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Manager Oracle

Reston, VA
October 16, 2020

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Zeni Haile

***** ***** ***** *****

Fairfax, VA *2033

571-***-**** (Cell)


Extensive experience on Oracle database design, implementation, performance tuning, integration, monitoring, automation, troubleshooting and administration on different operating systems, such as Sun Solaris, Linux, Aix, HP UX and Windows servers for more than 15 years.

Perform Oracle Database Character Set change from US7ASCII to AL32UTF8 on Production database and lower environment;

Knowledge of Oracle RAC; Install and configure Oracle 12c; familiarity with Oracle Goldengate, Configure and manage Oracle Cluster File System (ACFS); build and manage databases on ASM disks; monitor ASM disk usage using Oracle Database Control.

Administer ASM using ASMCA and ASMCMD; administer ASM instance, create and manage ASM disk groups.

Generate and analyze Oracle AWR, ADDM report for performance issues for long running sqls, blocking sessions, etc; work on Oracle performance tuning, instance, sql tuning advisor, sql profile; perform analysis and resolve database issues including slow running sql queries, resolve issues by creating indexes, run statistics, etc.

Experience with COTS and ERP applications. Support Apex applications version 19.2.

Provide day to day support to developers’ requests and testing groups; perform migration of codes to QA and production environment; support developers tuning plsql and sql codes.

Configure and build Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) using Oracle Advanced Security.

Install, configure and manage Oracle Enterprise Manger GRID Control; install the Management Service, install agents on each target and build repository database for GRID control.

Well versed with requirement analysis, project planning and design skills.

Demonstrate abilities as a self-motivated team player, problem solver, great interpersonal and communication skills; excellent analytical skills and ability to work independently.

Extensive hands-on experience on an Oracle Engineered System (ODA), similar to Exadata.

Implementation and maintenance of Disaster Recovery environments using Data Guard.

Experience with setup and scheduling of RMAN backups as well as successful database restores.

Excellent communication, presentation, and customer relationship skills.


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 09/2016-to-date


Alexandria, VA

Senior Oracle DBA

Administer Oracle data warehouse database on Oracle 12c, Linux environment.

Administer and manage standby database on a remote site.

Perform Oracle database character set change from US7ASCII to AL32UTF8 on Production, DEV, TEST and QA production databases.

Perform database performance tuning utilizing OEM or third-party tools to finely tune objects and stat gathering.

Perform database troubleshooting caused by disk space, network connectivity issue, application issues.

Create security policies and functions on Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD).

Perform database refreshes from production to lower environments.

Write Unix shell scripts to automate database refreshes using datapump.

Support ETL; support developers to resolve issues with slow running queries, slow running reports and/or jobs; database connectivity issues, data load issues, etc.

Administer data warehouse database that runs Data Stage Service and Business Objects.

Administer users and roles; create database roles to secure database access, restrict database access based on individual roles.

Perform quarterly password change on Business Object and Data Stage repository accounts and database accounts for security purposes.

Automate password change scripts for local and remote databases, and application.

Provide support for DataStage, Business Objects and Apex applications.

Creating and configuring application privileges and Access Control Lists (ACL).

Provide releases deployment supports to developers.

Ensure database and application availability for all environments.

Alion Science & Technology

McLean, VA

Principal Oracle DBA 06/2013 – 04/2016

Design, implement and administer Oracle databases, Oracle 11g and 12c on a RAC environment; Linux.

Install and configure Oracle Server 12c Enterprise Edition; configure Oracle Database Control;

Install and configure Oracle Golden Gate 11g; perform replication on a test environment; knowledge of Oracle Clusterware, implement Oracle RAC, SCAN listener, and GRID infrastructure.

Monitor databases, setup alerts and notification for database outage, archive log issues, Flash Recovery Area, tablespace usage using Oracle Database Control.

Perform database performance tuning.

Perform database troubleshooting caused by disk space and storage issues, Flash Recovery Area issues, network connectivity issue, application connectivity issues, etc. Perform root cause analysis and report to upper management.

