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Engineer Manager

Unaizah, Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia
October 18, 2020

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1- Excellent communication skills

2- Strong project planning skills

3- Leadership and Managing the

Team work.

4- Planning and Organization

5- good relationship with vendors

and customers

6- Logical thinking.

7- Problem solving.


+ 15 years of experience in telecom industry,

Expertise in Transmission networks & Capacity design. E2E Transport Delivery Related to GSM/3G/4G/5G

5G E2E Startup (Planning Executing Controlling)

(Multi-vendor, Multi technology)


January 2014 – Present

- Design, Backbone & Access network related to new technology demand and communication protocols, with suggest suitable technical solution.

- Managing the Networks with Analyzing the Resources and Optimizing the traffic to get excellent performance and reuse of existing infrastructure.

- Networks Operations and Maintenance

Provisioning of Microwave and Optical nodes in both EMS/NMS.

Good experience about of multi-vendor microwave and optical equipment.

Good expertise with TDM, Hybrid & IP based Microwave radio. Good experience in PDH/SDH/ DWDM

and a general understanding of other Switching/transport concepts and TCP-IP and IP Routing Protocols.

Good experience in DCN planning for (MW, Optical Nodes) Good experience in interfaces analysis and solutions. Good experience in performance for Backhaul/Fronthaul/MPBN Networks (counter, QOS & Capacity Utilization).

Strong knowledge of the fundamentals as well as the latest trends in the evolution of Wireless systems (GSM, GPRS, UMTS & IP technologies). Open standards like 3GPP, IETF, IEEE, ITU etc.

good understanding of routing protocols and technologies like VRRP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MPLS, LDP, RSVP, BFD, CSC, ATM, FR, SONET, Metro, GTP, IPv6 etc.



1.Arabic (Mother tongue Language)

2. English(Good spoken and written)

Computer skills

1-Excellent Experienced in

Microsoft office

2-Support for malfunction cases and

new software installations

3-Preparation of slides for end

customer meeting which includes

proposed solution and offered



- Microwave Radio Planning&

Design Specialist Manager.

- Radio Planning Expert at Mobily

January 2012 - January 2014 (2 years

1 month).

- Radio planning Engineer at Mobily

January 2008 - December 2012 (5


-TXM Engineer at Mobily

December 2005 - December 2008 (3

years 1 month)

- Control Systems Engineer at Saudi

Telecom Company

January 2004 - December 2005 (2



Bachelor's degree, Telecommunications Engineering, Yemen, Sana'a University, 1998 – 2003.

Microwave backhaul solution for mobile broadband networks. UK, Cambridge, 2010

Huawei Microwave backhaul solution, China, Shenzhen, 2010 Ericsson networks, Microwave and Transport, Sweden, Göteborg, 2012

Project Management Professional PMP Saudi Arabia, 2017 VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE OR LEADERSHIP

Project Management

1- Manage Tools for best practices methodologies.

2- Improve or re-design processes, risk mitigation & maintaining the project database.

3- Plan, budget and initiate expansion projects to support network evolution and to meet subscriber demand.

4- Collaborate with Engineering and Network

Implementation Groups to communicate

requirements and priorities for new site acquisition, capacity augmentation, and new technology rollout to ensure timely delivery of programs.

5- Monitor market performance and develop solution to improve customer experience.

6- Support other business units within Rogers on radio access network (RAN) and transport network in

Quebec market.

7- Interlock with partner network to ensure alignment of network expansion, augmentations and

performance KPI of the joint network.

8- Conduct competitor market gap analysis.


Network planning and Design:

Good expertise with network topology and practice of microwave planning tools.


1- PATHLOSS: for Microwave planning and design(Links and Networks)

2- CBNL Lifecycle: for Cambridge Microwave Network 3-CONNECT: for Microwave planning and design(Links and Networks)

Develop and analyze alternative options to provide management with recommendation for deployment of new technology, functionality and new features rollout for the Wireless Access Network that are economical and meet organizational objective.

Network monitoring and analyzer tools:

Strong technical skills in operating transmission system for multi- vendor MW products.


1.SOME: for Ericsson Network management and Operation 2. U2000: for Huawei Network management and Operation 3. JDSU HST-3000: for Point to Multipoint management and Operation

Support for malfunction cases and new software installations Preparation of slides for end customer meeting which includes proposed solution and offered products.

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