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Social Media Engineer

West Hempstead, NY
October 22, 2020

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WILLIAMS JOSEPH LLC • New York, NY • 2008 – Present C O -F OUNDER /H EAD O F E NGINEERING & T ECHNOLOGY Williams Joseph is a consulting firm providing technology leadership internally and externally for clients by designing and delivering technology solutions for startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Managed Development, QA, Security, DevOps, and Research. Develop innovation and product roadmaps and drive end-to-end strategy and planning for infrastructure and (web and mobile) application implementation. From a CTO perspective focused on three aspects: 1. Consumer Experience/Growth - to guide customers through end to end purchases and building tools 2. Internal Operational Tools - for more efficient operational workstreams to aid technology teams and internal departments and 3. Engineering best practices. Lead technical processes for R&D projects while partnering cross-departmentally and leading developers, engineers, architects, and product managers to establish growth initiatives. Manage R&D budget and resource management. Focus on Enterprise Data Management. K EY A CCOMPLISHMENTS :

● Co-Founder of Last Mile Health (Guidepost Health) for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Columbia Business School.

● Managed new product and service launches and allocated resources for various SMEs with budgets up to $20M.

● Increased passive revenue, enhanced recognition and client engagement by procuring and implementing CRM software and redesigning client websites and mobile apps.

COVET TIME INC. • New York, NY • 2018 – 2018 .


Covet Time is an on-demand delivery last-mile fulfillment logistics platform where I provided technology leadership in Research and Development (R&D), DevOps, and Quality assurance (QA). Audited logistics, HR, Marketing, Technology Roadmap, Engineering, Financial Model, Operations, On-boarding, Project Management, and Culture. Started by discussing Path to Profitability and Process Flow. Hired 1 st permanent full time in-house Full Stack Developer with capabilities on both Python and React Native as well as front and back end development as well as a ML/AI Engineer. Provided first-time Data Analytics. and created a data analytics project plan to aid marketing performance and scalability. Managed and supported the workplace production environments including problem tracking, change management, performance monitoring, capacity planning and tracking. Redesigned total app and app flow for a double-sided marketplace which included all phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) such as requirements gathering, design, development and testing.. Introduced new lines of business within the product roadmap. Focused on Agile implementation. Key Accomplishments:

● Reduced burn rate by 40% by reducing contractual engagement and hiring in-house developers

● Grew the company headcount by 233%

● Increased subscribers by 224%

● Increased revenue by 266%

● Relaunched and redesigned website with new UI/UX for better customer retention and revenue generation.

● Launched Android app.

● Relaunched and redesigned iOS app

● Launched an Agile work environment and implemented Trello. MITEL NETWORKS CORP • New York, NY • 2011 – 2017


Mitel is a Cloud communications platform delivering technology strategy for global Enterprise clients including Hyatt, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and URS Corporation. Primary role was to ensure business continuity for client-side mission-critical technologies. Led a global team of 28 software developers, project managers, remote engineers to provide 24/7 support, enhance customer satisfaction, manage accounts and KPIs to increase revenue and profitability. Mitel and VMware formulated a virtualization software platform which drove the adoption and expansion of new SaaS, UCaaS, IaaS, Cloud solution products such as VOIP, solutions and services to achieve digital transformation. Presented to clients, held MBRs, maintained adherence to SLAs, and increased NPS by 7 points to (9) Promoter, to optimize revenue growth. Developed Client programs: 1. New Product Tester Program, and 2. Dedicated Site Engineer Program. Assess the customer Cloud and DevOps maturity, identify gaps and suggest improvements. Accountable for Cloud migration and DevOps transformation projects success, adherence to timeline and budget. K EY A CCOMPLISHMENTS :

● Led engineers and partnered with the CSIRT team to create Active Threat Grid for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

● Of Mitel’s $1,059 billion in 2017, my portion represented $117 million. Growing the business by 8% in my last year from $107 million.

● In 2013 at the height of Mitel’s decline a 6% decrease in revenue from the prior year, my department turned a profit, increased revenue, and my portfolio expanded with 3 additional Enterprise clients.

