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Engineer Support

Staten Island, NY
October 21, 2020

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Staten Island, NY 10305


Information Technology Engineer with broad expertise in the administration of complex UNIX/Linux environments.

Expert in the architecture, implementation, management and support of Enterprise UNIX/Linux Systems, specializing in High Availability, Cloud environments: AWS, VMware, Redhat HA, Sun Cluster, Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Cluster, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas File System, Solaris Volume Manager, ZFS, UNIX Scripting, Storage and Security management; LVM, Oracle Exadata, KVM, Openstack, RedHat Satelite 5 (Catwalk, cobbler, kickstart), RedHat Satellite 6 (Foreman, Katello, puppet, pulp, candlepin, Baremetal discovery plugin, puppet, Ansible), Hadoop 2.0.

Seeking a position where my skill and creativity will be valued.


Oracle series of hardware: Ultra 1, 2, 5, 10, 60; E250, 450, 4500, 6500, 420R, V120, V210, V480, V240, V490, V890, V880; T1000, T2000, X4500, Netral TX; T3, Sun Blade X3, Sun Blade 6000 Chassis; X2-4, X4-2, M10-4, Exadata X4-2 Quarter Rack

Dell series of hardware: Dell PowerEdge 1950, PE1850, PE2950, PE R900, PE6850, PE2850, R710, R730, etc

HP line of servers: DL 380, DL 360 etc

Fujisu servers etc

Storage hardware: Clariion Data General EMC series 4500, 5500, Fibre Channel Brocade switches; Bay Network Micro Annex; Symmetric EMC, NetApp FAS3020, etc.


RHEL 6, RHEL 7, Ontap 7.2.4, EMC Navisphere 4.x; Solaris 2.x, 9, 10, 11; various versions *nix; Bourne Shell, Korn Shell, Perl, Expect, Python, awk, sed, C/C++, IBM MQSeries 5.x, Tibco Rendezvous 5/6, Sun Cluster 2.2, Sun Cluster Volume Manager 2.2.1, Sun Cluster 3.1, Veritas Cluster 3.5, Veritas File System 3.3.2, Veritas Netbackup 3.x, 4.5, 5.0, 6.5 and Symantec Netbackup 7.1 and 7.5. Apache Web Server, Nginx, WordPress, MySQL database, PHP, TCP/IP, NFS, DNS bind, Sendmail, NIS/NIS+, NTP, SNMP, Ssh, TCP Wrapper, gated, ipf, nmap, PGP; RedHat HA, RAC, LVM, KVM, Openstack, RedHat Satelite 5 (Catwalk, cobbler, kickstart), RedHat Satellite 6 (Foreman, Katello, puppet, pulp, candlepin, baremetal discovery plugin), Hadoop 2.0, Nagios XI, Zimbra Mail Server


UBS Wealth Management, Weehawken, NJ (Consulting) 1/2/2020 - current

Sr. Linux/UNIX Administrator

●Part of the Migration Factory that is responsible for filer migrations across the US and UK region.

Mediacom, Chester, NY 04/19- 09/19

Sr. Linux/UNIX Engineer III.

●Provision and Build out RHEL 6/7 servers via Satellite 6.

●Support Zimbra Mail server

●Support Akamai AnswerX DNS

●Building Team knowledge portal with Atlassian Confluence

●Support and monitor using Nagios XI

●Writing scripts to automate many of the redundant and tedious manual tasks while still following all security polices like Duo 2FA etc.

●Hardening linux servers. Implementing permissions and security policies using Redhat Satellite 6.

UBS Wealth Management, Weehawken, NJ (Consulting) 08/18- 03/19

Sr. Linux/UNIX Administrator

●Part of the UNIX team doing patch for UBS IB (Investment Bank) and UBS WMA (Wealth Management America).

Samsung SDSA, Ridgefield Park, NJ 05/13- 08/18

Sr. Systems Engineer

●Primary UNIX SA support Web Site and infrastructure in North America. (an 100% Solaris 10 environment when started but is slowly migrating to RedHat Enterprise Linux. As of July 2018, there are only about 12 Solaris servers left, all rest has been migrated.)

●Thinking ahead into the future by research and setup experimental lab environment with new technologies such as Openstack from RedHat and provisioning VM and baremetal with Redhat Satellite.

●Support HQ Mail Logging servers (an RHEL environment with Hadoop 2.0)

●Support for Samsung Research America servers. (an RHEL environment with RHEL HA in Vmware VM)

●Architect and initiating second phase of migration, from x86 Linux physical servers migrating to Linux Cloud (on-campus).

●Manage and support Oracle Exadata X4-2 Quarter Rack system for data ware housing, daily duties include performance monitoring, backup and patching.

●Writing operation support manual documents for operators and junior support engineers to follow.

