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Design Engineer Civil

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 18, 2020

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Design Engineer & Hydraulic Modeller - Water &

Waste Water Management Projects

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I am a Civil Engineer with 2+ Years of Experience in Planning & Design modelling of various Water Supply & Waste Water Management projects for Rural & Urban areas. I worked for various State, Central Government & External aided funded projects of Water Supply, Industrial Water & Waste water management systems projects under AMRUT and Smart City Mission.


Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology, Civil Engineer International Institute of Information Technology, RGUKT University, RK Valley, Idupulapaya,

YSR District, Andhra Pradesh.

Completed, April 2018

CGPA: 8.71


July 2018 - Current


Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Planning, Designing, of the Water & Waste Water Management projects. Modelling of the Water Supply Distribution & Waste water Network systems by using the latest available softwares which includes the analyzing of the existing system and its adequacy, Population projection, Water Demand assessment & Sewerage Generation & Rainfall analysis and Runoff estimation. Design of Intake wells, Pump Stations & water supply distribution, Waste water drain network systems using the latest available Softwares. KEY SKILLS

Design Competences:

● Study & Analyzing the Existing System and its adequacy in the Project Area.

● Population Projections, calculation of water and waste water demands.

● Planning & Zoning for the project area considering the natural topography.

● Economic design size for Transmission mains & Pump Stations.

● Hydraulic designs of the Bore wells, Sumps & ELSRs.

● Planning of the Water & Waste water Gravity &Pressurized collection Network based on the natural tophography.

● Hydraulic design of Water Supply Networks under Stead State flow and Extended Period Simulation conditions using Bentley WaterGems software.

● Hydraulic design of Waste water and Storm water drainage Network system using Bentley SewerGems software.

● Preparation of Inception, Feasibility & Detailed Project Reports for the project.

● Site visits, Interaction with Governament Technical Engineers & Able to work efficiently and meet required deadlines by following relevant design manuals/standards and practices. COMPUTER PROFICIENCY

Level of expertise:

● SewerGems/ SewerCAD

● WaterGems/ WaterCAD

● Epanet/ EpaCAD

● AutoCAD


● Info works ICM


● Staad pro

● C Language

● MS Office


I started my career as Graduate Trainee Engineer at Aarvee Associates Architect Engineers & Consultant, Hyderabad, India, now I am working as a Design Engineer in Environmental Water Supply & Sanitation Division. PROJECTS

Project 1




Design and Rehabilitation of Distribution Centers (DC’s) for Water Supply Project of TETE & Maotize, Mozambique, East Africa. Water Services and Institutional Support Project II(Wasis II)- World Bank Funded

October 2020 – till date


Project Summary

The main objective of this project is to ensure that every household has access to a tap water with assured supply, good quality and connected with separate Water supply line for the expanded area. Beyond household level services, its aim is to improve urban environment to add values in the Provinces. Specific Activities:

• Evaluation and analyze the existing scheme.

• Alternatives and recommendations for new DCs.

• Population projections and Water demand assessment.

• Planning the Water supply network for the project areas.

• Creating District Metering Areas to minimize UFW losses

• Hydraulic Design of water distribution network using WaterGems software. Project 2




Preparation of Development Plan for the Proposal of Integrated Township at Surappakasam(V), Renugunta(M), Chittoor District.

September 2020 – October 2020

Tirupathi Urban Development Authority

Design Engineer – Storm Water Drainage System

Project Summary

The main objective of the Development area having different land use type residential, Commercial and parks etc. are need to be provided with Social Infrastructure and physical infrastructure (Water supply, Storm Water Drainage, Power, Solid waste management and Sewerage System). Specific Activities:

● Rainfall analysis and IDF curve generation.

● Identification of outfall locations to disposal of storm water.

● Catchment delineation based on natural topography.

● Planning the Diversion channel outside the development area from the natural stream

● Planning the Storm water drain alignment network (25Km) based on the contours and GIS.

● Hydraulic Design and Optimization of the Storm water drain network using SewerGems software. Project 3




Detailed Engineering Services for Planning, Construction & Execution of 24 x 7 Water Supply scheme for Nagaon city in Assam State under AMRUT scheme November 2019 – August 2020

BMK Projects Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Design Engineer - Water Supply

Project Summary

The main objective of this project is to ensure that every household has access to a tap water with assured supply, good quality and connected with separate water line. Beyond household level services, its aim is to improve urban environment to add values in the city and its citizen by adopting multi-pronged strategy. Specific Activities:

• Population projections and Water demand assessment.

• Site visit for the data extracting of the existing features.

• Planning the Alignment for Raising mains from Source to WTP site

• Life – Cycle Cost Analysis for Finalization of Pipe Material.