● In 2012 created a proprietary ticketing application that would be client interfacing. The purpose of this system was to o Give access and provide updates to the clients on mission-critical technologies o Track the types of issues that each location and client would face o Provide Mitel with reporting on how to better improve software and hardware o Expose potential version issues and need for updates Continued . . .



● In 2011, my departmental revenue accounted for 3% of total income which equated to $20 million and as of 2017 my department accounted for 11% which equated to $117 million. Which represents a 585% revenue increase in 7 years.

● Created a business plan to merge 5 different versions of SAP in 2015. Which unified the company, led to a quicker turnaround of international technical tickets and non-billing issues. It also created universal tickets with tiered access across all teams. WEB LIQUID GROUP • Brooklyn, NY • 2008 – 2010

D IRECTOR OF B USINESS D EVELOPMENT AND M ARKETING Web Liquid Group is a social media marketing ad agency developed and led business positioning for a variety of clients to generate new revenue and increase regional market share for the organization. Built and cultivated relationships with CPGs and advised on social media marketing, online marketing, and mobile strategies. Redesigned marketing One-Sheets and created SEO and SEM strategies to increase web traffic and audience engagement. K EY A CCOMPLISHMENTS :

● Structured relationships with two major competing CPGs – Coke and Pepsi.

● Increased agency brand recognition and traffic to the company website.

● Attained speaking engagements and PR opportunities for agency partners. HITWISE USA, Inc. • New York, NY. • 2006 - 2008


Hitwise is an Online Competitive Intelligence Syndicated Tool, where I sold, analyzed and extracted data. Drove new business through general sales activities including cold calling, lead generation, and presentations. Extrapolated the Paid and Organic Search of competitors to demonstrate the functionality of tools. Provided guidance on best practices of SEO and SEM including the Long tail of Search, Display, and Social Media Strategies. Demonstrated cost-effectiveness of a smaller number of targeted keywords (long tail of search). Actively built Salesforce database by adding new viable prospects. K EY A CCOMPLISHMENTS :

● Sold Data to Mckinsey although Comscore was data company of record

● 1st BDM to sell New Zealand data (APAC)

● Sold 32 deals within a year which was 183% of New Business Deal quota

● 191% of Yearly Sales Quota

● Advised clients on best practices for online advertising, Web2.0, Ad Sales, CPC, CPM, and CPA buys. METROPLUS HEALTH PLAN • New York, NY • 2001 – 2006 S ENIOR B USINESS D EVELOPMENT M ANAGER

MetroPlus a regional health insurance company supervised Regional offices and trained ten (10) new Business Development Managers to generate Health Insurance contracts with small businesses through outside sales. Created new business initiatives to increase enrollment and identify new business opportunities. Forecasted potential enrollment, marketing cost, required capital and penetration of market over an annual time period. Worked within healthcare organizations and nonprofits. K EY A CCOMPLISHMENTS :

● Developed and implemented daycare industry membership acquisition plan.

● Average quota for four years was 106%.


Executive Master of Science – Technology Management COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts – Communication & Advertising



Lean Six Sigma

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program – Columbia Business School: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Full Stack Development Coding Bootcamp – Columbia Engineering: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY SOFTWARE AND TOOLS:

Google AdWords · MSN adCenter · SEO · SEM · SMM · Hitwise · Compete · CPC · CPA · CPM · CRM · MiCloud · Unified Communications · VOIP · Cloud Solutions · SAP · Oracle · PHP · HTML · XHTML · Javascript · CSS · Bootstrap · jQuery · Responsive Design · JSON · ReactJS · React · Ajax · FullStack Development · Github · Git · MySQL · MongoDB, · Heroku · Node.js · Node · Express.js · ORM · CodePen · Visual Studio Code · Agile · Waterfall · Trello · Jira · Confluence · AWS (Amazon Web Services) · B2B/B2C applications · Blockchain · Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) E XTRACURRICULAR A CTIVITIES

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD - Alex House Project, Inc


Wrote articles evaluating the apps, mobile devices and mobile accessories for consumers and Android developers.

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