●Working with Security Auditors (from Korea HQ and US) to address security concerns and fixes and arrange for offline PM if necessary. Hardening servers and OS based IP table firewalls, defining security policies, permissions, etc.

●Middleware application server (Weblogic, Tomcat) installation and configuration in Linux and SunOS, Setting up OS environment for software installation. Production and DR 24 hours support.

●Iplanet Web Servers, Apache HTTP server, CVS, SVN Repository, MySQL DB installation and configuration, 24/7 Support.

●Writing shell (Bash,ksh, python, Ansible) scripts for the automation of batch jobs and tools for security reports and software installes and patching etc.

●Proactive issues monitoring and identification and new project support.

Citco, Jersey City, NJ 05/11 – 03/13

Senior Systems Analysis, storage and backup engineer

●Oracle Solaris Administration, maintaining a server farm of over 500 servers, managing lifecycles and package push outs and new builds.

●Symantec Netbackup. Responsible for the backup the company wide backup infrastructure as well as all daily backup and restore requests within the company. (Company have 5 data centers across the global with over 500 plus servers).

●Managed projects to upgrade large 24/7 netbackup 6.5 environment to netbackup 7.5 and the same time converted from non-zfs SVM mirrored OS to zfs mirrored with OS patched same time.

●2nd level support unix trouble tickets across the board.

Ophedge Investment Services, LLC, Rye Rrook, NY 06/09 – 05/11

Senior Linux, Storage and backup Engineer

●Daily OS log check of all Linux servers.

●Daily monitoring of all Linux OS and hardware via Nagios and Openmanage

●Linux server builds utilizing kickstart network based install technology

●Linux mail, cron scheduler management.

●Linux logical volume management of local disk partitions.

●Linux NIS name service management, configuration and support

●Linux samba service management, configuration and support

●Linux apache web server and ftp server configuration and support

●Linux production backup server management configuration and support

●Linux OS kernel Tuning for applications and Oracle DB

●Linux OS rpm package updates

●Linux user, group account and permission management

●Linux Server Network configurations

●Install Tidal agent on Linux servers.

●VMWare server builds

●VMWare OS configuration and support

●Filer Ontap OS upgrades

●Filer Shelf firmware upgrades

●Filer disk firmware upgrades

●Filer Aggregate space creation and allocation

●Filer Volume space creation and allocation

●Filer qtree configuration and supports

●Filer CIFS share creation, and management

●Filer iSCSI lun configuration and management

●Filer snapmirror configuration and support

●Filer Hardware troubleshooting and support

●Filer NDMP configuration and management.

●Filer NFS protocol configuration and support.

●Filer Network configuration.

●Creating and configuration of Backup Policies for server based backup of all servers including, Linux, VMWare, Windows, and Netapp

●Daily checking of backup completion reports

●Tape media management of tape library

●Management and configuration of tape restores.

●Veritas NetBackup server and client upgrades.

●NDMP backup management and restores.

●Veritas NBU tuning.

●Setting up archive policies.

●Create trigger scripts for backups.

●Configuration and management of Linux Based Nagios System Monitoring Server for all service monitoring on our network including servers, Netapp, switches, and routers.

●Configuration and management of Open Manage for Hardware and OS monitoring of all Dell Hardware on our network.

Audible, Inc. Newark, NJ 05/08 – 12/08

Senior UNIX Consultant

●Lead the migration project to migrate’s old production environment which consists of V210 servers running BV (Broad Vision), HTTP and IM (interactive manager), CDL (content download) and Oracle servers on Solaris 8 to the new T2000 servers with Solaris 10 using jumpstart method.

●KickStart Web Servers and also development servers in Red Hat Enterprise 5.0 on Hp Prolian servers.

●Support Development LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, Perl) environment.

●Wrote many Korn shell and Perl scripts to monitor and support many system and application needs.

●Configured and supported Audible data storage needs on NetApp devices and StorageTek Spectra Logic 64K with Veritas Netbackup 6.0 software.

●Provided 3rd level support for UNIX systems and their entire IT infrastructure 24/7/365.

Sony Music Entertainment, New York, NY 02/04 – 05/08

Senior Engineer

Responsible for managing supporting and migrating Sony’s two main data centers to Random House.

●The environment in one data center consisted of two Clariion EMC cx 5500 series, 10 Sun E420R, 1 Sun Enterprise 6500, ADIC i1000 and several Red Hat Linux Servers in support of a critical digital asset management system storing close to 200TB of company’s digital assets.

●Used Bugzilla and Remedy ticket system to provide support. The application originally consists of Oracle, Tomcat, WebSphere and it was later migrated to Oracle, MySQL, Jboss, and Apache along with custom applications on Sun V240 and V440 servers.