Migrate databases from Sun Solaris to Linux server.

Configuring databases for Backup and Recovery operations; Write RMAN backup scripts, datapump scripts; schedule Oracle RMAN backup using Database Control; write UNIX shell script to schedule datapump backup jobs and other nightly sql jobs;

Perform point-in-time production database recovery without any data lose.

Implement and manage Oracle Data guard database for production database failover;

Configure and implement Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) using Oracle Advance Security, encrypt tablespaces, create encryption master key and wallet, encrypt RMAN backup and datapump backups.

Analyze and resolve database performance issues.

Design and implement full Database Disaster Recovery architecture to an alternate/remote site to an agreed upon Recovery Time Objective with the Business units and senior management.

Refresh development and QA and databases from production; duplicate/clone databases using RMAN.

Support COTS application as well as ERP application.

Build and configure dataguard 11g database for disaster recovery.

Migrate database from Unix to Linux;

Perform Oracle Database Appliance bare metal deployment.

Upgrade Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), from Version to Version; provide expert analysis on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) architecture, and document recommendation.

Configure and manage ASM; Create and manage Oracle Cluster File System (ACFS) using AMCA; manage ACFS using Grid Control; build databases on ASM; monitor ASM and oracle database using Oracle Enterprise Grid Control. install and configure Oracle Cluster components and plug and play; monitor Oracle clusterware using Enterprise Manager; Install and configure SCAN listener; verify Oracle Cluster configuration, installation and operation using Cluster Verification Utility (CVU); troubleshoot GRID infrastructure.

Support installation and implementation of PeopleSoft applications, and PeopleTools; Administer PeopleSoft WebLogic, Application Server, process scheduler; troubleshoot PeopleSoft application and database issues.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Lockheed Martin/Pragmatics --- Contractor

Arlington, VA.

Senior Oracle DBA/PeopleSoft 07/2007 - 05/2013

PeopleSoft DBA team lead 08/2011 - 05/2013

Design, implement and administer Oracle databases for FDIC mission critical financial systems.

Install, configure and administer Oracle server 10g, 11g on Sun Solaris servers.

Perform critical financial databases upgrade from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g; migrate databases across platform.

Provide 24x7 on-call support for over 100 enterprise wide databases.

Well versed with requirement analysis, project planning and design skills.

Perform database troubleshooting and resolved incidents caused by disk space and storage issues, listener outage, Flash Recovery Area issues, blocking session, network connectivity, application connectivity issues. Participate in IT bridges to troubleshoot major issues and/or database outages. Perform root cause analysis and report to upper management.

Configuring Oracle databases for Backup and Recovery operations;

Using Enterprise Manager Grid Control configure RMAN settings, configure RMAN optimization; Build and configure Recovery Catalog Database.

Install and configure Oracle Enterprise Manger GRID control, Management Service, Management agent and repository database.

Setup 24x7 database monitoring using Enterprise Manager Grid Control to alert on user define and pre-defined database thresholds such as database and listener availability, tablespace usage, archive log file utilization, etc. which send email notification to the DBA group.

Create oracle scripts that monitor table size, number of rows, datafile size to manage database growth for capacity planning, archiving and performance analysis. This report is provided to senior management to assist in decision making.

Write UNIX shell script to schedule daily, weekly jobs to run table level statistics on selected tables based on different criteria.

Generate and analyze Oracle AWR, ADDM report for performance issues for long running sqls, blocking sessions, etc; work on Oracle performance tuning, instance, sql tuning advisor, sql profile; perform analysis and resolve database issues including slow running sql queries, resolve issues by creating indexes, run statistics, etc.

Perform table and index partitioning on mission critical databases to improve performance, manageability, scalability and which allow object to be accessed in finer level of granularity.

Database lead to migrate OLTP databases from DB2 to Oracle.

Write UNIX shell scripts and scheduling backups, nightly sql jobs through UNIX cron job.

