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Minneapolis, MN
October 16, 2020

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Curtis L. Fischer

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Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Google 612-***-****


Over 15 years of Information Technology experience ranging from design thru implementation to department supervision. Fifteen years of significant contributions and accomplishments in the healthcare/managed care industry. Created SAS research databases and worked on Bush Foundation Projects. Developed and implemented state-of-the-art SAS benchmark reporting systems. Worked on SAS files of over half a billion claims.

Made enhancements to several SAS EG projects: added hash programming to speed up (2x) large merges, no need to sort. Added emails with attached report and return code (>4 bad) and elapse time displayed in the email subject line. Added print-to to retain SAS logs when desired. Automated SAS jobs using Task Scheduler in Control Panel/Admin Tools on Win 7 to run in the early morning so reports ready by 7:00am.


DATA INTELLIGENCE CONSULTANTS, Eden Prairie, MN 5/2018 – Present

Sr Health Information Developer

Worked with native American tribes in northern Minnesota. Gathering clinical claims to clean,

standardize, and load (ETL) the results to begin detailed analysis and adhoc reporting as needed.

Worked with several excel spreadsheets of ndc codes, trying to verify drugs codes by searching the National Drug Code database. When unable to find 10-11 digit codes, then attempt to confirm if drugs are no longer commercially available and find replacement or generic. With diagnosis codes, compress out any periods. With amounts, compress out $. For home ground revenue codes (cpt4_codes) remove any leading ‘R’ s and insure 4 characters in length (add leading ‘0’ if not).

SCHWAN’S FOOD SERVICES, Bloomington, MN 12/2017 – 03//2018

SAS Developer

• Added more detail to Marketing Financial Reports. Went from Division to Zone to Depot to Routes.

Included active customers, percent email penetration, percent text penetration, percent customers declined.

Scanned all SAS programs that accessed certain tables that were being replaced. Enhanced MS Task Scheduler

LINK POST BLOGGING, Eden Prairie, MN 02/2017 – 11/2017

Adding comments, links, and videos to websites, articles, products and services to share,

publish and promote posts on multiple platforms. Using Mobe & Rory Ricord Internet Software tools.

WELLS FARGO, St Louis Park, MN 09/2016 – 12/2016

Analytic Consultant

I was the SAS programmer/analyst on a project where my client was building new mortgage tables and improving many older tables with new and derived fields. Rarely were the new Teradata tables

exact duplicates of the older, retired tables, do SAS proc compare results were inadequate. At the same time, an older SAS datamart was also being replaced with TD tables. We created an excel file to reflect the improvements in each new table.

Each excel file contained at least a summary file of ever field verified for data accuracy (DQ). When a field had data issues, we would create an excel tab that included up to a thousand entries where the expected values didn’t match the TD values. In the desired outcome, every TD field checked out, and there was only a summary excel tab – no data issues were discovered. SAS Grid, PC SAS 9.4 (rsubmit/endrsubmit), TD SQL Asst, SharePoint.

DATA INTELLIGENCE CONSULTANTS, Eden Prairie, MN 12/2015 – 08/2016

Sr Research Consultant

Productionized over 200 programs and reports. Created standardized %include modules across all programs. Modules like initialization, allocating libraries, creating pdf reports, emailing reports, etc.

Worked on adhoc reporting for clients, classifying utilization and associated medical costs. Determined patients at risk of developing unwanted events. Used Census Bureau data and SAS 9.4.

PRIME THERAPEUTICS, Bloomington, MN 04/2013 – 11/2015

Sr Data Quality Analyst

Validated our monthly SAS loads for pharmacy and medical claims data. Developed 3 SAS reports: Data Completeness report (null/not-null, compared to previous mths percents), File Integrity report, and a colored Score Card report comparing this mth to previous 3 mth’s Q1/Q3 factors. I was a metadata SME for IBM’s Infosphere Suite that includes Information Analyzer (with health rules), Asset Manager (input for Datastage) and Metadata Workbench to generate data lineage and impact reports from db2 metadata repository. Worked on MDM team. Enhanced Employer Group Reporting by adding Top 15 drugs this qtr compared to last qtr. Also added 4X2 dashboard.

WELLS FARGO, Minneapolis, MN 03/2012 – 3/2013

SAS Consultant Home Mortgage Analytics

Converted over 300 Oracle databases to Teradata databases. Generating DDLs to create and insert data thru views. Used SAS proc compare to validate data attributes and values between both RDBMs were exact. Loaded using BTEQ, FastLoad, or Mload, depending on row counts/Indexes. Used Teradata Assistant, Oracle Toad, Informatica, PowerDesigner, SAS 9.2, Unix, ksh, WinsSCP, puTTY, Sharepoint. Agile methodology with sprints and scrums. Three environments: dev, uat, and prod

OPTUM HEALTH, Golden Valley, MN 11/2011 – 02/2012

SAS EG Consultant HealthCare Analytics

Created 4 text extracts for the state of Massachusetts: Claims, Eligibility, etc. Extracted the data from MS SQL Server databases. Used SAS to analyze the data, build text files, and send email results. Used SAS EG, SAS 9.1 on Unix, Unix Scripts, MS Studio 2010, Toad, Putty, Visio, and WinSCP.

THE LACEK GROUP (Unit of Ogilvy) Minneapolis, MN 06/2011 – 10/2011

SAS Consultant Database Marketing & Analytics

Developed stratified random sampling routines in SAS to build 10% control groups who would not receive revenue generating emails. Compared to 90% who would receive those email blast offers.

