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TV-Director and creative Art director

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 17, 2020

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* Athontor actor rom 2004, played 10 charactrs 5 of thm were absolte

Stating, got many awards the last was the Best Actor Award in 2009,

* Theater Director and Dramatis from 2009 to 2013, wrote and directed two

‘coos plays they were viewed more than once during the same period,

* Architectural designer and advertising design from 2011 to 2013,

* Documentary and shoe fm maker & Director of media and advertising

content and videography in advertising agency from 2013 to 2015 in KSA

TV director - At Director - Graphle Designer - video edltor- Wdenties &

Decora ner for TV shows at Channels in KSA from 2015 to date,

raph designs and video Ealing Instructor

(Photoshop «After Effects - Premiere) rom 2017 to date

"ACourse in Mult-Camera Studio Direction from

Al Jazeera Media Center for Training in Doha-atar 2016,

* Bachelor of Statistics and Computer Science in

* Architectural Design Diploma 2012,

* Web Design Diploma 2012

* English Diploma in 2013.

* ICDLDiploma in 2013,

* Diploma of Creative Thinking Development 2013,

* Work proficiency with Mac & Windows.

TEl Preteen aterrect Sony seoe8 cinema 4c

LB Wesvator Premiere avs

[I ovcommaver GJ Flash Zh Finatcut

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The beginning of my joumey with arts was from the

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During this perio studied architectural design

Sh te Me ges aad

Bachelor of Statstics and Computer Science

from Mansoura Univer

Rone LEO

‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia o work in the field of

advertising and Television production and many other

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rected 13 recorded TV shows.

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created 12 Infographic and Motion Graphics displays,


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