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Health Manager

Anchorage, AK
October 24, 2020

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Master of Public Health, Health Promotion.

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science.

Bachelor of Science, Community Health.

Alaska Court System

Court Case Manager II, CINA/Probate Division Aug’ 2019 – Current

I have several years of experience establishing, developing, and maintaining effective working relationships within Alaska. I regularly work with organizations such as the Department of Health & Social Services, Alaska Department of Law, and Alaska Native Associations. As a Court Case Manager II with the Alaska Court System, I provide services to all incoming CINA and Probate documents. I collaborate with agencies interested in the betterment of the public, including the Office of Public Advocacy, Office of Children’s Services, the Attorney General’s Office, and Alaska Psychiatric Institute. I maintain a consistent and responsible relationship with the staff, programs, and mission of these organizations.

As a Court Case Manager II, I perform administrative and paralegal duties for the Alaska Court System. I am required to use independent judgment to determine the sufficiency and appropriateness of filings in accordance with applicable Alaska statutes, appellate and civil rules, and Alaska Court System policies and regulations. I require the knowledge and skill of applying legal policies, procedures, principles, and concepts used in legal research.

As a Court Case Manager II, I exercise independent judgment to determine the appropriateness of filed legal documentation of all CINA (Child in Need of Aid), delinquency, and Probate documentation. I provide a wide variety of clerical support to maintain the efficient operation of the Alaska Court System. I work under the general supervision of the departmental supervisor and the Clerk of Court in the trial courts. I assist with the training of incoming Court Case Managers and Law Clerks.

I read, interpret, and apply legislative and Supreme Court changes. I work effectively with deputy clerks, law clerks, attorneys, justices and judges. I exercise knowledge of Appellate rules, civil rules, criminal rules, and applicable Alaska Statutes. I apply knowledge of legal policies, procedures, principles, and concepts used in legal research. In a timely manner, I transition documents that require court action (i.e., motions, stipulations, opposition and reply memoranda, changes of judges, etc.).

University of Alaska, Anchorage

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Health Sciences Aug’ 2019 – Current

I provide personal expertise during the semester in specialized interests in public health, including non-communicable diseases, health policy, law, and ethics, and systems thinking. I facilitate group discussions to encourage students to examine current public health research and interventions across various disciplines. I manage individual student performance in subject matters across public health, including healthcare systems, public health data, behavioral health, social science communication, health professions, and environmental health. I have been responsible for thirty-two undergraduate students for the three semesters through instructing on the online learning management system Blackboard. Previously, I instructed a classroom of seventeen undergraduate pre-professional health students in-person and co-instructed a large lecture hall of sixty-five pre-professional health students.

Aleutian Pribilof Island Association

Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Program Manager Sept’ 2018 – May 2019

As a sub-contracted position with Aleutian Pribilof Island Association, I personally designed, implemented and evaluated a physical activity promotion program on rural Alaska’s St. George Island. The position was designed to improve physical activity levels amongst community members to prevent chronic diseases. Use of evidence-based strategies to promote physical activity, including culturally sensitive public service announcements, brochures, educational materials, posters, and in-person consulting were used.

Followed program planning and evaluation frameworks. Used needs assessment data to modify physical activities and promote buy-in from community members. Built partnerships with the University of Alaska’s Health, Physical Education & Recreation Department and the American College of Sports Medicine’s EIM program to create a physical activity referral system between healthcare clinic providers and community members. Created and managed a system of community members to serve as physical activity advocates to work on the ground-level while I consulted abroad. Provided technical expertise in communication and social behavioral science, as well as physical activity, to eliminate barriers to adopting recommended physical activity levels to prevent and treat chronic disease.

University of Alaska, Anchorage May’ 2018 – May’ 2019

External reviewer

Elected and chosen for knowledge on health and policy development in the worksite. I served as an external reviewer of a graduate student of public health in the development and implementation of a worksite wellness program. Responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on project proposal and program planning, lending expertise and assistance in implementation, and reviewing the project report and presentation of research. Required to attend the student’s oral thesis defense, participate in Committee discussions, assess student’s overall performance, and determine the final grade for the practicum – project.

American College of Sports Medicine March 2019 - Current

Alaska Chapter – Southcentral Regional Representative

As acting representative, I increased community involvement throughout Alaska by building partnerships between healthcare professionals and students of the University of Alaska. I built a working system of referral between healthcare professionals. Notable achievements include presenting at the Northwest American College of Sports Medicine conference; designing and running the American College of Sports Medicine Alaska’s Summit, the largest health-related conference in Alaska; building ACSM chapter membership to two-thousand members in two-years; and conducting and publishing research for ACSM on the topic of community health and physical activity.

Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

Workplace Wellness ‘Live.Work.Play’ Program Developer Feb’ 2019 - Current

As an intern with the DHSS, I developed a policy-based worksite wellness initiative in partnership with the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. The partnership falls under the grassroots movement ‘Live. Work. Play.’ My contribution is one of more than forty projects working towards the mission ensuring Anchorage, Alaska ranked the highest amongst all cities in America using a metric scoring system. My contributions included a city-wide worksite wellness initiative by remodeling the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Worksite Health Score Card for Alaskan small businesses. I devised a conceptual scoring system based on employee’s readiness to comply with evidence-based policies in twelve categories addressing the prevention and early detection of infectious disease, mental health, physical inactivity, and other modern concerns outlined in the recently released two-thousand-eighteen CDC Worksite Health Score Card.

In partnership with the University of Alaska, Anchorage’s Department of Health Science, I gave the opportunity for three undergraduate students to consult participating businesses on available local resources in order to improve their ‘wellness score’ in exchange for practicum credit during their senior project.

State of Alaska, Division of Public Health, Section of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Chronic Disease Prevention Intern Jan’ 2018 – July 2018

Under supervision, acted as the designated spokesperson on physical activity promotion. A contributing member of professional publications, and media releases, policy and grant evaluations, data analysis plans, and several projects. In conjunction with the Anchorage Park Foundation, contributed to the worksite-based pilot program ‘Health on Trails’ by contributing to the logic model, the product and process outcomes with clearly defined objective timeframes, and designing an electronic survey for distribution. Following distribution, re-formatted surveys to match stakeholder’s preferred method of communication by conducting key-informant interviews, evaluating pre-survey results, and integrated scientifically established strategies. Following program evaluation, updated a strategic report detailing the methods and outcomes with evidence-based recommendations for future interventions.

Worked as a member of the Obesity Prevention & Control Program to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow up at a healthy weight. Conducted qualitative and quantitative evaluations including needs assessments, literature reviews, and policy assessments to interpret and summarize for public health recommendations and physical activity resources. Presented to the public and professionals on various physical activity related topics and data. Published written communications on-line and through typical state government channels. Interpret BRFSS, YRBS, and scientifically evidence-based literature to create physical activity resources. Gathered and analyzed process evaluation data to support partnerships with local parks to promote physical activity. Participated in program meetings to develop logic models, engage stake holders, and evaluate process outcomes.

Signature Methods, LLC

Owner Dec’ 2015 - Current

I have over six years of professional fitness counseling and personal training experience working with a diverse population. I have spent over one year in a physical therapy setting to administer proper and safe instructed corrective exercise programs.

In my business, I use actual sales, pricing and related data, interacting with clients to gather the necessary information to build models and interpreting results, with the goal of deriving business insights and guiding mix decisions.

Professional Awards and Community Service Positions

Member Alaska Public Health Association 2018 – Current

Volunteer Supervisor Alaska Airmen Association 2017 – Current

Public Health Educator KRUA - University of Anchorage, Alaska 2017 – Current

Creative Director Sharing Alaska, LLC 2016 – Current

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Eastern Oregon University 2015 – Current

Volunteer Supervisor Japan Alaska Association 2015 – Current

Honorary Member National Society of Leadership & Success 2014 – Current

Alaska High School Bodybuilding Director Anchorage School District 2013 – Current Vice President, Founder National Society of Leadership & Success 2011 - 2013

Additional Awards & Experience

Founded the National Society of Leadership & Success, the largest student-run organization in Alaska; grew and managed a membership of over 850 students as a full-time student and generated more than $72,000 in membership dues in two years.

Established a school district program providing an alternative form of physical activity, resulting in a five-year longitudinal database supporting its efficacy of reducing obesity through nutrition and physical activity education, and raising $25,000 in fundraising for Anchorage School District physical education programs.

Partnered with the Substance Abuse Community Prevention Program to reduce high school athlete’s risk of anabolic steroid use through a multi-dimensional intervention, resulting in a 50% reduction in risk factors of the determinants of health.

Event director of Junior Achievement of Alaska’s NSLS Gala - managed a staff of 25 people to plan, direct, and successfully execute a $70,000+ fundraising event, with an audience of 350 people, which benefited educating middle and high school students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs specifically in rural Alaska.

Event director of Cook Inlet Head Start’s NSLS Gala - managed a staff of 16 people, to plan, direct, and successfully execute a $30,000+ fundraising event, with an audience of 250 people, to benefit the Alaska Tribal Native Head Start program that provides early childhood education services as well as quality family and health related services for the Native population in Alaska.

Event director of the University of Alaska’s Governor’s Cup Tailgate Fundraiser - managed a staff of 15 people, to plan, direct, and successfully execute a $20,000+ fundraising event, with an audience of 5,000 people, to benefit the University of Alaska, Anchorage’s Student Affairs.

Volunteer supervisor of the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, aiding in the planning, coordination, and management of all logistics, marketing, and fundraising for one of the top five largest free-entry annual aviation tradeshows in America with over 30,000 attendees in one weekend. Work with over 300 national and international vendors, hundreds of volunteers, contractors and sponsors, as well as TSA and FedEx national executives. Event budget nears $500K.

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