●The second data center consists of over 40 Sun Netra servers, 30 E420s which we later replaced with sun V240s and V480s V490s and V890s. This data center supports over 1000 Sony celebrity web sites, the online store and other business related assets.

●Worked with Verizon Business (initially Totality which was acquired by Verizon) to support all the artists and developers. The ticket system we used for this was TotalView. The application originally consists of Apache version 1, Perl version 4 and many other legacy systems, which we migrated to Apache version 2 and Perl 5.

●Also had to manually port many Perl scripts and libraries over to Perl 5.

●Had two backup systems on ADIC i500 and ADIC i2000, used Veritas Netbackup 6.0 for backup.

●KickStart Web Servers and also development servers in Red Hat Enterprise 4.0 on Hp Prolian servers.

●Support Development LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, Perl) environment.

●Setup two Google Appliance devices in the Sony’s Web layer network to provide a more efficient Google search on Sony artist albums.

Tradeware Systems, New York, NY 06/03 – 01/04

Senior Engineer

Responsible for system implementation and roll-outs

●Designed and implemented roll out of Tradeware Market Center environment builds on Red Hat Linux 9.0 boxes using Kickstart.

●Responsible for the architecture and rolled out the Tradeware Data Center expansion with minimum downtime.

●Built Sybase Clusters using Veritas Cluster Sybase HA 4.0 on Sun Solaris 420R servers.

Lifecell Corporation, Brunchburg, NJ

03/04 – 04/06

Independent Consultant

●Provided advice and support of Oracle 11i Application system running on Sun and Red Hat Servers, NetBackup solution, Veritas File System

●Built and supported Lifecell’s Trackwise application on Enterprise Linux v 5.0., Inc., Jersey City, NJ 05/01 – 04/03

Sr. UNIX System Administrator

●Part of a SA team of 9, delivered many environments (UAT, INT, P01, PRD, P02, PIB, CTM etc…) built for dotcom on a timely fashion. The complexity of each environment consists of from only three tier servers to 50 2-node Sun cluster Servers tier production environment.

●Hardened each environment to comply with the security engineering department’s guidelines and keep patches in sync across all environments.

●Provided 24/7 second level support for Sun UNIX servers on a global basis with applications such as atg, siteminder, ldap, iPlanet, teamsite…

●Designed SAN backup infrastructure to back up over 300 production servers in over 10 different environments. Integrated within different technologies such oracle rman backup, Veritas flash back, Storagetek fibre router sn3200, Storagetek L700 library, EMC BCV.

●Implemented new technologies such as Storage Network Data Replication (SNDR), Instant Image (II), NetApp Filers to our environment for data replication from our data center in NJ to NY.

●Worked on various disaster recovery scenarios; Implemented state of the art bare metal restore solutions using Veritas NetBackup 4.5.

NYFIX Inc., New York, NY 06/00 – 04/01

System Architect Engineer

●Part of a system infrastructure team of three that was responsible for delivering a metropolitan High Availability (HA), load balanced, fault tolerant UNIX cluster environment that carries the mission critical electronic trading system. Current project involves moving HA system from Solaris 2.6 on ultra2 and Sun Multi-pack based SCSI system to Solaris 8 on E420R and EMC based fibre system.

●Designed and implemented time architecture to sync time of over 40 servers with SIAC to fulfill the three seconds delay maximum time requirement set by SEC.

●Designed and implemented backup systems to backup all 40 servers that across two data centers into one backup library using Veritas Netbackup Data Center 3.4.

●Supported a SNA to TCP/IP based messaging channel using IBM MQSeries and Candle Command Center.

●Supported a Market Data Feed system running TIB/Rendezvous 5/6., New York, NY 06/99 – 06/00

Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator

●Full responsibility for the maintenance of development and QA systems, provided 24/7 support for the production system which including patching, upgrades, troubleshooting as well as daily backup management and daily story server content upload.

●Supported an in house application that needs to be compiled across multiple platforms, linux, BSD, irix etc.

●Worked closely with developers, database administrators and security administrators to facilitate the company’s day-to day operations that include administration of Tuxedo server, Netscape Enterprise Web server, created disk volumes for oracle databases, used numerous security software to monitor systems break in.

●Wrote many scripts to monitor production systems problems such as network downtime, process failure as well as hardware failure.

●Analyzed system and web server logs for performance and security.

●Provided VC investors a proof of concept of our initial working alpha website which I put together all by myself.

●Trained Junior System Administrators.


City College – Bachelor of Engineering: Computer Engineering



●Systems Administrator for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7

Sun Microsystems

●Systems Administrator for Solaris Operating System 8, 10.

●Data Management Engineer (Veritas)

●Sun Cluster 2.2 and 3.0


●Storage Foundation

●Data Protection for Unix using Netbackup

●High Availability for UNIX using VCS.


●Big Data Hadoop Administration Essentials.

Legal Status

US Citizen

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