Design and implement database restore and recovery plan; recover production databases by restoring from RMAN backups.

Integrate data from non-Oracle database systems with data that resides in an Oracle database; install and configure heterogeneous connectivity between DB2 and Oracle databases for transparent data access using Oracle Gateway; create Database link between Oracle 11g database and DB2 for seamless online data access.

Support ETL; support developers to resolve issues with slow running queries, slow running reports and/or jobs; database connectivity issues, data load issues, etc.

Refresh development, UAT and System test databases from production; duplicate database using RMAN, restore database from cold backup.

Perform point-in-time recovery of Oracle production databases based on agreed upon SLA.

Apply quarterly Oracle Security Patches.

Administer users and roles; create database profiles to secure database access; restrict database access based on individual roles; scramble PII data when refreshing development and QA environment from production.

Monitor database using Grid Control; analyze and troubleshoot slow running queries and implement solutions.

Perform capacity planning, disk space architecture; work with UNIX administrators on disk space allocation and memory requirements.

Design, implement and test disaster recovery plan for business-critical systems; perform quarterly database and application disaster recovery testing to the alternate data center or remote site.

Mentor and manage junior Oracle DBAs.

Attend meeting with higher level management to provide status of any issues; provide and implement recommendations.


Washington, D.C.

Senior Oracle DBA/PeopleSoft Admin 07/2002 - 07/2007

Provide all aspect of Oracle database design, implementation and Administration for Administrative Services Modernization Program, ASMP Project.

Install, configure and administer Oracle Servers version 8i, 9i and 10g on Sun Solaris, IBM aix, and Windows environments; administer 30 instances of Oracle/PeopleSoft/ERP production, test, development, and training databases; provide 24X7 production support.

Build and manage Oracle standby database and 9i data Guard.

Perform Oracle hot backups, cold backups and exports; schedule backup using UNIX cron jobs.

Perform recovery of Oracle PeopleSoft production database in point-in-time based on agreed upon SLA.

Design and implement disaster recovery plan, and perform testing to the alternate location.

Perform database upgrades; clone/refresh PeopleSoft databases using hot backups/cold backups for development and test environments.

Install, configure and administer PeopleTools 8.4x; create and maintain multiple PeopleSoft domain in a muti-tier environment; install and configure PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) across multiple hosts for failover;

Install and configure Web Logic domains; install BEA Tuxedo; troubleshoot PeopleSoft databases; troubleshoot Process scheduler issues.

Migrate PeopleSoft projects (using Application Designer and Data Mover) from/between production, development and test environments.

Provide daily support to developers’ requests and testing groups; install PeopleSoft and Oracle patches; plan and perform PeopleSoft upgrades.

Perform mass users load to PeopleSoft security tables; create and administer databases for eAI (Enterprise Application Integration) system.

Rebuild indexes, and organize database storage for better performance.

Administer database user account, creating user profiles, creating roles, for securing the database, assigning roles as approved by higher management.

Apply database patch using OPatch.

Design and implement database backups, RMAN, database exports.

Design disk layout using Oracle Flexible Architecture.

Install and configure Oracle E-Business Suite (11i HRMS); configure system for two node installation;

Configure various servers (Forms, web, Concurrent Manager, Apache, Admin); provide all aspect of 11i HRMS application support.

Install and configure Oracle JInitiator; refresh database from test to production environment.

Clone entire 11i database and application technology stack.

Ensure database and application availability for all environments.

Define standards for all databases; design database failover; move data into database.

Write UNIX shell script for oracle scheduled jobs; perform capacity planning.

Trouble shooting database and application issues.

Install and configure Oracle Management Server; review and suggest database productivity tools.

