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Nurse Practitioner Nursing

Millersville, MD
October 17, 2020

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*** **. ******** ******, ******* MD, *1113


Family Nurse Practitioner with expertise of management and supervision of medical staff. Skilled in-patient teaching with strong emphasis on critical care, case management and administration. Reputation as a self-directed professional with superior problem solving, communication and management skills.



FNP Volunteer – First Clinic Potomac

Provide general and preventive care

Conduct checks-ups

Treat illnesses

Order lab test

Prescribe medication for children and adults


ADON/Infection Preventionist, Peak Healthcare Takoma Park, Maryland

Identifying, investigating, monitoring, and reporting healthcare-associated infections.

Collaborates with teams and individuals to create infection prevention strategies, provide feedback, and sustain infection prevention strategies

Hire and coordinate orientation process for new nursing staff members.

Evaluate staff performance and prepare accurate reports detailing my findings.

Partners with facility leaders, physicians, local, state, and national agencies on activities related to infection prevention

Provide education to staff on infection control and other nursing training.

Manage and lead all nursing personnel operations.

Develop short and long-term goals for the entire nursing department.

Establish new policies and update existing policies to improve the standard of care for patients.

Plan and oversee admission, nursing, and patient care processes.


ADON/IP, QA/Staff Developer, Communicare Baltimore Maryland

Promote the mission, vision, and values of the organization

Serve as a resource to staff for solving clinical problems.

Respond to emergency situations (RRT, Code Blue) and assists as necessary.

Work collaboratively with nursing and ancillary staff to solve problems in a fair, consistent manner.

Consistently and independently follows established safety and infection control procedures.

Respond to any nursing-related issues in a timely manner.

Oversee all record-keeping processes and ensure all necessary documents are accurate and up to date.

Hire and coordinate orientation process for new nursing staff members.

Evaluate staff performance and prepare accurate reports detailing my findings.

Coordinate daily clinical meeting, weekly risk management meeting and monthly Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Plan (QAPI)


Evening Shift Supervisor, HCR Manor Care, Adelphi Maryland

Assess patient care requirements on each unit, by making rounds in all areas of the facility.

Develop and implement staffing plan for shift based on patient acuity, patient census and available staff.

Assess patient perm catheter or graft or Av fistula before and after dialysis for infection, bleeding, or swelling.

Provide for immediate follow-up, documentation and communication of incidents to appropriate manager and director.

Contact representatives not presently in the facility for assistance with problem solving, timely and appropriately.

Report to the administrator-on-call significant incidents and problems such as: unusual patient or family problems or concerns or physician concerns or major damage or utility outages or security problems or public relations etc.

Provide support, guidance and feedback to staff:

Contribute to evening, night and weekend staff performance evaluations.

Keep professionally current, by attending continuing education programs, workshops, Supervisor Conference Group Meetings, and/or independent research reading.

Assist physicians and staff in admission criteria for assigning admission status to patients (observation/admission)

Monitor documentation for adherence to Utilization rules and regulation.


Evening Shift Supervisor, Genesis healthcare, Brooklyn Park Maryland

Provide direct patient care with emphasis on meeting both physical and emotional needs of residents.

Employ sharp analytical and problem-solving skills in assessing patients for skin integrity, lung sounds, bowel sounds, and wounds, and perform sterile catheterization and dressing changes.

Decisively and confidently made judgments on patient conditions and called doctors based on decisions.

Effectively assimilated, interpreted and reported changing patient data to ensure optimum care.

Scheduled nurses to shifts and evaluated care effectiveness.

Demonstrate exemplary documentation skills by accurately maintaining nurses’ notes and promoting enough communication among care staff.

Administer IV fluids, medications, antibiotics, TPN, narcotics, and observe for adverse reactions and side effects.

Monitor, examine, report and follow-up on lab data, blood work, and urinalysis results.

