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Customer Service Manager

Glendora, CA
October 18, 2020

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JANET COVEY***b***a/ Phone: 626-***-****

Los Angeles, CA

Customer Service Manager

Improves Operations Performance and Customer Service through the Sales Order Cycle

Highly accomplished Customer Service Manager and Account Management professional with 20+ years of experience. Extraordinary track record of providing the support that builds customer loyalty. Proven ability to introduce process improvements that enhance the organization's operational, support, and financial effectiveness. Expert liaison for productive communications between executives, staff, vendors, and customers. Motivated professional called upon to assume essential decision-making responsibilities and the oversight of time-sensitive printing projects. Highly respected and trusted advisor to the management team on matters ranging from customer service management, account management, issue resolution, order workflow, and fulfillment in high-volume business operations.


Customer Account Management *Customer Service *Customer Success *Products and Services *Capacity Planning *Customer Inquiries and Complaints *Customer Engagement *Account Planning *Troubleshooting *Product Issues Resolution *Team Leadership and Supervision *Coaching Skills *Customer Records Management *Continuous Process Improvement *Knowledge Base *Sales Order Cycle *Order fulfillment *Order Tracking *Corporate Communications *Staff Training *Microsoft Office




Promoted to a customer service management position due to an exceptional track record of performance elevating client satisfaction levels with company clients. Capitalized on the command of sales processes, business operations, and product knowledge gained within the local company division and other divisions across the United States. Tracked product, invoice approvals, customer inquiries, pricing, the accuracy of payments to our divisions and troubleshoot customer complaints. Collaborated with peers and coached a team of six on best practices for customer support for assigned accounts, sharing insights and experience that contributed to enhanced team performance.

Notable Contributions:

Collaborated with other departments each month to ensure our team provided them with the information they needed to perform their jobs within the highest quality standards.

Oversaw a time-sensitive order cycle with clients and ensured that aggressive deadlines for printing, shipment, and insertion into newspapers were met.

Expertly directed and managed customer account response for clients that bill as much as $120K each week.

Provided training and coaching to staff that developed and sustained a high-performance 24X7 customer service operation.

Introduced a one-hour customer engagement deadline on all client inquiries, with follow-ups each hour until the issue is resolved.

Created an account-specific plan developed during face to face client meetings, designed to track the accuracy and fulfillment of orders placed, adjust to changing customer needs, and always meet their business expectations.

Built a more responsive organization by streamlining processes internally with other departments and externally in support of our clients.

Developed workflow processes captured in written communications that facilitated order tracking and prompt issue resolution.

Regularly made decisions that helped to optimize team performance, with the ability to make sound, independent decisions based on functional expertise and experience in a fast-paced environment.

Shared client insights and feedback on team performance with other departments to ensure that any information that could improve our execution was well documented and understood.



Supervise day-to-day operations in the customer service department. Served as the “Go-to” person for corporate-wide managers, staff, and colleagues to assist in expediting and managing complex customer print and delivery requests. Possessed an exceptional working knowledge of the print production and workflow process. Provided stellar customer service and support for clients, division personnel, sales departments, and vendors. Exhibited strong command and understanding of management practices and techniques.

Notable Contributions:

Improved performance through daily management and administration of division service staff, implementing quality standards and ensuring a primary focus on team productivity.

Capitalized on advanced problem-solving skills to adjust to the fast pace and ever-changing priorities in the printing division.

Displayed a customer-centric mindset and the skills needed to listen to customers, understand their objectives, and manage the overall relationship with our broader organization.

Developed and implemented action plans for direct reports, including skills development and monitoring documented milestones for career advancement.

Collaborated with Supply Chain partners as well as other departments (Sales, Finance, Marketing, Production, Accounts Receivable, IT) to mitigate any issues impeding order and invoice processing and delivery.

Tracked printing jobs before receipt in the division, marshaling the corresponding order lifecycle through each department while providing accurate information to divisions on multiple account categories, including grocery, retail, and national.

Demonstrated an ability to prioritize customer demands and manage multiple requests with attention to detail, maintaining accurate records, and documenting all customer service activities and discussions.

Created effective customer service procedures, policies, and standards to ensure meeting customer satisfaction goals consistently.

Functioned as the liaison for effective communications between executives, staff, vendors, and customers.

Collaborated with management, sharing insights and service statistics that improved division performance and customer service ratings.


Diploma from Lowell High School, Whittier, CA

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