Build CRM subscriber databases, fixed faulty email addresses, remove dups. Migrated from odbc accessed SQL/Server tables to Linux base SAS tables. Refreshed Server tables by deleting/inserting.

External clients were Continental Airlines, Enterprise Rental, & Chase credit cards (for hotel stays).

Evaluated Revenue Optimization schemes for clients and further Text Analysis of Customer Reviews.

Built daily response history, weekly contact history. Used SAS9.2, SAS-EG, UltraEdit, Putty, Linux, Linux Scripts, WinSCP, MS SQL Studio 2008 R2, Stored Procedures, Toad, VNC, and Lotus Notes.

DATA IQ, Eden Prairie, MN 04/2011 – 05/2011

SAS Consultant

Follow-up Hypertension Study for NCQA. Parsed raw data from CIGNA, Humana, and KPGA. Reported on Cardiovascular risk levels in persons with Hypertension using certain Rx drugs. SAS.

INGENIX, (Optum Insight) Eden Prairie, MN 04/2010 – 04/2011

Sr SAS Developer

Worked in ARO Legacy (Audit/Recovery Opportunities), Production Support (AutoSys & ITD Ticketing), and COB Extract Updates (149 Coordination of Benefits algorithms). SAS/Oracle/SQL.

Familiar with BI versions of SAS 9 and Cognos 8 for Oracle data warehouses. Browsed with Toad.

Automated 3 manual systems within SAS/Unix using Unix Shell Scripts to generate many xls/xml files.

Used IBM Rational Clear Case for version control (check out/commit). Shell scripts used SYSPARM.

WELLS FARGO, Minneapolis, MN 04/2009 – 04/2010

SAS Consultant Home Mortgage

Further automation of the underwriting functions to reduce fraud and litigation. Worked on Wachovia integration of their Settlement Agent/Underwriting Systems. SAS/DB2/SQL/ODBC and shell scripts.

Using SAS on UNIX and PC (Enterprise Guide), connecting to UNIX using putty and IPswitch on AIX 5.3 platforms. Helped convert daily treasury programs from DB2 interface to Teradata. All SAS files were proc exported by SAS EG to MS Access and Excel. Routed ODS to html with xls/xml extension.

Completed all training modules related to protecting sensitive customer information and data privacy.

Used crontab on unix box to schedule sas builds to run overnight when machine less congested.

Certain import shell scripts were run every 15 mins to gather any loan applications, day or night.

WELLS FARGO, Roseville, MN 03/2008 – 03/2009

SAS Consultant RPS/Trust

Updated Wells Fargo’s OMNI Plus Retirement and Pension Solutions (RPS) system. This included SAS programs and SAS Internet (SAS Broker 8 web tools) applications. SAS/DB2/SQL

Updated data and forms FTP’ed to Broadridge (ADP) via Green Net for customer fulfillment mailing.

Currently working on compliance issues due for implementation by end of year 2008.

PHARMETRICS, INC., (IMS Health) Watertown, MA 09/2000 – 02/2008

Senior SAS Developer

Ran and maintained Symmetry’s Episode Treatment Grouper (ETG) programs. Project manager on migrations from Symmetry ETG 5.0 to ETG 6.0 and SAS v6 to v8 and then v8 to v9. Processed, parsed, translated, (ETL) and grouped raw input files (using Symmetry’s ETG Grouper) from over 100 plans and 3.7 billion claims via Internet connection to the company’s UNIX boxes. SAS/Oracle/SQL. Some CDISC

Recommended and implemented testing with a 10% sample database before running full scale extracts.

Evaluated SAS BI, SAP BO, and Oracle BI, before acquiring Oracle Enterprise Manager 9.

Ensured data quality and completeness for 3.7 billion records on more than 15 terabytes of disk space.

Converted UNIX reporting systems from SAS v8 to v9, rebuilding the format libraries via the v9 engine.

Generated many SAS 9 reports using gplot, gchart, gslide, and 3x5 dashboards (greplay of these 3 reports).

Largest single SAS file was half a billion claims that took between 5 to 6 hours to sort.

UNITEDHEALTH CARE, Eden Prairie, MN 01/2000 - 08/2000

Sr SAS Developer

Merged MetraHealth claims data within UHG DB2 data warehouse. SAS/SQL

Loaded MetraHealth data to UNIPRISE business services.

Developed Year of the Heart Campaign for Human Resources.


Unix and Scripting (15yrs),

Mainframe and JCL (2yrs),

Cobol and PL/1 (2 yrs),

Isam, Vsam, IMS/DB (2yrs),

Lotus Notes – MailServer(3yrs), Domino (3yrs)

Microsoft – Excel (12yrs), Macros (4yrs), Access(4yrs), VLookup (2yrs), SharePoint (3yrs)

DB/2 and-SQL (14yrs),

Oracle and SQL (12yrs)

SAS 8.2 (6 yrs), SAS 9.2 (6 yrs), SAS 9.3 (7 yrs), Enterprise Guide (5 yrs)

SQL in versions 8 - 9.4 (16 yrs).


Masters in IT, course work currently being taken, University of Phoenix

BS equivalent in Business, University of Minnesota

BS, Mathematics, MIS minor, University of North Dakota

SAS(r) OnDemand for Academics

SAS 9.4 EG 7.13

SAS 9.4 Studio 3.6

Data Mining 6.2

Rapid Predictive Modeler


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