Associates of Nursing 1/2004

● NRCME training prior to examination and certification to be a medical examiner DOT.

● UCSD for TCOYD-Addressing the Natural History of Type 2 Diabetes.

● Inhaled Corticosteroids in Asthma .

● CANP for the Control Substance hours on 8/7/2016.

● AANP certified 2015 FNP. Maintain annual training and education.

● NP Practitioner Symposiums/ in person or On-line CEU’s completed annually.

● Maintain licence, CPR, and annual Dues to my Professional Organizations. These include: AANP and AUP. I have an upcoming Urgent Care Conference w/ UCA. Experience

Marque Medical

19900 MacArthur Blvd. Ste 800, Irvine Ca. 92612

Nurse Practitioner 6/2020 - Present

My responsibilities are providing Telehealth visits for Covid, Flu, and other common infections. I remotely triage, diagnose and treat patients in complicated and uncomplicated medical questions, illness and general health related concerns. I use Zoom and phone to contact patients. I am a strong advocate for wellness and approach all patients with a positive attitude and realistic goal in mind. I am hopeful that the future of telemedicine will open up more goal driven, positive interactions with patients. My hope is for telemedicine to be convenient for my patients to use so they will be more proactive in follow ups and having conversations more frequently to maintain or improve health. My responsibilities are to

STGI for OTMDC (Contract Companies)

7488 Calzada de la Fuente, San Diego, CA 92154

Nurse Practitioner 8/2018 - 7/2020

My responsibilities are to give initial physicals as well as see urgent and minor sick visits. Triage patients, manage cohorts during Covid-19 and other infectious disease issues. In this role I consistently treated TB pt and transgender. I would say on a weekly basis I would see pts for HIV, Hep C, HRT for transgender, STD’s, and initial and ongoing treatment for mood disorders under Psychiatric MD or BHAP. I have Page 1 of 2

Brandy Gallagher 720-***-**** experience in treating and dealing with onset of drug, opiate, and alcohol dependence and withdrawal. I have experience dealing with patients not eating and declared hunger strike status. I maintained routine f/u and prescribed medications for seizure patients as well. InGenesis for OTMDC (Contract Companies)

Same above address. The contract company changed.

Nurse Practitioner 2/2018- 8/2018

CVS Minute Clinic

1652 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Nurse Practitioner 3/2017- 11/8/2017

My responsibilities were to evaluate and treat patients with minor illnesses, give physicals (including DOT physicals), immunize, run insurance, and administration duties such as ordering and stocking supplies. I am certified on the National Registry as a Medical Examiner for the Federal Motor Carriers. My average length of visits at the Minute Clinic was 20 minutes. This included the time to run insurance. My RVU count at the Minute Clinic was 1398 which was in the middle range with other providers. Practiced by Hedis tool for performance measurements. MPAC Post-Acute Care, Lemon Grove Nursing Rehab Center 8351 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA. 91945

Nurse Practitioner 11/2016 to 3/2017

I was responsible for treating patients exclusively at Lemon Grove skilled nursing facility. I would assess patients weekly that were in the skilled facility for surgical/ medical rehab. I was also responsible for assessing and treating long term care patients when medical conditions changed. I collaborated with the Doctors covering the patients and other NP's if I had questions or wanted extra support. Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center

4647 Zion Ave, San Diego, CA 92120

Operating Room Nurse 5/2016 to 12/2016

(And as part of RTG Travel Nurse Service) 5/2015 to 5/2016 I worked in the operating room on a variety of cases such as breast lumpectomies, mastectomies, urology procedures, appendectomies, and bowel obstruction cases among others. I also helped circulate in several pacemaker cases as well as a variety of neurology cases. I feel this experience will help me when I see patients that have had surgery or will plan to have surgery. I feel confident that I will be able to teach the patient what to expect. I have developed a good post-op sense for assessing what is normal or abnormal after specific surgeries. I charted using Epic. Denver Health Hospital

Denver, CO

Registered Charge Nurse 1/2011 to 4/2015

My responsibilities at Denver Health included managing and directing team members to success prior to and during surgery. I have the most OR experience in orthopedics, urology, gynecology, general, plastic and oral surgery. But I also have experience in vascular, neurology, and ophthalmology as well. I coordinated and confirmed that the required items were there for the team for surgery. I taught new Page 1 of 3

Brandy Gallagher 720-***-**** employees and other team members on a daily basis. I was considered a resource to other employees. Dedication and loyalty to my employment was proven by the years I committed to Denver Health. Amedisys Home Health Agency

Denver, CO

Registered Nurse 2/2010 to 1/2011

As a case manager I admitted patients into service and assessed and evaluated them as appropriate. I evaluated how the patient was doing with different therapies such as PT & OT. I also provided ongoing education in disease management and medication compliance. I monitored and reported any abnormal findings to the patients’ medical providers.

Denver Health Hospital

Denver, CO

Registered Charge Nurse 1/2004 to 2/2010

Charge nurse/service coordinator role for the following services: urology, gynecology, plastics and oral surgery.

Certifications, Licenses, Associations

● American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Member ID: 1507929

● AANP Certification, 5/2016

● California NP license ID: 95004515

● California Furnishing ID: 95004515


● California RN license ID: 95052652

● DEA MB4074857

● NPI # 111*******

● National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners # 420-***-****

● American Urological Association #01026293 Member since 2019- Current Skills

● EPIC, Experity/Velocity, and other EMR experience with computer charting and order systems.

● Microsoft and Mac applications.

● Proficient at computer presentations, e.g., MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

● Zoom Platform, Clockwise MD, APR and other platforms for time and attendance/ payroll.

● Proficient in online classes, Google Docs and Google Sheets for Cloud-based collaboration.

● I use UpToDate for continuing education and to keep current with guidelines/ recommendations.

● I attend 1 annual Conference a year ( via On-line or in- person) to keep up CEU’s.

● I learn best via hands-on experience, research and collaborating with others in the profession.

● I am dedicated to using time efficiently and being prepared to move quickly in busy clinic settings or Online Platform.

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Brandy Gallagher 720-***-**** Qualities I feel I have offered in many of my positions and to other colleagues include:

I have a positive attitude and I am a great listener/learner. I am assertive and receptive to constructive feedback. I am committed to my obligations. I have great leadership skills and work well in a team approach.

I have full freedom with availability and flexibility for weekends or weekday work schedules and can change schedules usually with a days notice if needed.

I am able to balance the workload of multiple, concurrent patient cases and responsibilities that are needed. This requires more flexibility as well. I am a dedicated provider in researching patient needs further on off hours if needed for their continued wellness. I have always applied passion to my care and interactions with my patients. Page 1 of 5

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