Delegate assignments and supervise efforts of nursing staff as charge nurse/house supervisor

Complete human resources tasks by orientating, training, assigning and scheduling employees


Charge Nurse, Future Care, Clinton Maryland

Implement patients’ admissions and discharges

Assess patient status and notify physicians of clinical changes

Interact with departments regarding patient care

Maintain patient charts and confidential files

Perform clinical tasks according to facility policies

Assisted in the orientation of new staff members

Educate patients/families on health care needs, condition, options etc.

Responsible for direct patient care

Assess patient perm catheter or graft or Av fistula after dialysis for infection and bleeding.

Provide total patient care including range of motion, tube feeding, I&O, cauterization, IV, cover wounds, suctioning. etc.

Give medications, check vital signs and blood sugar

Documentation and complete all paperwork require.


Home Health Nurse, Bilos Mega Care, Hyattsville Maryland

Providing services to emotionally ill and injured people who wish to receive care in the comfort of their own homes.

Demonstrated the proper use of medical equipment

Responsible to cover wounds and sores using aseptic technique and help with braces and artificial limbs.

Cleaned rooms and helped patients in bath, move, and dress.

Checked out respiration and blood pressure rates of patients

Carried out duties such as administer medications (PO, IM, SQ, IV), and check pulse and others

Assessed patient conditions and advised of changes in status

Assisted patients and families in the education of health care needs

Responsible for regular checkups and report making of patients


Floor Nurse, Doctor’s Community Hospital, Lanham Maryland

Maintained a database of patient stats as per state and federal regulations.

Interacted with patients and families and provided answers to questions

Worked with medical team to develop patient treatment and care plans.

Quickly assessed patient conditions and obtained vital statistics.

Ensured compliance with patient privacy regulations.

Addressed the direct care needs of each patient.

Provided care that was specific to the patient's age and condition

Ensured that infection control procedures were implemented

Supervised non-licensed nursing personnel and assigned tasks


School Nurse, Townsend Careers Agency, Baltimore Maryland

Assess health needs of student’s teachers and parents

Provide primary and emergency care to students

Conduct health screening such as hearing, vision, height, weight, dental and others as needed

Provide health education/ counseling regarding chronic illness, nutrition, disease prevention, positive lifestyles.

Take care of students with advanced medical conditions, providing them with tracheostomy care, or tube feeding, insulin shots, inhalers etc.

Give medications to routine students

Take vital signs to both teachers and student.

Implements and monitors student’s compliance with the State immunization laws

Strive to increase the well-being success and achievement of the students care for. Also encourage positive mental and physical development, health safety and learning

Act as a resource person for faculty and staff.


Residential Counselor, Capital Care, Silver Spring, Maryland

Assisted nursing staff in the care of all patients including bathing, changing diapers and feeding

Collect specimen for lab work

Take monthly vital signs

Provide quality patient care, and involved patients in ROM exercise

Accompany patients to medical and other appointments


CNA/HHA, Visiting Angels, Silver Spring, Maryland

Taking care of patients in their own homes including bathing, changing diapers, feeding, cooking, movement, dress, etc.

Take patients to appointments and provide housekeeping.

Demonstrated active listening skills and assessed patients comfort needs


Strong organizational and interpersonal skills

Ability to determine appropriate course of action in more complex situations

Ability to work independently, exercise creativity, be attentive to detail, and maintain a positive attitude

Ability to manage multiple and simultaneous responsibilities and to prioritize scheduling of work

Ability to maintain confidentiality of all medical, financial, and legal information

Ability to complete work assignments accurately and in a timely manner

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

Ability to handle difficult situations involving patients, physicians, or others in a professional manner

Sound knowledge of medical terminology, the use of medical equipment and all federal, state and local laws regarding patient’s right.

Energetic and hardworking with the ability to adapt to environment very easily

Exceptionally good communication, demonstration skills, quick learner, and assessed patients comfort needs

Great ability to deal with problems and queries of patients and their families

Can work in heavy pressure conditions.

Extensive knowledge of clinical nursing practices and standards



PMH-DNP, Brandman University


RN-MSN, Walden University


Associate in Nursing, Prince Georges Community College


FNP Certification

RN certification

IV certification

Infection Control certification

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Basic Life Support certificate

Home Health Aide

Certified Nursing Assistance






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