• Design of Tube well, Column pipe and pumping station.

• Economic design of Water supply Transmission mains

• Creating District Metering Areas based on the House hold connections to reduce UFW losses

• Hydraulic Design and Optimize the Water Distribution Network using WaterGems software

• Preparation of Detailed Longitudinal Section Network drawings of the alignment for fixing the position of the Valves on the Network System for regulation of water flow.

• Generation of Plan and Profiles for raising mains from Tube well to WTP. Project 4




Project Management Consultant (PMC) to Design, Develop, Manage and Implement Smart City Projects for the city Karimnagar city in Telangana State- (24 x 7) Water Supply System for the ABD area under Smart city Mission of India.

September 2019 - October 2019

Karimnagar Smart City Corporation Limited, Karimnagar Engineer - Water Supply

Project Summary

The objective of this project is up gradation of existing water supply system to 24 x 7 water supply system with 100% coverage of households with water meters for three pilot zones in ABD are in Karimnagar city under SCP Proposal.

Specific Activities:

• Dividing the entire distribution network with DMA (District Metered Area).

• Life – Cycle Cost Analysis for Finalization of Pipe Material.

• Hydraulic design of Water distribution network for the Zone in ABD area using WaterGems Software.

• Planning of House service connections for the house holds of water supply distribution network. Project 5 Project Management Consultancy Services for Andhra Pradesh Water Supply and Septage Management Improvement Project (APUWSSIP) in 50 ULB’s in the State. Period: August 2019 – September 2019

Client: Andhra Pradesh Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Vijayawada Role: Engineer - Water Supply

Project Summary

The project objective is to provide safe drinking water through piped water supply to 3.3 million people in Andhra Pradesh, and to improve service levels and strengthen sustainable service delivery. The project is delivered as part of an integrated approach to water and sanitation comprising funding from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as well as the Government of India through the Government of Andhra Pradesh Critical Infrastructure Investment Plan (CIIP) program.

Specific Activities:

• Review of Designs, Drawings & Reports submitted by the Contracting agency for 21 towns in Phase-I Covering 5 districts & 29 towns in Phase-2 Covering 9 districts.

• Preparation of review reports and Action taken reports on the comments raised during the review. Project 6




Consultancy Services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Sewerage and StormWater Drainage System in 19 ULBs in Telangana State under TMDP(Package-IV) July 2018 - August 2019

Telangana Municipal Development Project, Hyderabad Graduate Trainee Engineer-Storm water drainage System Project Summary

The main aim of the assignment is Preparation of Detailed Project Reports for Storm water drainage and Sewerage systems for the 19 ULBs for providing universal access to sanitation to all the town citizens by safe collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of sewage / sludge and storm water drainage in economic, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner with special emphasis on new and innovative technologies to optimism the project implementation.

Specific Activities:

● Rainfall analysis and IDF curve generation.

● Projection of populations for the Base, Intermediate and Ultimate years.

● Calculation of Sewage generation for the Ultimate year population.

● Site visit to ULBs for identification of existing major drains, Culverts and Water bodies for design approach.

● Catchment delineation based on natural topography (Physical barriers like Roads, Tracks and Streams etc.)

● Identification of Outfall locations to disposal of the Storm water and Treated Sewage.

● Zoning of the Project area within the Municipal boundary based on the Physical features of topography and Suitable STP/Outfall locations.

● Planning of Storm water drain network and Sewerage network.

● Confirmation of feasible STPs locations in the Urban Local bodies.

● Hydraulic Design of Storm water drains and Sewerage System using SewerGems software.

● Interaction with municipal engineers for explanation of designs.

● Conducting Stakeholders consultation meetings with the ULB Officials and local people for the 19 towns. SUMMER INTERNSHIP

● Two Months Summer Internship on “Storm Water Drainage Design”.

● Objective of the project is renovation of the existing drains. ACADEMIC ACHEIVEMENTS

● Stood as Mandal Topper in SSC, 2012.

● Selected to prestigious college, International Institute of Information Technology for 6 years integrated course.


● Selected as a State Player from District Shapaktakraw Games held in 2012.

● Worked as an organizer in National level Techno-Management Cultural Fest "ABHIYANTH 2k’15" at AP IIIT, RGUKT, RK Valley.

● Class representative in PUC for two years.


● Telugu

● English

● Hindi


● Reading books

● Playing Games

● Surfing internet


Father’s Name:



Mr. Ramakrishna Bhaskarla

Jan 01, 1997


Marital Status:




Address: Flat No: 8-2-17, Near Ravula Recidensy

VST Colony, Prathap nagar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad -500082



I, Bhaskarla Madhusekhar, hereby declare that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Madhusekhar Bhaskarla.

Hyderabad, Telangana

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