Network Access Solution (NAS)

Herndon, VA

Oracle DBA 07/2001 - 07/2002

Installing and configuring Oracle 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 databases in Production environment; administering and monitoring several databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager, such as Schema Manager, Storage Manager, Security Manager, instance;

Setting up replication using OEM;

Migrating SQL Server 6.5 database to Oracle 8.1.6 on Sun Solaris box using Oracle Migration Workbench;

Performing Oracle hot backup;

Recover database to the point of failure;

Loading data using SQL*Loader; extracting data using Perl script;

Linking distributed databases using Oracle database link;

Refresh database from backup;

Supporting users; supporting Oracle Financial— as a backup dba;

Writing UNIX shell script; automating database processes;

Installing and configuring Oracle 9.1.0 database on Sun SPARC Solaris box; perform all dba activities.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Washington, D.C.

Oracle DBA 07/1999 – 06/2001

Installing and configuring Oracle 8.1.5 database in production environment; migrating Oracle 8.0.5 database to 8.1.5.

Creating database and instances; configuring Net 8; creating database link.

Performing hot backups; perform database recovery.

Monitoring Oracle databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Migrating database from AIX 4.2 to 4.3 platform.

Performing tuning.

Database recovery; storage management.

Performing Oracle import/export.

Scheduling UNIX cron jobs for nightly Oracle activities; writing shell scripts.

Creating indexes.

Installing and configuring a HelpDesk application server Remedy running on AIX RS/6000.

Installing WebDB; installing and configuring Remedy Web server, Remedy HelpDesk Application Server, SLA, Flashboard; supporting users.

Troubleshoot server and/or application related problems.

Upgrading Oracle8 database to 8.1.5; supporting a PeopleSoft database; preparing system documentation.

IMCI Technologies, Ashburn, VA

Oracle DBA 11/1998 - 06/1999

Administering an Oracle8 database running on HP-UX server.

Creating database and instances.

Installing Oracle Server and applications running on Oracle database; configuring SQL*Net.

Creating users and profiles; storage management.

Performing backups.

Performing database functions using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Installing Developer 2000 and creating related tables.

Designing, developing and implementing a HelpDesk system using Remedy Action Request system.

Installing client software on Windows NT.

Administering Remedy Server; granting roles to users.

Developing a web interface HelpDesk system using ARWeb.

Configuring and implementing ARWeb server running on MS Internet Server.

Preparing system documentation.

Integrate HP OpenView with Remedy AR Server; organizing and leading a project on the full product lifecycle.


Master of Arts in Telecommunications, Specializing Information Systems

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 05/1999

B.Sc., Business Management

Southeastern University, Washington, D.C., 05/1994

Certificates and Trainings

- Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators, 03/2016;

- Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Manage Cluster ware and ASM, 06/2014;

- Oracle Essbase 11.1.2 for System Administrators, 03/2011;

- Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications, 12/2002;

- Oracle Certified Professional DBA, 06/2001;

- Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL, Oracle 8: Database Administration; Oracle 8: Backup and Recovery;

Workshop; Oracle 8: Performance Tuning Workshop; Oracle 8i: Network Administration;

- PeopleTools 1 Rel. 8.44; PeopleSoft Server Administration;

- Introduction to PeopleSoft for Financials Rel. 8; PeopleSoft Integration Tools Rel. 8.1;

- Administering the AR System from Windows, ARWeb for Administrators.



SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, Ada, C++, Basic, and HTML.

Operating Systems:

Sun Solaris, AIX 5.2; AIX RS/6000, HP UX, Windows NT; Linux


Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g, 11g, 12c, Grid Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager; Oracle Database Appliance ODA) ; PHIRE, PeopleSoft Migration Tool; TOAD, PeopleTools 8.4x; PeopleTools 8.5x; PeopleSoft HRMS, Data Mover, Application Designer; App/Messaging/Integration Broker; Web Logic; Process Scheduler; PHIRE, WebDB, Apache, Oracle E-Business Suite (11i), Ariba, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Remedy AR Server, Remedy ARWeb Server, SLA; Flashboard, Crystal Reports, Oracle Enterprise Manager; DBArtisan; ColdFusion; and various productivity tools.


References will be provided upon request.

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